Why Easter Flowers are Part of Our Family Traditions

Easter Flowers: Tulips & Daffodils

Easter Flowers: Tulips & Daffodils

“Earth Laughs in Flowers.”
 Ralph Waldo Emerson

Easter flowers make the day more vibrant. Charming Easter flower bouquets in shades of purple combined with wide array of lavender flowers and tulip garden flowers make an ideal flower centerpiece for the Easter table.

Legend has it that lilies sprung in the place where Jesus’ blood drops fell; hence lilies are the traditional Easter flowers in many countries. Another spring tradition which is popular since the 18th century are Easter bonnets made from fresh cut flowers, ribbons and laces, worn especially by little girls.

Churches are decorated with Easter flowers, mainly with lilies reminding worshipers of the new life that comes through the resurrection of Jesus. In ancient times, lily was also known as ‘Pash-flower’, ‘Pasque flower’, and ‘Passion flower’. Today in some churches Easter mornings begin with white lilies in remembrance of loved ones, who passed away.

As recently as a decade ago, it was traditional to give all the mothers a corsage to wear to church.  An Easter lily was placed on the buffet and a colorful Easter centerpiece was placed prominently in the center of the table for Easter dinner.


Clear Your Head & Express Yourself

As the snow melts and the cherry trees blossom, spring tends to gently push us to renew our inner spirit.   Allow yourself the freedom to express who you are now.  With each new season we have more baggage, more responsibilities, more worries.   Sometimes it helps to stop and smell the flowers, but first you need to step outside!  Here are some suggestions to help you open the door to you.

Don’t take yourself too seriously.  Being perfect is such a lofty goal.  Play.  Skip rope.  Walk in the rain.  Hold hands. Laugh out loud.  

Do something new.  Try something hands-on.  Photography, basket weaving, gardening, genealogy…  Search online for new hobby ideas.   Usually, finding something you are good at means finding something you enjoy doing!  Being good at it comes with time, so it’s important to love being imperfect as you practice.

Give of yourself.  Volunteer to help others who are dealing with health or financial issues.  Just talking or offering companionship can help someone else cope with difficulties.  Offering a hug or a ride to someone might just make a big difference.  We all need each other.

Get connected. Spend time with family.  Spend time with friends.  Spend time alone.  Try to balance the three.   Gather people who recharge your spirit.  It’s okay to spend less time with those who drain you over a long period of time.  Identifying people who are not good for you is as important as finding those who are good for you.

Believe in yourself.   Don’t compare yourself to others.  Compare yourself with your past self and be proud of your progress!  We all have different stories and challenges.   We don’t all start at the same starting line. 

Be purposeful.  It’s challenging to change old habits.  Start small and allow yourself to stumble.  If you really want to do something, keep trying.  Make a plan.  Be flexible and forgiving to yourself.  And reach some of those goals!

And, our favorite, stop and smell the flowers! Take time to enjoy life.  Find the beauty.  Connect with nature.   Grow flowers.  Paint flowers.  Take pictures of flowers.  Feel the flowers.  But most of all, smell the flowers!  And, sometimes, send flowers to yourself, your spouse, your mother  or your favorite person! 

Go, express yourself with abandon!



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Our Top 5 Gift Ideas this Christmas


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Our Christmas Sleigh

Over the meadow and through the woods with this adorable, nostalgic sleigh filled with Christmas flowers, berries and pine cones.

Red roses, white lilies ad green button mums make this bouquet the perfect holiday gift or decorating accent!

Approximately 16”h x 15”w.
As Shown : MY030
DC Metro Areas
Starting at $64.95






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You’ll send a really big Christmas wish when you have this wonderfully large, bright red poinsettia delivered to your family or friends. Poinsettias are a natural gift for the holidays, and this is sure to make a grand entrance!

A large red poinsettia is delivered in a 8″ natural container that’s all wrapped up with a beautiful red taffeta ribbon. It’s a beautifully traditional gift – with a sizable difference!

Approximately 24″ W x 25″ H
As Shown : T122-3A
Starting at $59.95





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 The Gift of Roses

This gorgeous blend of rosy blooms and frilly evergreens, accented with shiny silver ornaments and silver-sprayed leaves, is delivered in a wooden box adorned with a fancy silver ribbon.  A mix of fresh flowers such as red roses, gladiolus and carnations is arranged in a wooden box decorated with a silver ribbon.

Approximately 20″ (W) x 13″ (H)
Orientation: All-Around
As Shown : TFWEB263M
Starting at $129.95






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 Gourmet Gift Baskets

This basket is loaded with fresh fruit of the season, gourmet chocolates and finished with sparkling cider. Sure to brighten someone’s day.

Items may vary.

A MyFlorist Exclusive!
As Shown : MYFB10
Starting at $150.95






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 Candled Centerpieces

Make a festive fashion statement during your holiday feast. Dress up your table with red roses and white asiatic lilies laced with fragrant greenery and graced with the soft glow of two golden candles.  This magnificent bouquet includes red spray roses, white Asiatic lilies, white cushion spray chrysanthemums, cedar, fern accented with gold ribbon and assorted greenery. Comes with two 12″ gold taper candles.

Approximately 20 1/2″ W x 17″ H
As Shown : T579-1AM
Starting at $74.95






De-Clutter and De-Stress!


Zen Artistry

Siimon Reynolds, mentor and coach to many business leaders, executives and entrepreneurs, and a Forbes magazine contributor, writes, in the 2013 issues, about a few steps we can take to be calm in a stressful work environment. These steps allow us to look within and condition ourselves, rather than looking for outside forces to do the job.

He suggest we determine the ideal person/character we hope to be or have and make that our priority. When faced with difficult or problematic circumstances, we should shift our thought process towards finding a solution rather than focusing on the problem. He suggests we eliminated the thoughts that add stress through calming breathing exercises and remembering that we are in control of our sense of calm and that it is not dictated by the situation or problem that surround us. Read more here…

Of course, it helps to make our environment conducive to harmony and calmness which will then result in productivity and consequently make our boss happy. Take a moment to look around your work space and ask yourself “Is it helping me work efficiently?” If there is a lot of clutter and unnecessary distracting “stuff” disseminated around that is birthing more stress and anxiety of “too many unfinished work”, then your answer would be no.

Here are 10 simple steps we found on the Lifehack website that can help you. (We like the last step especially – for obvious reasons).

  • Clear papers. Take all the papers on your desk, and around your desk, and put them in your inbox. […] With each document, your choices are to 1) Trash; 2) Delegate; 3) File immediately, 4) Do it immediately; or 5) Put the action on your to-do list and the document in an “action” folder.
  • Clear clutter. Now clear as much of the other stuff on your desk as possible. And it’s all possible.
  • Clear gear. You don’t need your office gear to be in sight. Put your pens, stapler, paper clips, digital camera, and any other assorted gear in a drawer, organized neatly.
  • Clear the walls. Clear every scrap of paper and most of the artwork from your walls.
  • Have an inbox. Have one inbox on your desk, and have all incoming documents, notes, phone messages and other papers be put into this inbox.
  • Simplify your computer. Clear your desktop of icons — it’s an inefficient way to launch documents or programs and organize yourself, and they’re just visual clutter.
  • Simple filing system. Use a simple alphabetical filing system with plain manila folders.
  • Edit, edit, edit. Once you’ve cleared the clutter, there’s usually still stuff you can clear away. Edit your surroundings.
  • Simple furniture. Go for the simplest furniture possible, a plain floor covering.
  • Simple decorations. Skip the bric-a-brac, and only have one or two simple decorations, such as a few flowers in a vase or a Zen garden. Read more here…

Growing Plants Indoors

HW0_417674Flowers, we love them, everyone loves them. Yes, even that girlfriend that said “Oh I really don’t like flowers” likes flowers and wants you to get them for her. However, the sad thing about flowers, is that they don’t live forever. You know what lives forever? Plants. Well maybe not forever, but for a very very very long time if we know how to take care of them. And do you know what some plants give us? FLOWERS!!! And when we have plants that live a long time and can produce flowers, we can have flowers all the time, or at least often. The question now is what plants should we get that will yield flowers and how do we take care of them? Our favorites are Phalaenopsis Orchid, African violet, and Peace Lily plants.

Most people cringe at the thought of taking care of an orchid plant. They think they are difficult to maintain. We assure you, they are not. In fact they are so low maintenance you might even forget that you have them. Especially Phalaenopsis Orchids are the least needy of all orchids that you will be surprised how they manage to survive after so much neglect. They need medium indirect light and need to be watered once a week and be allowed to dry out completely before watering, which makes them perfect for those of us that tend to forget our plants or those that travel often. If you need to re-pot (when the roots start vacating their current home) make sure to  add some new moist moss and bark chips to the new pot and you will not need to add fertilizers (score!). The plant should bloom 2-3 times a year; and once the flowers die cut the stem about 3-4 inches from the pot to allow a new healthy stem or stems to sprout out. Sometimes new stems will spring out of the “joints” of the old one, and when that happens do a happy dance for the bonus blooms.

African violets are another that requires little to no attention. They do not need direct sunlight but need to be in a well-lit area so that they keep blooming. Water the plant properly when soil is dry but be sure to let it drain well. Fertilize every so often and when re-potting. African violets bloom quite often and quite prettily and they are the perfect size for small office spaces.

Peace Lily plants or Spathiphyllum as the professionals like to call them, are a broad-leafed green plant that spring out some white blooms that look like a cross between an anthurium and a lily. And we think anyone capable of killing a Peace Lily plant should just give up on owning a plant all together. They require indirect light and need to be placed in an area that is neither too hot nor too cold, therefore, a perfect indoor plant. Keep the soil moist and never let it dry out.

By the way, just in case you were wondering, we have all those plants. In fact, all the plants we have are indoor plants.




Flowers & Fashion

Blossoms In Vogue

Passion For Fashion

Passion For Fashion

 When you think spring and summer, you think about beautiful, colorful, and fragrant flowers. We grow them in the cool tail-end of winter so that we can see them in their glorious bloom during the warmer months.

Like the beautiful flowers out in our gardens bursting in colors and fragrance, what we wear during this time are splashed with the same happy and lively colors. The delicate flirty pastels of spring and the bold and hot colors of summer dictate our clothing choices, allowing us to match and/or complement our beautiful surroundings. At times, even the prints of the very same flowers we planted show up on our clothing. We see hair accessories, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, belts, broaches etc all inspired by flowers.

Of course fashion is not only seen in what we wear, but also in what we choose to decorate our homes with. The table cloths, the curtains, the upholstery of our sofas and couches, the throw pillows, the rugs, the bed sheets and blankets, our kitchen and bathroom towels and even our wall papers or paints are often inspired by what is in vogue in the world of fashion.

Like fashion, flowers arrangements change and adapt. The same way that flowers influence what we wear and put in our homes, fashion dictates the way we arrange our flowers and choose our colors and accessories. Fashion and interior designers look for inspiration from flowers, and flowers shop designers look for inspiration for their creations from the fashion and interior design experts. In fact, for us in the flower industry, it is imperative to be on top of what is trendy in the fashion and interior design world simply because it will give us insight on what brides want and what our customers would like to see in their homes and offices.

We, at MyFlorist, can dress up your fashionable homes and offices with our outstanding flower designs that our capable and talented designers create whatever your taste might be. We understand that, like the garments you wear and the furniture you choose, your flowers should express your individual style.

Keep Cool & Have Fun

Summer Salsa

After the looooong and cooooold winter we’ve had this past winter, we will not (or dare not) complain about the hot summer sun. Other than slathering on some heavy duty SPFs, and arming ourselves with hats and old timey parasols, there are other fun things we can do to keep ourselves cool. Some of these ideas will bring back some childhood memories.

Long, hot and dry summer days mean dry lawns and gardens. You can turn the the simple task of watering your garden into a fun activity for you and your family and/or friends. You have sprinklers? Turn them on and run around in your yard playing tag. Or unroll your hose and have fun chasing your friends with it. You’ll water your lawn and you will have fun doing it.

Water balloons and water guns fights are also an awesome  and cost effective way to have some backyard fun. Remember that all that fun you’re having with water may wash off  the aforementioned SPF, so make sure to reapply or use the waterproof kind. We don’t want to you to wilt like a cut hydrangea that has been sitting in the sun for too long.

Whether you are simply laying out on lounge chair soaking up some Vitamin D or engaged in an outdoor activity, make sure to hydrate yourself. Like flowers, we need plenty of water to stay fresh, healthy and alive. And the cooler the environment we are in is, the longer we last (OK, maybe not) but we know at least flowers do.

Take a Staycation at your Desk!

Take a staycation!

Are you overwhelmed with work and the pressures of life?  If so, you might want to take a vacation.  However, that’s not always possible due to your workload or other responsibilities.  One thing you can do, though, is take a short “staycation” at your own desk!

What is a staycation?  It’s a relatively new slang word that’s a combination of “stay” and “vacation.”  It means to take a break without going anywhere.  Some people take staycations by taking off work for a week or so and just staying home, kicking back, and doing nothing.  Sometimes that’s not even an option, though.

If you find yourself needing a major break during the day, you can take a quick staycation at your desk.  There are a few different ways of doing this.  One thing you can do is push your chair back, close your eyes, and just rest for a minute or two.  Now, be careful you don’t fall asleep—you certainly don’t want a co-worker or, worse, your boss stepping in and seeing you asleep!  But resting your eyes for just a few minutes, especially if you’ve been staring at your computer screen for several hours, can really help.  Take a make-believe vacation to a tropical island for just a minute.

Another option, especially if you spend all day sitting, is to get up and move around for five minutes or so.  Move around, do some jumping jacks or simple stretching exercises, and get the blood flowing to your legs again.  In recent years, a number of studies have shown how unhealthy it truly is for people to sit all day.  You need to do something every few hours, at the bare minimum, that gets you up and moving.

We love the idea of just using your imagination.  focus on something that reminds you of a peaceful getaway.  A green plant or a picture or screensaver of a beautiful beach, for example.  Then close your eyes for a moment and imagine being there.  Smelling the flowers, listening to the waves wash up on the shore.  The better your imagination, the better you feel!  Or simply plan the perfect vacations.  Even if you never actually go, just the act of planning a fabulous getaway can reduce stress.

A quick desk staycation can be a great way of stepping back and letting your brain recharge.  If you just can’t seem to figure out why numbers aren’t adding up or how to make two dozen schedules match up for a meeting, sometimes it really does help to take a short break.  Let your mind wander off, and it just might come back with the solution you’ve been looking for.  Just be sure you don’t take work staycations too often!

Pick a lush green plant as a focal point for your desk!

4th Of July In DC

4th of july

If you live in the Washington DC area, you must, at least once in your life, go to the National Mall and the surrounding area to experience the ultimate 4th of July extravaganza. Start with the America’s National Independence Day Parade on Constitution Avenue and 7th Street NW where you can see patriotic floats with some very popular personalities, marching bands from all over the country and military personnel. The parade normally starts late morning a little before noon. Best to get there well in advance to secure prime real estate.

You can then go to the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol to enjoy the Capitol Fourth Independence Day Concert, which features some of the country’s best singers and the National Symphony Orchestra. Although the hour and half concert does not start until 8 pm, admittance starts at 3 pm so get there early to find the best seats. While enjoying your concert, know that you are sitting at a prime location to view the magnificent fireworks that starts around 9 pm.

There are other locations for a fantastic view of the exclamation point of the day that is the fireworks. If standing along the Mall is not your thing, then consider the various hotels in the city that have roof top space, or you can take a boat cruise along the Potomac River.

Now, some of us don’t enjoy baking in the July sun longer than necessary and may be looking for entertainment indoors but still be in the middle of the festivities. Well, we have your backs; the Smithsonian museums, that are only a block or two away from where the festivities of the day are taking place, will all be open. If you have young children with you, we suggest the Air and Space Museum and the Natural History Museum.

While you are enjoying the passing parade and need to cool off for a bit, go to the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden located on Independence Avenue and 7th Street NW where they have a cafe to buy refreshments from and an amusing fountain you can sit by and dip your toes in.

If you’ve “been there and done that” and are looking for a low-key celebration with friends and loved ones, then there are other options. Planning a small or medium or humongous BBQ party in your backyard, or if you are a condo dweller, in the backyard of that person who you know has a backyard or a deck/patio is an excellent way to celebrate our Nations’ Independence. And if you don’t have a backyard/deck/patio or know a person that does, then there are other options for a good time indoors (this is also a good idea in case it rains). Prepare some snacks and drinks, get some red, white and blue balloons, some pretty little flower arrangements and play some fun games.

Whatever you choose to do, just have fun, enjoy and be safe. We hope you have a wonderful Independence Day!!! And Happy Birthday to our Nation!

Event Flowers

Event flowers Blog


Whether we’re planning a small or large even, we start with a theme and we choose everything from plate settings to centerpieces to complement our chosen theme.

Like many other decorative items, flowers come in many colors, sizes and shapes to match our chosen theme. And if you choose the right florist and/or designer, the flowers can be designed in many different ways.

When choosing your flowers for an event, you have to consider the kind of flowers that will be in the season at the time the event takes place. If you are planning now for a party in November and you fell in love with an arrangement of peonies you received last week, you can’t plan your fall centerpieces around those beautiful fragrant flowers. You might want to consider cabbage or garden roses; they look similar and are available year-round. You should also look at what colors look spectacular during a particular season. You want the bright bold colors like hot pink, bright orange, and likely purples in the summer, the pastels for the spring, the earthy and jewel tones for the fall, and the primary colors for the winter.

You’ll also have to decide if the event you are planning is a sit down reception and if the tables are round or rectangular, or if you are having a cocktail party. You’ll have to decide if you will have a buffet table, a head table, a stage, and a guest sign in table. All these factors will dictate how many pieces of flower arrangements you will need and how they should be arranged and designed.

If you are having a party at home rather than at a venue, here are a few things to consider: you will have to examine the layout of your house and decide which rooms the guests will be in and decide if it is a casual party or a formal one. To decide how many flower pieces you will need you have to ask yourself: Do I have a fire-place? Will my guest be standing and circulating or will the party be more intimate and they will be seated? What is the entrance like? Once you’ve answered these questions you will know if you need flowers for your fire-place, dining room table, coffee table, side table, kitchen table or counter, bar counter, foyer, and powder room/bathroom.

There are many details to think about when choosing your flowers but one thing remains constant: your planning will not be complete if you do not have flowers. One advise we can give you is, if your are not an experienced designer, don’t tackle the designing yourself. Event flowers are much more than just buying your loose flowers from the farmer’s market and sticking them in a vase. A lot of thought goes into it and the flowers have to be professionally processed and prepped. You don’t want to ruin your party/event with sloppy flower designs. Remember, you only have one chance to do it right.