No-Fuss Flowers


There are many occasions to celebrate in our lives: birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, new babies, new job/promotion, engagement/marriage, holidays, a new home, life, a very well made sandwich and more.

We can throw parties or invite friends and family to lunch or dinner or celebrate in any other way we want and/or can and there are businesses out there available to facilitate our celebrations needs. There are those that cater food, those that sell decor, those that provide entertainment, those that rent the venues and those that provide flowers. Let’s face it, a celebration is not complete until you add some floral elements to it. They are the icing on the cake, the cherry on the sundae, the exclamation point.

We don’t celebrate only the milestones of our lives, but that of our friends and family too. However, you are not always able to congratulate them in person and join them in their celebration. This is where we come in and make life easier for you. With just one short phone call or a few clicks of the mouse and  some key strokes you can send an artfully handmade arrangement of beautiful fresh flowers or a basket of yummy fruits and gourmet cheeses,  nuts, chocolates and other delicious goodies or a lush green plant. You can attach a card with your heartfelt message and some finishing touches like balloons and teddy bears to you selection and we will deliver it for your with a smile and make you look like a rock star.

For over two decades we have made it our business to not only to deliver your flowers but to do it well and make it easy for you. We understand that when you are sending a vase of our best creations, you are not passively doing it. We understand you are putting your thoughts and sentiments into it. We, in return, put our skills and dedication to work to deliver your thoughts and your sentiments. We are in the business of making you look good, whatever the occasion may be. In short, we know our stuff.

Dad, The Hero

Fahter's Day Blog

Growing up we had our super heroes: Superman, Batman, Spiderman etc., but we all knew, if they ever turner villain, our dad, the hero, could take them all. He is, after all, bigger, stronger, smarter, handsomer, faster, and richer than anyone EVER! And then, we grew up. Now we have jobs, mortgages, responsibilities and our own families (or not) and our dad is still the hero, but in a different way. He is the man who did everything he could in his power to give us the best life possible. He worked hard to provide for us without complaining. He taught us through his words, his actions and his mistakes what a husband, a son, a brother and a father should be. He is our hero, now, because we know he is not perfect.

Dad is the hero that changed the flat tire, mowed the lawn, “fixed” the sink, and bought all those toys…err…we mean tools and started to build the shelves in the garage (on that note: he is going to finish it OK! Get off his back!). He taught us to ride our bicycle and drive his car stressing the importance of knowing how to drive stick. Taught us to respect others, look people in the eyes when talking to them, and shake their hand firmly. He taught us to know we are on time when we are early and late when we are on time. Taught us to save money for rainy days but know how to enjoy life. Showed us his super-secret recipe that mainly involves ketchup and beer. Taught us how to order at a restaurant and how to tip. Taught us how to tie a tie and how to dress down and dress up. Showed us how a man should treat us and how we should treat a woman and that real men cry too. We could go on and on but there aren’t enough hours in a day to list everything we learned from our daddy (and this blog would turn into a book).

We don’t celebrate our dads on Father’s Day the same way we celebrate our moms, and we thinks that’s shame. This year show him just how special he is; and we, at MyFlorist, are more than happy to help.

Dad, THANK YOU and HAPPY FATHER’S DAY you imperfectly perfect hero!


Romantic Spots In The City


Burst of Beauty Basket

Those of us that live in the city know how much it has changed over the years and how new places to discover keep popping up at every corner. However, one thing remains constant, potholes and how utterly gorgeous our fine city is (ok, that was two things). We may not associate our Nation’s capital with romance, but, we assure you, it is quite romantic. If you are taking your sweetie out on a date during the day or the evening, the city is very accommodating.

Here are some of our favorite spots and activities to enjoy during the summer while you enjoys each other’s company:

  • You can rent a kayak or a canoe from the fine establishments in Georgetown located on Water St and on Canal St and enjoy the view of the city from a different view. DC looks beautiful from the Potomac. They are reasonably priced and very enjoyable.
  • You can go for a hike in Great Falls and find a quite spot for a small picnic where all you hear is nature and each other.
  • In the summer evenings you can share a blanket and watch a movie under the stars at the Screen on the Green at the National Mall. Just make sure to get there early enough to secure prime real-estate.
  • If you need more sit-on-the-grass-and-enjoy-some-fine-music places, go to the Filene Center at the Wolf Trap Center. Where you can either sit in the seats or out on the lawn and enjoy your food and drinks (alcoholic ones too) while you listen to your favorite band.
  • You can take a leisurely bicycle ride along the scenic trails in Rock Creek Park.
  • And in the evenings you can wine and dine your sweetheart in the many restaurants with outdoor sitting along 14th st or Connecticut Ave NW, in Dupont Circle or Friendship Heights.

Our city never disappoints at any season, rain or shine. But in the summer, we have to say, is when it is at its glorious. Much like summer flowers…

Hooray! You Made It!

GRADUATION BLOGThe season of caps and gowns, confetti and cheering crowds, loooong commencement speeches and equally loooong lines to get your diplomas and degrees (and if you are a lady: you’re probably wishing you opted for the flats instead of the heels). But all of that is worth it, because you have a heart swelling with pride for what you’ve accomplished. The long caffeine fueled nights of studying, the many jelly beans you ingested while you wrote your ‘ten page-double spaced-12pt Times Roman font-MLA or APA format-about a subject you could have written about in two pages’ paper, the many circles you’ve darkened with your #2 pencil, the blank spaces you filled in, and the many (B)s you circled in your multiple answer exams, were all for this moment. For the promise of a future that seems bright and full of possibilities.

You’ve carefully planned your outfit to make sure it looks good under your gown when you take your pictures with your family and friends holding a beautiful presentation bouquet of flowers they brought you or during those selfie sessions with your fellow graduates.

As you walk to your sit you wonder where your family and friends might be sitting. You look at the crowd to try to find a familiar face… you don’t, but you know they are there and that knowledge is good enough for now. You know they are sitting there beaming with pride for their bright and talented graduate. They too are trying to find you among all the cap and gown clad students marching to their seats,  as they hold a camera in one hand and the program in the other and their bouquet carefully hidden under their chair. Then, that moment when they call your name to hand you your diploma comes, all of a sudden you hear a section in the crowd bursts in cheers, whistles and claps and that make you smile. You almost know who the loudest one is and you recognize that whistle. There, among the crowd, is your support system that was there for you no matter what; encouraging you and comforting you during those “I don’t think I did well on that test” moments.

Yes, this is the season packed with promises and bittersweet feelings when you leave the friendships you’ve made to embark on a new unknown and exciting journey. We, at MyFlorist, would like to say, “CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve made it!” The future is brighter because of you.

Flowers: Just Because…

Blog Just because

Sunflowers and Hydrangea

We all have that something we turn to when we need cheering up when we are having one of those days. Some of us look up videos and pictures of puppies and baby pandas on YouTube and Google Images, others step outside in the bright sunny day talk a relaxing walk and others stop at their local florist to get themselves a bunch of flowers to take home so they can end their day on a better note.

So, what can we do when those in our lives are having a “Nothing seems to go right today! Argh!” kind of day?  It would be nice if we could send them a truck full of puppies and kittens, but we can’t, because it’s not practical and they would end up having to clean up after them making their day even more difficult. There are, however, many other things you can do that doesn’t require litter boxes and chew toys. You can send them a simple and sweet email or text, a bunch of balloons, a stuffed animal, and some brightly colored flowers. You can take them out to lunch or send them a box of chocolates (because chocolates make everything better), or better yet, a whole basket of goodies.

Remind the person that, no matter what kind of day s/he’s having, there is someone out there that cares. Even if the person is not having a particularly bad day, just do something sweet “just because”. Do something that says “Hi, you are wonderful!” Believe us, we’ve been in the business of surprising people for over two decades and we’ve seen the reactions of people getting something unexpected. It changes the person’s day from ordinary to “Wohoooo!” Sure, birthdays, anniversaries and other milestone occasions are good reasons to send flowers, but nothing makes a person’s day like flowers
received out of the blue for no particular reason.

The Many Mothers In Our Lives

IMG_1969 Blog

It’s true that mothers wear many hats. They are the teachers, the doctors and nurses, the confidants, the cooks and nutritionists, the cleaning ladies and launderers, the chauffeurs, the cheerleaders, the personal trainers, … the list goes on and on. But, how about the many women in our lives that wear the mother hat?

Here are those that fall under the “mother” umbrella: the mother that gave birth to us, the mom that adopted us, the mother-in-law, the aunties, the older sisters the older cousins, the grandmothers, the God mothers, our mother’s best friend, out best friend’s mother, … this list goes on too.

We mustn’t forget these wonderful, beautiful, smart women this Mother’s Day. They loved us, cared for and about us, and bought us candy and toys when dad wasn’t looking. Make sure to send them cards, take them  out to lunch or dinner, have a long conversation, run errands for them, send them text messages (yes your grandma knows how to text too), and most importantly, send them flowers. We don’t say that just because we are in the flower industry (ok…fine maybe just a little) but because flowers will say more to them than you could without choking on tears. They will tell them that you love them and appreciate them and only the most beautiful creation on earth compares to their wonderful spirits. You can choose the most elaborate design to a simple bouquet. We also strongly believe flowers are an easy and sure way to becoming your mother’s favorite.

The important thing is that you recognize all the “mothers” you have in your life this holiday. Those that nurtured you and were there to love you unconditionally should never spend the day unappreciated or forgotten.

Flowers: They Make You Happy


If you’ve ever been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of a vase full of beautifully arranged flowers, you know just how wonderful it feels to know that someone cared so much about you to send them to you. But we have to tell you, on our end, to be the people who translate a person’s sentiments in the language of flowers and then deliver them, it is a feeling we can’t explain. It is really priceless when we knock on the door and we see the confused yet elated faces of the recipients.

There is something that flowers do to us that made scientists actually research the emotional impacts they have on people. They found that, when people receive flowers, they experience true happiness immediately and that feeling has a lasting effect on the person overall mood. When a person gets flowers regularly it creates a long-term impact on his/her creativity, productivity and attitude toward his/her personal and professional relationships.

Next time you feel like you want to make someone happy, send that person some flowers. If you are feeling grateful about something that has been done for you, use flowers as a means to pay-it-forward. We promise you, the feeling you get when you see the expressions of joy on the recipient’s face, you just can’t buy. Just imagine, that person will be happy and will want to make someone else feel the same way and on and on … And when you are feeling down yourself, go down to your local florist and pick some lovely flowers. There is no law that says you shouldn’t buy them for yourself.


“Thank You For All You Do!”

AdminBlog REStudies show that saying thank you does actually have some health benefits by reducing stress related issues and depression. For some, however, saying “thank you” might feel awkward or might even be difficult, be it because of pride or the simple belief that the person is doing what s/he is supposed to do. Now think back to that time someone sincerely thanked you for a deed that you thought was not a big deal or ordinary or just simply your duty. Felt good, didn’t it? Wouldn’t you want someone to feel the same? Or think about that time that you did something extraordinary for someone, and the person never thanked you (not that you would do something to be recognized or thanked), it might have made you feel unappreciated.

This doesn’t mean that you should overdo it with the “thank you”s by handing them out like (insert a clever analogy here). That might actually make your gratitude lose meaning and value. Don’t be passive either when you thank someone. Show the person that you truly appreciate what s/he’s done. Don’t be vague about it; make sure the person knows what exactly you are thankful for. Don’t treat it as a chore or something you have to do, it should be something that you are happy and want to do. Thanking someone is more than just a transference of ooey-gooey warm and fuzzy feelings from one person to another. It is a way for you to show the other person that you respect them and their time and effort for the good things s/he did for you.

We, at MyFlorist, are in the business of helping companies show just how thankful they are of their Administrative Professionals. Next week, in particular, we are sending out vases and baskets full of “you are awesome”, “thank you!!!”, “couldn’t do it without you”, “you are a valuable member of our staff” and more all week-long to the fabulous APs and show them how appreciated they are for what they do all year-long for their bosses and their company. You can buy them lunch, give them gift cards or postcards, but nothing says it better than flowers. You might think we are biased, but studies have shown repeatedly that, like thank yous, flowers have health benefits…we’ll save that for another day.

Meaning of Flowers and Colors

IMG_1873 blogA florist’s existential philosophical question would be – What came first, the color or the flower? Is a violet blue violet because it is a violet? Well, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that both colors and flowers have a meaning, and when you put them together you get magic.

We’ve always associated red roses with love and romance but what about the rest? Roses come in many colors and each color has its meaning.  Yellow roses symbolize love for a friend while peach roses show sincere gratitude. Pink roses say grace and perfect happiness and white ones show charm, wisdom and innocence.

Like roses, carnations come in just as many colors and meanings. Unlike its rose counterpart, however, the yellow carnation means rejection or disappointment. The color red, a powerful color symbolizing love and passion, forces the red carnation to mean admiration and aching for a loved one. White, being the symbol of purity and innocence, lends its meaning to all flowers, including the carnation.

Most other flowers may come in many different colors but their meaning remain, for the most part, constant. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Hydrangeas symbolize thankfulness.
  • Gerberas say cheerfulness.
  • Daisies mean innocence.
  • Irises scream eloquence. (Ha! Those rhymed.)
  • Calla lilies mean beauty.
  • Tulips say fame.
  • Orchids mean refinement.

You can assign more meaning to these flowers by choosing the colors, like red for love, orange for enthusiasm, yellow for happiness, green for harmony, blue for loyalty, purple for royalty, and white for innocence. No wonder that white calla lilies are a popular bridal bouquet flower.

Now imagine a vase full of beautiful orange gerberas, green hydrangeas, purple tulips and yellow daisies. What you have there is a vase loaded with positive sentiments you want to express.

Of course, some colors and flowers do have some negative meanings, like we saw with our friend the yellow carnation. However, we choose to work with the happier message that flowers communicate. Luther Burbank, a famous botanist, said it best when he said “Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul”. We work with and deliver that magic everyday.

D.C. Garden Inspirations

Plants Dishgardens 009 Blog

Since spring has sprung and you may be itching to go out and get your hands dirty in your gardens, be it the size of a pot or the FedEx field, you might be looking for inspiration. Well, we will help you find said inspiration while helping you discover the city’s hidden gems for an outing on a lovely spring day. We generally don’t associate a metropolitan city like D.C. with perfectly manicured gardens or acres and acres of land comprising exotic gardens and woodlands open for the public to explore, but they do exist. And if it rains, as it is known to do in the spring, remember that all these locations have indoor gems to be enjoyed. Here are some of the gardens for you to visit during the warm spring days:

  • Hillwood Estate Museum and Gardens located near Howard University is, in our humble opinion, D.C.’s jewel box. It sits on 25 acres of land; 13 acres of which are dedicated to the beautifully maintained gardens that complement (dare we say even rival) the mansion and its extensive collections. Once thoroughly overwhelmed by its breathtaking rose gardens, orchid greenhouses and waterfall and the equally breathtaking interior of the mansion, you can rest your feet at their charming cafe. We also suggest you visit their calendar for their many events throughout the year.
  • The Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America is our runner up for the District’s well hidden treasure with a beautiful interior of the main church and a glorious serene garden with over 1200 plants, herbs, and flowers including many different kinds of roses on 40 acres. They are open Monday through Sunday for select hours, so be sure to visit their website for their times.
  • Sitting on 444 acres of land is The National Arboretum, where you can find various trees, herb and flower gardens, bonsai museums, the Capitol’s original columns, and much much more. You can walk or bike on the trails or drive to the various spots or just sit on one of the many benches along the trails to explore the various flora and enjoy the scenery. The National Arboretum is open to the public Friday through Monday and it is right on New York Ave NE.
  • The Tudor Place Historic House and Gardens is another gem that offers guided tours through the gardens where you learn the history of the century old trees, plants and flowers including a Japanese tea house on 5.5 acres. They also offer a “Tea and Tour Package” where they treat you to a traditional Victorian tea and delicious accompaniments. When you leave this delicious experience and you still feel like you need more gardens in your day, remember you are a stone throw away from the historic Dumbarton Oaks, home of yet another of D.C.’s exquisite gardens.

Some of us apartment or condo dwellers, however, may not have an outdoor space to garden, or we may not have the desire to go out and ruin our manicures in the dirt. Well, we suggest you bring the already beautifully arranged (by someone else) gardens in a dish indoors. We can help with that too.