Valentine Romance: Alive and Well

Some pessimists will tell you that chivalry is dead, gentlemen have vanished, and romance has one foot in the grave.  It may very well seem like it, sometimes, but Valentine romance, at least, is certainly very alive and well.  You’ll see it a lot over the next few weeks, but it will be especially obvious on Valentine’s Day itself.

What makes Valentine’s Day so romantic?  Well, there’s nothing romantic about the day itself.  In fact, at first glance, it’s so commercialized that there doesn’t seem to be much romance there at all.  What’s romantic about those cheap plastic cupid decorations, the overpriced greeting cards with their sappy poetry, or those candy hearts that taste like chalk?  The trappings of the holiday really don’t amount to much.

It’s what your significant other does, and the personal touches he or she adds, that make the holiday so romantic and perfect.  Sometimes, this means acting like a gentleman by holding the door or pulling out your chair for you.  For others, the romance comes in the little things, the way he holds your hand or the sparkle in his eyes when he looks at you.  Maybe it doesn’t even involve doing anything special—some people can have a very romantic evening staying home, cooking a frozen pizza, and watching TV.  It all depends on what you consider romantic.

Valentine’s Day is the one day out of the year when men pull out all the stops.  They plan a fancy dinner, order flowers, and generally go above and beyond to make you feel special.  From the moment he hands you the single red rose or leads you to the horse-drawn carriage ride around the park, you know the Valentine’s Day romance is still going strong.  Don’t let the pessimists get you down—this Valentine’s will be romantic and special no matter what he plans!

What to Do on Your Anniversary in the DC Metro

imagesAre you getting ready to celebrate your anniversary in our nation’s capital?  If so, you’re in one of the best places!  Washington, DC has a lot to offer couples who are marking anywhere from their first to their fiftieth year together.  Here are some anniversary ideas for the romantic, the adventurous, the homebodies, and more.

For those who like to stay at home:

Have a picnic on your living room or bedroom floor.  Just spread out a blanket, make a nice dinner, and enjoy your favorite movie or put on some music.  It has all the charm of a picnic outdoors but without the bugs or the weather.

If you have kids, send them to a friend’s or to the grandparents for the night or weekend.  When you have a family and you’re always on the go, getting to spend the evening with your spouse can be amazing.

From the Romantic:

Recreate your first anniversary, or your first date, or even your honeymoon.  If you went to a certain restaurant, go back there, or recreate the meal at home.  Take a weekend trip to where you spent your honeymoon if it’s possible, or just reenact your first date.  You could even take some of the best parts of several dates and create the perfect date.

You could spend the day checking out your favorite museum exhibits.  Check out some of the great artwork, historical artifacts, and other exhibits.  There are even a number of smaller museums that offer a more intimate setting than the larger, more popular ones.  You might also want to enjoy a meal at the Smithsonian café.  On Fridays and Saturdays, they often have live music and other entertainment.

Washington, DC, has many fine restaurants that offer romantic settings and amazing meals.  Another option is to take a dinner cruise down the Potomac.  It’s fun and a different way of doing dinner.

For the Adventurous:

You can also go canoeing or kayaking on the Potomac River.  If that’s a bit too much for you, rent a paddle boat and go out on the Tidal Basin.

For those who love the outdoors:

Washington DC has many different gardens and parks.  If you love the outdoors, pack up a picnic and head outside for the afternoon.  You and your spouse can enjoy the good weather, the good food, and the good company.

Visit the National Zoo.  Admission is free, and it’s a great way to enjoy the nice spring weather.  There’s a lot to see, especially if you love animals.

There are a number of free events during the summer that make fun a fun anniversary date.  Free concerts and movies take place throughout the area.

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St. Patrick’s Day Stories to Share

StPatricksDayHappySt. Patrick’s Day is almost here!  If you’re already got your green clothing out and ready to wear and your party activities planned, you may be done.  But why not read a few interesting stories about the holiday to really get in the mood?  Here are a few cool St. Patrick’s Day stories.

Did you know that the wearing of the green was originally the wearing of the blue?  St. Patrick often wore blue, but over the years, green slowly took over.  This was partially due to the fact that shamrocks were associated with St. Patrick.  He used the three-leaved clover to explain the Holy Trinity.  Because these plants are green, that’s the color that eventually became associated with St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick didn’t set out to convert the heathens of Ireland to Christianity.  In fact, he wasn’t very religious at all.  His father was a deacon, but there’s evidence to suggest he only took the post because he wanted the tax incentives.  However, St. Patrick was abducted by Irish raiders when he was 16, and he spent six years as a slave in Ireland.  He took comfort in Christianity during this time, and after he escaped, he continued to be a very devout Christian.  He took haven in Britain, studied to become a priest, and then returned to Ireland with the plan of converting the Irish.

Speaking of stories that aren’t completely true, Patrick didn’t actually introduce Christianity to Ireland.  There were already Christians living there when he returned.  One of his missions, in fact, was to minister to them while converting others to the religion.

A St. Patrick’s Day parade wasn’t held in Ireland until 1931, almost 200 years after the first major public St. Patrick’s Day celebration!  This celebration was held by Irish immigrants in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1737.

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The Amazing Works of Georgia O’Keeffe

GeorgiaWhen she gave birth to her daughter Georgia in 1887 on a dairy farm, Ida O’Keeffe had no idea her daughter would be named the Mother of American Modernism.  However, Georgia Totto O’Keeffe knew by age ten that she wanted to be an artist.  Of course, at that time, American art was very much a man’s world.  Women, even those who were seen as incredibly talented, had a much harder time than men.  She attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and even won the Art Students League of New York City’s William Merritt Chase still-life prize in 1908, but O’Keeffe later decided that being an artist simply wasn’t an option.  She couldn’t stand out from her fellow artists, so she moved to Chicago and began working as a commercial artist.  She later took to teaching, and it was while she was serving as the head of the West Texas State Normal College art department that she was discovered.

When her artwork was first seen in 1916 by art dealer and photographer Alfred Stieglitz, he had no doubt that she was going to change the world.  Stieglitz saw some charcoal drawings O’Keeffe had mailed to her friend Anita Pollitzer, and he simply knew that he had to display her art.  O’Keeffe had her first solo show in April of 1917, and Stieglitz convinced her to move to New York the next year.  Six years later, the two were married.

O’Keeffe’s style was greatly influenced by her visit to New Mexico in 1929.  It was here that she began painting the bold flowers that she would become known for.  She soon began visiting New Mexico at least once a year.  The paintings she produced from this point on were completely different.  They were bold, colorful, and even hinted at sexuality in ways that no other artist did.  However, even so, critics often passed her over for awards or gave her mixed to negative reviews.  They simply weren’t sure how to evaluate her works because they were so diverse and so different.  However, she finally gained the recognition she was due in 1970 at the age of 83.  The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York named O’Keeffe an artist ahead of her time.  Today, her works are featured in museums around the world and at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe.

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Create a Sunny Work Space

HW0_519772Working in a dull office is no fun at all.  This is especially true if you’re in a cubicle and have no windows.  But there are some ways you can create a sunny work space even if you’re in the basement and in the middle of a cubicle farm.  Here are a couple of tips for making your office into a bright, happy area.

•    Put up some photographs or posters on the walls.  These can be of anything that makes you happy, but if you really want to make your work space sunny, put up pictures of the ocean and other bright, happy places.

•    If you are allowed to paint, change up the colors of your office walls.  Make them something warm and inviting instead of that usually off-white or grey that most businesses seem to use.

•    Add some plants and flowers to your office.  You’ll be surprised at what a few potted plants can do to your area.

•    Bring a few different knick-knacks or other little decorations to spruce up your desk.  Pick things that make you happy!

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Five Things You Need for the Perfect Romantic Evening

891359-young-couple-sharing-a-glass-of-red-wine-in-restaurant-celebrating-or-on-romantic-date-1024x683Planning your Valentine’s Day, or just want a few tips for putting together a romantic evening?  There are five things that all perfect romantic evenings need.  If you want to wow her, here’s your checklist:

1.    A great meal.  That old saying about the way to a man’s heart being through his stomach can apply to women as well.  Wow her with her favorite meal or take her out to her favorite restaurant.

2.    Set the tone with some romantic music.  Pick something you know she enjoys.

3.    Make sure the location is perfect.  If you’re at home, make sure everything’s cleaned up and organized.  If you’re going out, pick a place you know she likes.  Also think about reservations, especially for Valentine’s Day.

4.    Give her a token of your appreciation.  This can be something simple like a bouquet of flowers or something more extravagant like jewelry (or both!).

5.    Give her the gift of your time and attention.  Turn off your phone and actually focus on her.  In today’s fast paced world, this personal connection often gets overlooked and put on the back burner.  Be in the moment!

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What Happens When you Order Early For Valentine’s Day?


People (especially florists and jewelers) often recommend that you make your Valentine’s Day orders as early as you possibly can.  But what are the benefits from doing so?  Here’s what happens if you order early for Valentine’s Day:

•    You don’t have to worry about ordering flowers that day.
•    You don’t need to fight your way through the stores looking for chocolate or to pick up the necklace you bought her.
•    Your choices aren’t limited to what’s left after everyone else has had their pick.  You can lock in those gorgeous roses!
•    You may not pay as much.  Pre-orders are often cheaper.
•    There’s no danger of not getting what you want.
•    You know she’s going to be happy with your purchases.
•    There’s no stress—you know you’ve got everything done for the holiday.  Now you can enjoy your romantic date!

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Snow Day Fun

hpa8ermokrasiesIs the snowy weather making you feel down?  There are a lot of things you can do to enjoy a snow day, even if you can’t leave your house.  Here are a few different snow day fun ideas to entertain yourself and your family.

•    Have a home date.  Cook your favorite meal, cuddle up on the sofa and watch a good movie, or spend the day enjoying hobbies you both like.

•    If you live by yourself or will be home alone, you can spend the day pampering yourself.  Laze around reading, watching your favorite TV shows, or doing nothing.  Take the time to recharge and relax.

•    Play cards or board games together.  Make it a family competition.

•    Go out and play in the snow!  Why not?

•    Go ice skating at one of the local skating rinks.

•    Sleep in late!

•    It might not be completely fun, but you can always spend a snow day doing those chores and other things around the house that you keep putting off.

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Winter Celebrations in DC

Looking for something fun and exciting to do this winter in the Washington, D.C. area?  We’ve got a few fun things you can check out.

The 2014 DC Restaurant Week runs Jan. 15 through the 19.  Visit some of your favorite restaurants in the DC area for great deals and great dinners.

The Tudor Tots: Winter Wonderland is a family-friendly program that invites kids and family members of all ages to learn about growing gardens.  It’s held at the gorgeous Tudor Place Historic House and Garden.

Friday, January 31 is the launch of the 2014 Art Soiree Productions Fine Art Series.  Many works by the local artists will be on display at the Ritz Carlton in Georgetown.
Visit the Capital City Brewing Co. for the Water Our Orchids: Annual Cocktail Fundraiser event on February 8th for drinks, raffles, and auctions benefiting the Young Mothers Inc. charity.

If you love fashion, don’t miss the Corjor International Fashion Show at Madame Tussaud’s Museum.  Ean Williams will be presenting his 2014 winter collection as a part of the DC Fashion Week.

The St. Clement Episcopal Preschool and Agudas Achim Preschool presents Rockin’ in a Winter Wonderland with Rocknoceros on Saturday, February 2.  It’s a family event full of songs for kids of all ages.

Be sure to check out the National ShamrockFest 2014 on March 22 at the RFK Stadium.

These are just a few of the awesome events going on in the area.  Are there any other events you’ll be going to this winter?

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside—Romance at Home


The polar vortex has hit the country, and people are staying indoors to keep out of the cold.  But just because you can’t go outside for a romantic date doesn’t mean you can have a little romance in your life.  In fact, you can have plenty of romance at home.  Here are a few different ideas for staying warm indoors while still having a romantic evening.

Have a picnic on your bedroom floor.  Just spread out a blanket, make a nice dinner (or order in), and enjoy your favorite movie or music.  If it’s snowing and you still have your Christmas lights up, it will feel magical.  You might even want to get out the lights and decorate for the event.

If sitting on the floor isn’t your idea of a good time, just cook the nice romantic dinner.  Light the table with candles, put on some nice music, and have a fancy dinner at home.  You don’t need to get outdoors in the cold just to have a romantic dinner.

While going out to a theater to see a movie can be fun, watching a movie at home can be just as much fun.  You can have all the popcorn and soda you want without paying the crazy concession stand prices, for one thing.  For another thing, you don’t have to worry about missing a key point of the film if you have to make a bathroom run.  Get a warm blanket and cuddle together.

Of course, there’s nothing to say that you have to keep your romantic fun PG-13.  If you have a large bathtub, you can light some candles, pour some wine, and spend some quality time together covered in bubbles.  This type of evening can easily lead to the bedroom.  You might even want to do something like read a little romantic poetry or, if you sing or play an instrument, sing a love song.

There are many ways to have a romantic night at home.  While these are all great ideas, there are many more that are unique to you and your significant other.  Plan something the two of you love to do and see where the evening takes you.

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