Ten Ways to Keep Her Happy

Fighting with your girlfriend or wife is not fun.  Sometimes, it seems like that’s all you do because there’s always something she’s upset about.  However, it’s really not that difficult to keep her happy.  Here are ten easy things you can do to keep her from yelling at you.

10 – Put the toilet seat down!  It’s a classic, but it might just be the end to your troubles.

9 – Help out around the house.  If she asks you to take the trash out, don’t wait for three days.  Besides leading to a funky smell in the kitchen, it shows you don’t respect her.

8 – Compromise.  Don’t always expect to get your way.  Couples often have a few different interests, and the key to a healthy relationship is to do things together that she likes as often as you do things together that you like.

7 – Don’t be cheap.  When selecting gifts, get her a quality gift, not what has the lowest price tag.  She’ll notice cheaply made trinket.  Sometimes this means shopping early so you’re not stuck trying to find a last-minute gift.

6 – Be original.  Gifts you make yourself aren’t cheap.  Write her a poem, sketch her, or write a song for her.  No, there’s no cost to you, but these types of gifts are unique and touching.  You don’t have to spend a lot to show her you love her.

5 – Be involved.  Don’t just ask her the routine “how was your day?” when you get home.  Actively engage in a discussion.  Help her cook and clean.  Give one of her hobbies a shot.  You might not like it, but she will appreciate the fact that you took the time to do something she enjoys.

4 – Surprise her.  Bring her a little gift when she’s not expecting it.  Make a reservation at her favorite restaurant without her knowing.  Plan a surprise weekend get-away.  Little surprises every now and then remind her why she fell in love with you.

3 – Apologize when you’re in the wrong.  Don’t hold a grudge, especially if you’re the one who messed up.  Let her know you’re sorry and that the fight is over.  Letting bad feelings linger can sour a relationship quickly.

2 – Compliment her often.  Tell her she looks good, smells good, etc.  Just make sure you’re being sincere.  No one likes hearing compliments that aren’t truthful.

1 – Send her flowers, even when it’s not your anniversary or her birthday.  Women love flowers, and you’re sure to make her smile by giving her a big bouquet of her favorite blooms.  Better yet, send them to her at work so she will be the envy of the office.

Anniversary Themes to Help Your Shining Armor Stay Polished

If your anniversary is coming up, you should start putting some thought into how you’re going to celebrate. Now it’s true that people generally celebrate milestone anniversaries in a large way and usually do something small and personal for other years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your 37th anniversary in style. It might not be your 25th or 50th, but every anniversary is an important date. It marks another year of love, romance, and companionship, and it needs to be observed. Here are some unique and different types of ways of celebrating your anniversary.

Focus on a theme. If you both love a certain sports team, use the team’s colors in your gift wrapping or decorations, and get tickets to see them play if possible. If your first date was seeing a movie, work the movie into your celebration. You don’t even have to go quite this far—your theme could simply be something like your favorite colors. Just by adding a theme to your celebration, you can make the day feel a little more special and less of “oh, it’s just another anniversary dinner.”

Recreate your first anniversary, or your first date, or even your honeymoon. If you went to a certain restaurant, go back there, or recreate the meal at home. Take a weekend trip to where you spent your honeymoon if it’s possible, or just reenact your first date. You could even take some of the best parts of several dates and create the perfect date.

Of course, if you want to be traditional, you can do a little research and see what material goes with which anniversary. We all know silver goes with 25 and gold with 50, but did you know your 22nd anniversary is supposed to be celebrated with something copper? Or the 13th with lace? If you make it all the way to your 75th, you’re supposed to celebrate with a diamond set in a gold setting.

There are many more anniversary themes you can go with, and it’s all up to you. After all, it is your anniversary! If you were married near Halloween, you could have a costume party. If you were married on St. Patrick’s Day, go green. Whatever you do, make it personal. Celebrate the anniversary of your wedding in such a way that it makes both of you happy and reminds you of all the little reasons you got married in the first place.

Don’t Forget Anniversary Flowers!

Celebrating Life’s Milestones

Life has many different milestones.  Some are very personal, while others are seen as a rite of passage that almost everyone goes through.  No matter which type of milestone you’ve recently accomplished, it’s very important to celebrate them.  This gives us a sense of achievement and helps propel us on to reaching that next milestone.

Some milestones we achieve without really knowing it or remembering them.  These include things like our first steps and first word.  Thankfully, our parents almost always record these early milestones so we can look back on them later.

Learning to drive at sixteen is a large milestone for many people.  This rite of passage is one of the biggest signs that a teen is becoming an adult.  Registering to vote and then turning 21 are the other two major milestones that show a person is now ready to carry the responsibilities of an adult.

Graduation is another of life’s milestones.  Some schools have a number of different graduations: kindergarten, middle school, and high school.  Then there’s college graduation, and some people go into higher education programs and graduate again.  Graduations, especially high school and college, mark the ending of one chapter of our lives and the beginning of another.

The next milestone for many is to get married.  For some, women especially, their wedding is a huge event that they have been preparing for their entire life.  The dress, the cake, the decorations, the flowers…months are spent on ever little detail.  This achievement is shared with the entire family and many friends.  Of course, some people reach this milestone earlier in life than others, but that doesn’t really matter.  What matters is celebrating your commitment to someone you love.

Another major milestone for some people is having children.  The birth of a child, especially the first child, is a major life-changing event.  Your life will truly never be the same after having your first child.  While this milestone is celebrated at first with a baby shower, gifts, and flowers at the hospital, in a way you’ll celebrate it for the rest of your life.

Celebrating your anniversary, especially the first, tenth, twenty-fifth, and fiftieth, is a great milestone in your life.  Give your spouse a gift, go out to dinner, or spend the day doing something special for just the two of you.

There are many other personal milestones you might want to celebrate—getting a new job, getting a promotion, fulfilling one of your life-long goals—be sure to celebrate them in style.  Don’t let even the smallest milestone go by without at least acknowledging it in some way.

Celebrate your celebrations with flowers!

Anniversary Flowers
Birthday Flowers
New Baby Flowers
Wedding Flowers

Anniversary Date Ideas in the DC Metro

Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary

Is your anniversary coming up?  If it is, you’re probably looking for something special to do.  Here are some great anniversary date ideas for those of you in the DC metro.

Visit the National Zoo.  Admission is free, and it’s a great way to enjoy the nice spring weather.  There’s a lot to see, especially if you love animals.

Visit the Gardens.  Washington DC has many different gardens and parks.  If you love the outdoors, pack up a picnic and head outside for the afternoon.  You and your spouse can enjoy the good weather, the good food, and the good company.

You can also go canoeing or kayaking on the Potomac River.  If that’s a bit too much for you, rent a paddle boat and go out on the Tidal Basin. 

There are a number of different ice skating and roller skating rinks in the DC area.  This makes a great afternoon if you’re looking for an activity to do and it’s too warm to be outdoors.

If you love jazz, you might want to visit the Smithsonian on a Friday night.  That’s when their cafe features live jazz artists from the DC area.  You could spend the day checking out your favorite museum exhibits, then enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the café.

If you do love museums and historic sites, there are many of them around the DC area to visit.  Check out some of the great artwork, historical artifacts, and other exhibits.  There are even a number of smaller museums that offer a more intimate setting than the larger, more popular ones.

There are a number of free events during the summer that make fun a fun anniversary date.  Free concerts and movies take place throughout the area.

Of course, there are some traditional date places in DC as well.  There are a number of great restaurants that offer romantic settings.  If you’re planning on having dinner, be sure to make a reservation a week or so in advance, especially if you’re going out on the weekend. 

If you’re coming in from out of town, you should spend at least part of your anniversary trip seeing the famous sites.  It might not be the most romantic thing ever, but it can be a great way of spending some time with your loved one.

Choosing Flowers for the Occasion and the Recipient

It’s easy to choose flowers for any occasion or recipient.   We’ll give you a few simple tips.

Let’s start with the happy occasions.  Anniversaries, romantic expressions, birthdays, new babies, thank yous and just sharing your deepest emotions are good opportunities to reach out and celebrate!  Flower arrangments with these flowers alone or in combination and are perfect:

  • Roses
  • Lilies
  • Hydrangea
  • Tulips
  • Irises
  • Delphiniums
  • Daisies

For more solemn occasions, such as the sad parting of a loved one, the same flowers will work, but in different types of arrangements and in soft colors like yellow, red, pink, and pastels.

To choose flowers for your recipient, we suggest these easy guidelines:

Younger Women

  • Tulips
  • Daisies
  • Smaller, relaxed arrangements such as Pink n Playful
  • Colorful Lilies and Roses

Older Women

  • More sophisticated flower arrangements with long stem roses and asiatic lilies
  • Bold arrangements with tropical flowers
  • Modern arrangements with simple lines such as Blossoms of Joy

For Men

  • Arrangements with bold flowers
  • Tropical flowers
  • Florist designed gift baskets (Ask your florist to create a custom basket!)

Keep in mind what you know about the recipient, the colors they enjoy, and their personalities, whether more playful or more serious.

Express your emotions!


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Top 10 Life Milestones to Celebrate

Milestones are markers along life’s road that show us we are on the right path. Celebrating is the passionate applause for reaching those milestones. As friends and family, we encourage and celebrate life passages and send cards, money, gifts, and even throw parties. Celebrating can be ceremonious or festive and flowers are usually part of the event, right along with food and fun!

1. Living Another YearBirthdays are celebrated because we want to acknowledge that we have lived another year. We mark the anniversary of the beginning of a life. We are joyous. We give gifts. We have cake and ice cream. And we blow out the candles and make a wish.

Flowers for Birthdays:
Birthday Fireworks – Colorful flowers with a Mylar balloon.

Birthday Flowers
2. GraduatingWhether it’s high school or college, graduating is earned by hard work. We honor those who strive to make the most of their lives through education and gifts are usually generous for the graduate! We send cards with money, flowers, and gifts from the heart, congratulating the graduate and letting them know we beleive in them.

Flowers for Graduates:
Cotton Candy – A fluffy cloud of pink and white flowers. A sweet gift.

Graduation Flowers
3. Starting a CareerWe know the difference between a job and a career. A job pays the bills. A career has opportunities, benefits, and an available path in which to grow. We tell everyone we know when we land a position that fits our interests and talents. The excitement of better pay and a bigger office is too much to keep to ourselves! And we are given applause. Cards. Flowers & gift baskets.

A Gift Basket for a New Career:
Gourmet Goodies – Have this delivered to the new office. Great for first days at work!

New Career Gift Basket
4. Getting MarriedSearching for true love is a romantic dream most of us share. Once we have found that special person we want to live our lives with, we celebrate in grand fashion. Planning a wedding can spiral out of control and deplete our bank accounts but they are often the celebrations of a lifetime. We want our wedding day to be perfect – surrounded by loved ones and friends in a beautiful setting with a meaningful ceremony. And in the background are flowers, making a glorious statement. That this is a big milestone!

Flowers for Weddings:

Wedding Flowers
5. Celebrating an AnniversaryMarriage is an investment we make in hopes of creating a life together that will last. We celebrate each anniversary with appreciation and, hopefully, growing love and respect. Most women appreciate a night out along with a gift and a classic bouquet of roses.

Flowers for Anniversaries:
Two Dozen Red Roses – Or choose roses in her favorite color!

Two Dozen Anniversay Roses
Two Dozen Anniversay Roses
6. Having a ChildBringing a child into the world is not only a milestone, but a miracle. We want to share gifts for the new arrival and the mother to celebrate, to prepare and to welcome. Sending flowers to the hospital is an easy way to be among the first to congratulate!

New Baby Flowers:
Baby’s First Wagon – We have new baby girl and new baby boy versions.

New Baby Gift - Baby's First Red Wagon
New Baby Gift of Flowers
7. Getting a PromotionWorking hard and living the American Dream is what we do. And when we are recognized for our hard work, we deserve a celebration! Congratulations cards and flowers are less common for this life milestone, but doubly appreciated.

Flowers for a Promotion:
Optimism – Share a feeling of well-being.

Garden of Optimism
Garden of Optimism
8. Buying a HomeBuying a home is like putting down roots. You are part of a community, you know where you will raise your children, you know exactly where your furniture will fit. First priority after unpacking? Throwing a celebration party!

Housewarming Flowers:
Twilight flower Basket – Gentle flowers to warm the hearth.

Housewarming Flowers
Housewarming Flowers
9. Starting a BusinessTaking that risk, beleiving in ourselves and a dream, that’s something we admire. We applaud the entrepreneurial spirit. We offer positive words and then we hold our breath. Send a good luck wish!

Flowers for a New Business:
Zen Artistry – Elegant and Confident.

New Business Best Wishes
Bold & Confident
10. RetiringA life of hard work, a family grown, a retirement planned. Now is the time to follow dreams and live at your own pace. Celebrate with family and friends.

Flowers for the Retiree:
Manhattan Magic – Live the Dream

Congratualtions, Retiree!
Retirement Best Wishes

McCain, Obama & Anniversary Flowers

We know Barack chose white roses with babies’ breath for his and Michelle’s 16th wedding anniversay.   It was reported by the Chicago Sun!   And while we didn’t catch the scoop on the type of flowers John might have chosen for his and Cindy’s 28th anniversary, we dare to presume he may have sent her orchids…    

If you are looking for ideas for your own upcoming anniversary, here are some great suggestions:

Her Favorite Flowers – This is a great choice, but talk with your florist to make sure they are in season.  Not all flowers are stocked year-round.

Flowers in Her Favorite Color – Your florist can create a beautiful arrangement in shades of almost any color.

Roses –  Roses are anniversary favorites world-wide because they symbolize romantic love, celebration and high value.

Holland Arrangement – The best quality flowers come from Holland.  These are usually the preferred flowers for weddings, anniversaries and special events because of their color, texture and superior quality.

Exotic Flowers – For a bolder, more distinctive floral gift, you might consider a tropical design. 

MyFlorist has a unique selection of breathtaking anniversary arrangements.  Keep us in mind for your next anniversary! 

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