Best Gifts for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Congratulations or Any Reason At All


We’ve established that flowers are the best gift for any occasion, literally any occasion. You name any occasion and reason and we can show you how flowers are appropriate for it. Weddings, bereavement, new baby, not feeling well, she broke a nail, bad hair day, the wind blew west? all reasons to send flowers. Send flowers to congratulate, communicate your sentiments, show empathy, say you care, say thank you, passive aggressively say I love you but I am too cool to say it out loud. Any reason. Any reason AT ALL! You know why? Because, as we have have said many maaaaaany times before, flowers have ability to communicate in the purest clearest way and  put a smile on a person’s face and inject some happiness in someone’s day. It’s been proven in science. Would we lie to you?

So now that we all agree that flowers are the right way to go for any reason, let’s take a look at what kind of flowers are best for each occasion. First options, of course, is knowing what flowers they person loves and sending a beautifully designed arrangement of those flowers. This says that you know the person, you pay attention and you want them to have what they like the most. This is especially important in a romantic situation; if it’s a spouse or someone you’ve known for a long long time, it says a lot when you remember the small details. But we can’t always know what the other person likes or we want to change it up a little, So here are the best options for the most popular occasions:

HW0_453980For Anniversary

This is a romantic time where you remember and celebrate your union and a special milestone. It’s a big deal and should be celebrated.  Traditionally, roses are the romantic go to. Specifically red roses. But there are other options. The colors of romance are shades of red, purple, pinks and gold. The deeper the color the better. They show the hot flaming smoldering passion you feel for the person. So, if you want to change it up from the red-hot roses we suggest an arrangement of various flowers in those colors. If you want to keep it in the rose family then we suggest changing the colors. You can combine the hot pinks with the red or even add some Stargazer lilies to the mix to give an extra pizzaz.

For BirthdayHW0_541837

You are celebrating the day this person graced the face of the earth. It is a special day and needs to be celebrated with tons of flair and sparkly happiness. and the flowers you send need to have a touch of party,  a burst fireworks, a dust of glitter and a whole lot of “yay it’s your day!” in it. You can achieve that by choosing an arrangement with starburst colors of sunny yellows, royal purples, sky blues, hot pinks and other vibrant colors that adds a big ol’ ! to the day. And as a finishing touch add a pretty festive mylar balloon that will in fact announce that it is the birthday of the best human on earth!

HW0_472870New Baby

If you know the gender you can choose a color scheme to fit; blue for a boy and pink for a girl. But that isn’t necessarily a must. remember, the people enjoying the flowers are the parents and the people who will file in to take a look at the baby’s rosy cheeks. So the choice of colors you can choose have no limits. Happy yellows, lavender greens are all great choices. incorporate pretty bows and fun little keepsake containers for the flowers add a plush soft and cuddly stuffed animal and bam you got yourself a lovely fun arrangement fit for the little prince or princes and the proud parents.

For BereavementHW0_372998

This is a sad occasion and traditionally the flowers sent are in soft pastels, whites and creams. However, we have to remember that is also the celebration of a life. You are permitted to include some vibrant colors. Flowers send for bereavement are either sent for the viewing/service or to the family’s home or workplace. When sending to the viewing and/or service your traditional options are easel sprays wreaths or funeral baskets. But you also have the options of choosing arrangements in an array of colors arranged in a vase or a beautiful wicker basket designed in a way that the family can take home if they choose to. we give you this option because some arrangements, when don by the right florist, are so beautiful that a lot of people want to have the in their home but don’t because they are not in a leak proof container. And how weird is it to take a funeral wreath home even if the flowers are stunning. Another option is a lush dish garden or floor plant. this is perfect because it is something the family can keep in memory of the departed.

HW0_400720For Get Well

This is not an occasion to use muted colors. this an occasion for you to send a vase of sunshine and make some one feel at least marginally better. So whites and creams with mousey yellows is not what you want to go for. You want popping colors that “I know you are feeling eeky for here something to make you perky” . Go nuts with the colors! Oranges, blues, purples. reds, pinks, lilies, sunflowers, spider mums, orchids, happy gerbera daisies are all great options. Remember you are trying to lift their spirits not bore them to death. They are sick in bed, no need to add more pain with boring flowers and colors.


Hooray! You Made It!

GRADUATION BLOGThe season of caps and gowns, confetti and cheering crowds, loooong commencement speeches and equally loooong lines to get your diplomas and degrees (and if you are a lady: you’re probably wishing you opted for the flats instead of the heels). But all of that is worth it, because you have a heart swelling with pride for what you’ve accomplished. The long caffeine fueled nights of studying, the many jelly beans you ingested while you wrote your ‘ten page-double spaced-12pt Times Roman font-MLA or APA format-about a subject you could have written about in two pages’ paper, the many circles you’ve darkened with your #2 pencil, the blank spaces you filled in, and the many (B)s you circled in your multiple answer exams, were all for this moment. For the promise of a future that seems bright and full of possibilities.

You’ve carefully planned your outfit to make sure it looks good under your gown when you take your pictures with your family and friends holding a beautiful presentation bouquet of flowers they brought you or during those selfie sessions with your fellow graduates.

As you walk to your sit you wonder where your family and friends might be sitting. You look at the crowd to try to find a familiar face… you don’t, but you know they are there and that knowledge is good enough for now. You know they are sitting there beaming with pride for their bright and talented graduate. They too are trying to find you among all the cap and gown clad students marching to their seats,  as they hold a camera in one hand and the program in the other and their bouquet carefully hidden under their chair. Then, that moment when they call your name to hand you your diploma comes, all of a sudden you hear a section in the crowd bursts in cheers, whistles and claps and that make you smile. You almost know who the loudest one is and you recognize that whistle. There, among the crowd, is your support system that was there for you no matter what; encouraging you and comforting you during those “I don’t think I did well on that test” moments.

Yes, this is the season packed with promises and bittersweet feelings when you leave the friendships you’ve made to embark on a new unknown and exciting journey. We, at MyFlorist, would like to say, “CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve made it!” The future is brighter because of you.