Be A Gracious Guest



Gift of Roses


So you have your boss , your in-laws, your neighbors, you friends, your coworkers, your cousin, and that guy from college are all throwing a holiday party and you are invited. It’s exhausting just thinking about it. you have work, family and your own holiday get-together to think about, you can’t possibly RSVP yes to all. Some will get a no after careful deliberation on whose party is more important and which host has a thin skin and will get offended. But there are tactful ways of saying, “sorry but I am going to Beth’s party and so won’t be able to make yours”. Here is where a good florist will make you look like you are a Grade A kind of human.



Royal Holiday Centerpiece

Your presence can be felt at the party without actually being there. And you can do that by sending a token of your appreciation for the invite in a form of flowers, gift basket or plant. You can sent a holiday centerpiece for the table, a chocolate, cheese and wine basket for the host and guests to enjoy in your name, or a beautifully dresses up poinsettia to add that little something festive to the party. This will say that you, wonderful human that you are, respect the host, are gracious and appreciative of the invite and you know how to say I won’t be coming with a ton of class. Make sure to have your “Thank you for the invite” gift the day before the party or the day of not after. Unless of course you were planning on attending and just couldn’t muster the energy to change into your party frock and step our into the cool evening (we’ve all been there). In which case then make sure to send a beautiful festive flowers arrangement that says “Sorry I couldn’t make it”.



White Poinsettia

Now that’s we’ve covered the parties you will not be attending, let’s move on to the ones you will be. Rule numero uno: DO NOT GO EMPTY HANDED. A box of fruit cake is better than a hand full of empty air. But us being us, we have only the best suggestions for you. Of course we believe that flowers send the best message of holiday cheer. Although we know for certain are the best option, we know they are not the only option. A good bottle of wine, a cheese tray, freshly baked cookies, cakes and other yummy sugary baked goods are also good options to bring your host. Another alternative, especially if you have some dietary restrictions, you can opt to bring a dish of something you can partake from. You can’t dictate what the host prepares (unless your host if your BFF and will know that you have peanut, shellfish, gluten allergies and are lactose intolerant). therefore, by bringing your own dish of something, you can make sure you won’t be starving if there is nothing else for you to munch on.



Joy To Behold

Another way to make sure you are being gracious to your host is to help clean up. We’ve all hosted a party at some point, and we know that, no matter the size of the shindig, the clean up is quite possibly the worst part of the whole affair. Everyone is tired or went hard on the special eggnog and the prospect of having to pick up all the wine glasses or beer dixie cups and paper napkins and pie crumbs peppered all over the house can trigger a headache worse than the morning after your copious amount of wine ingested. So offer to go around with a trash bag and collect the discarded disposable plates and cups and whatever else the guests left. Trust us, this will get you HUGE brownie points and the honor of THE BEST GUEST EVER!


This holiday is not about what you get, but what you give. Even a moment of your time to help, to listen, to understand is all one needs. Offer that and have the satisfaction in your heart that will bring you unmentionable amount of joy. and have yourself a holiday season full of peace, love, laughter and the gift of giving.



Pregame Your Thanksgiving: Part Two


Fall Fantasia

Last week we talked about your pre plan for Thanksgiving. By now you know exactly what you want for your Thanksgiving celebration, the food you want to serve, how you want your house to look (the flowers, the table setting), how many guests you’ll have, and you are feeling confident that you have it all planned out. We’re proud of you.

This week is when you tighten up your list of all the things you need. Especially if (from your trial last week) you know what key ingredients you need for your special dish, or thought you had but didn’t, you know what works and what doesn’t and what needs to be changes. So now you have your final list and your opportunity to get most of what you need ready so that you’re not overwhelmed on cooking day.

If you are a “make everything from scratch” kind of person then this is your week to prepare all the time consuming items that you absolutely must have. You can make you pie crust, vegetable soups, cranberry sauce and gravy over the weekend and freeze it. Actually anything you can make ahead and you know will be good by Thanksgiving, make it and freeze it or store it. Buy all your ingredients except for the items that will go bad or won’t taste as fresh if not consumed soon like your green or fruit salads.


Graceful Glow

This week is also the best time for you to clean your house. Not that we are saying that you belong on an episode of Hoarders, but you are inviting guests to eat in your home. There is nothing as appetizing as eating in home where everything is disorganized or even dirty. Casts a shadow of doubt in the cleanliness of the food you are serving. So take your time to make sure the duts are off the shelves, the bathrooms are sparkling, and your kitchen is spotless. Make sure that pretty much all the rooms you know your guest will be in looks fresh and clean. This doesn’t mean that you have to redecorate and throw some fresh paint on your walls; just spruce up. Make sure to get some scented candles to burn on the morning of Thanksgiving so you can give your home that welcoming smell and mask some unsavory scents that come from cooking, we all know that some dishes taste fantastic but do not smell appetizing while cooking.


Fine Fall Roses

Make sure that the centerpiece you ordered is coming from a reputable florist. You don’t want to get to the big day and have a gaping hole on your dining room table where there should be colorful flowers. And if you’ve done your homework last week, and called a good flower shop (you know, like us) you will not have any doubts that you will have a gorgeous arrangement of fall flowers and colors to display and put an exclamation point on your whole table setting. Plus if you burn one of your dishes, you at least have beautiful flowers your guest can look at. Again, You’re Welcome!


When “Thank You” Is Not Enough…


Tropical Twirl

Sometimes, when someone does something truly spectacular that knocks our socks off, a simple “thank you” feels inadequate. Even an “OMG, Thank you so so so much!” is sometimes insufficient. At times, we are at a loss for word and we feel anything we could possibly say, wouldn’t fully express our gratefulness effectively. This is where we need to be creative and think of a way you make the person feel like s/he is just about the best thing that’s happened to you in a long time. It’s time to show her/him s/hes the cat’s meow, the bee’s knees, the cat’s pajamas, a peach, in short the awesomest thing since kale chips.


Gourmet, Fruit & Flower Basket

We’ve been taught to say please and thank you and it’s become part of our DNA. An automatic response to people when they do something for us like holds the door open for us, lets us pass first while driving, gives us a cup of coffee in the morning, hands us a news paper etc. “Thank you” “thanks” “‘preciate it”  or ‘thumbs up’; so simple that we don’t even think about them anymore. Let’s consider for a moment what we are thanking them for. Their simple acts of kindness makes a difference in our day. it may be something the person does without actually consciously thinking that s/he is doing something kind, it may be second nature, but when we do thank that person let the words be sincere. Let the person know that you are in fact thankful for the simple deed.


Dish Garden 14A with Fresh Cuts

And then there are those superhero size actions that have us collecting our jaws from the floor; we need an equally grand way of showing the person exactly how grateful we are. Granted that the person may not expect anything in return but we believe that EVERYONE wants to feel appreciated. It is our duty to  make that happen. Yes, we can dedicate prime real estate on our Facebook status and go into full detail with pictures and tags and gush about what s/he did for you so the whole world know what a great human being s/he is. That great but sometimes we just need to go a step above and beyond publicly singing praises.

Do something. Something that will say “The english language (or any other language) does not have enough superlatives to fully express exactly how much I appreciate what you did for me so I needed to show you”. Something less embarrassing than a singing telegram but more expressive than a post-it note with “thanks” on it…we, of course being a florist, think flowers are a great balance. And if the person is not a flowers person (no such thing) you can send a beautiful plant that says THANK YOU FOREVER or a delectable fruit and gourmet basket. Seriously….do it. Thank someone today.


The Heroes Behind The Curtain At Work


Rhodeo Drive

It’s natural that we recognize the people sitting in the big chairs behind the intimidating big tables with their names on the signature part of our paycheck. Yes they are hard working people and deserve all the recognition they get. However, have we stopped to think about the many many many administrative professional that work just as hard behind the scenes? the many bricks that make up the great wall? The ones that take care of the miniscule details to present the finish product. The ones that make sure the ‘i’s are doted and the ‘t’s are crossed. the ones that coming before the boss comes and leave after s/he leaves. the ones that keep the boss on schedule and make her or him look good. the real backbones of the company. Yes, the administrative assistants are usually the unsung heroes that, it you’re lucky enough to have chosen them right, will make you and your company a well oiled machine that runs properly towards prosperity.



This is why we believe that every year, we need to remind you to never ever forget your Admins. At the matter of fact we believe they should be thanked, appreciated, encouraged, rewarded for their hard work every day. However, as everything else, we had to have a week specifically intended to celebrate these magnificent people. We like reminding you of this day every chance we get, because, trust us, you don’t want to forget. We don’t want you to have an unappreciated or under appreciated Admin.


Nine to Five

There are many ways to make sure that you Admin’s thank you tank if full. Make sure that s/he knows that her or his great work has not gone unnoticed. Say a genuine “thank you” when s/he hands you a finished work that will make your work a thousand more easier. Every so often call her/him in your office to say that you are grateful and appreciative of the extra effort s/he puts in he/his work. Your admin may work hard simply because it is in her/his nature to work hard and go the extra mile and may not expect a “thank you” or even a recognition for the work, because s/he will do it because it is his/her job. But hearing that the boss has noticed his or her toil will give him/her the extra fuel to do even more.


Classic Fruit and Gourmet

So, we encourage you to go the extra mile this coming week to make sure that you admin know just how much you value his/her hard work. We can help you. If you are on a budget and you have a ton of admins you want to send a gift or flowers to? We’ve got you back. You have superduper admins that you know you couldn’t accomplish your daily task without their help? We know exactly what you should send.

Five Ways to Thank Someone TODAY


Pleased As Punch

Saying the words “thank you” is an excellent start. But words can feel inadequate sometimes. At time, only the words don’t seem enough to fully show our sentiments for the magnitude of what someone did for us. We want something solid and tangible to make up for the seemingly light words.


Flowers never fail. Sending a beautifully and professionally arranged bouquet of bright colored flowers will alway communicate your appreciation. Flowers have a very innocent way of expressing sentiments like no other. Trust us, we would know.


Around The World Gourmet

A basket of goodies. Delicious fresh fruits and delectable gourmet cheeses, chocolates, nuts and more displayed in a basket complete with a big bold bow will say “thank you” in the yummiest way. You can  include a bottle of wine or  of a bubbly too to class it up a bit (wink wink). This especially a great way to say thank you to a group of people, like to an office. Very shareable.

Take the person to lunch or dinner (choose the star of the restaurant in proportion to how grateful you are). This would be a gastronomically excellent way to say thank you to a person with finer taste of foo or a foodie.

Sent a potted plant. Live plants could be the most permanent way of saying thank you repeatedly. Weather it is a blooming plant or a green plant, the person will always remember your “thank you” every time s/he waters it or when the plant blooms or just looks at it. We recommend an orchid plant or a medley of lush green plants in a dish garden.


Dish Garden

Social network can assist in allowing you to say thank you publicly. you can show your friends and family and her/his friends and family just how great s/he is by detailing what s/he did and thanking her/him.


These are all great ways of showing a person that you are thankful now. and we can help you with 3 of the 5 ways. We’ve got the flowers, we have the basket full of yummy goodness, and we’ve got the plants. You want to say thank you today? We can make it happen for you TODAY.



Our Favorite “She-roes” Today


The International Women’s Day is upon us, although any day ending is a “y”is a good day to celebrate women, let’s sit back and think about the women today that influence our lives. The women that broke through barriers, those that make a difference in the world we live in and we aspire to be like and want our younger sisters, daughters, nieces, cousins and young women everywhere learn from.

Yes, there are the She-roes of the past that bulldozed through barricades to make way for us. We honor them, we celebrate them, we thank them. We wouldn’t be where we are now if it weren’t for their valor and their sacrifices. However, somehow, we fail to recognize the women of today that are paving brand new roads. In fact, instead of honoring them and thanking them we find faults. We call them bossy, cold, hard, unyielding, uncompromising. Simply because they refuse to mold themselves in what society consider to be an acceptable “woman”. And thank all that is good and holy for that!

Here are our favorite She-roes of the present:

Sheryl Sandberg, Author of “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead”, COO of Facebook, Co-Founder of Lean In, wife and mother. She teaches and inspires women, through her foundation and her work to not be afraid to become leaders in their community. She teaches women to free their mind and not become their own enemy and obstacle and  not to limit themselves. She encourages women to have the confidence to obtain their goals. she, along with her cofounders of Lean In, provides a network of support, lectures and a platform to share life lessons do others could bit from it.

Malala Yousafzai, the youngest Nobel Prize Winner among so many other awards and Female Education Activist and assassination survivor and she’s only 17. Imagine having so much conviction in what you believe in that you don’t back away from death threats thrown at you from every directions. and when that fateful day comes when someone decides to put the threats to action and you come forward and get shot and after surviving you to continue doing what you believe in. She IS She-ro. We all should aspire to have an ounce of courage to face our obstacles in the face and say “do your worst” and never sway from our beliefs. We too are Malala.

Oprah Winfrey. We really don’t need to say much here. But if we wanted to we could say things like one of the most influential women (black or white) in the world, Talk show host, media proprietor and a philanthropist with a heart of gold. She is the example that perseverance and hard work will turn a girl that came from nothing to an internationally recognized and respected billionaire.


Beautiful Whisper

Our last She-ro is Diana Nyad. She is an author and a motivational speaker among many things and the sextenarian that dared and succeeded to become the first person (man or woman) to swim from Cuba to Florida. Showing us all that anything is possible at any age with a spoonful of determination.

There are many many many women in the world and in our lives that we can look up to, that are heroes in their own way. the guide us, mentor us and teach us without even knowing. We at MyFlorist say thank you to all the women around the world. We honor you , we celebrate you. We invite you to celebrate the women in your life with us.


Things to be thankful for

myflorist_shareThanksgiving Day is upon us, and we have armed ourselves with elastic waist pants or moomoos and called dibs on the comfy chair we will have our turkey induced coma in while not watching football. Sometimes between stuffing the turkey and stuffing ourselves with turkey we forget it is thanks-giving day. Not that there is  only one day in the year we should list all the things we are thankful for but why not take advantage.


Merlot by Candlelight

There could be big things in our lives that we could be thankful for like our family (even if they are loopy) our friends, our health, our jobs. but lets not forget the small things that we take for granted. Here is our list:

  • Deodorants (Thank you Lord).
  • Hair conditioner (Anyone with unruly curly hair out there?).
  • Sporks (It’s a spoon AND a fork!).
  • Libraries (Lots and lots and lots and lots of books. ALL kinds of books. books with pictures, funny books, sad ones, serious ones, historical ones, old ones, new ones…).
  • Opposable thumbs (Go on, try not to use yours for  a day. Go on, we dare you. Good luck with texting).
  • Umbrellas.
  • Washing machines (Imagine what you would do, just imagine).
  • Air conditioner (DC summers without one? No thank you!).
  • Indoor plumbing (Enough said).
  • Q-tips (You can use them for so-many-things!).

At MyFlorist we are thankful for a lot of things. We are mostly thankful for our loyal customers that trust us with their gift needs. We are thankful for their recipients’ happy, excited, and surprised faces when they see our flowers. We are thankful that each and everyday when we turn off the lights we know we have worked hard to make you happy and content. What fills our hearts with untold gratitude is knowing that we get to do it all over again when we turn on the lights the next day. We are thankful for YOU.


Graceful Glow


A Meaningful Card Message

myflorist_bestwishesOne of the aspect of flower ordering that our customers get stuck on is deciding what they want to write on the message card. It is a very personal, emotional and meaningful part of the whole process and it is hard to express one’s sentiments in a few lines with a few words. Whatever the occasion may be, we want our gifts to express the meaning behind them. We understand how it could be difficult to put feeling in words especaily when we are not very “wordy”. We have found a fantastic website to help you: bestcardmessages

Here are some of our favorites:

For Anniversary:

  • “I’m even more in love with you than I was last year.
  • “Time is much sweeter when I spend it with you”
  • “Another year’s gone by, but I hope it’s still just the beginning for us”
  • Let’s not forget the funnies  “Hey, I didn’t forget our anniversary; I’m just early for next year’s anniversary”

Just make sure to include the occasion and what it means to you to celebrate a milestone with your love.

Fall in Love Roses

Fall in Love Roses

For Sympathy:

This is a tough one. There are many variable to consider. You may be writing the message on behalf of a company and your coworkers and you may have no connection with neither the bereaved nor the deceased or it could be a close friend or family.

Here are some guidelines to help you in choosing your words properly:

  • Don’t try to tell the person how he/she feels. For example, “I know you probably feel awful and mad at the world.”  It’s best to assume that you don’t know how the person feels.
  • Don’t write anything about your own problems.  If you lost someone once, you can mention something that helped you. Question the purpose of bringing up your own experiences in the sympathy message. Save stories for when you talk to the person.
  • Don’t ever bring up a debt or something that was borrowed of yours. If someone borrowed something or owes you money, be decent enough to wait a few weeks before asking for it from the family. Unless, of course, you think they are going to sell it or claim it as their own. Even then, consider thinking of the money or borrowed item as a sympathy gift.
  • Don’t include judgments from God such as, “It was his time to go, it’s all for the best, or he lived a good life and he’s in heaven.” You won’t know what is going through the surviving person’s mind, and you are not God.
  • Always stay positive. An untactful sympathy card message that is positive is better than a negative message that is eloquently written.
  • When in doubt, make your message shorter, not longer. The more you write, the more chance you have to offend someone. Brief is good. Stay to the point.
  • If you offer to help someone, knowing they will have a difficult time, tell the person how you want to help. This prevents the person from asking you to do something you don’ t actually want to do. Also, the likelihood that the person will actually call you for help is low, so tell when you will call them.


To say Thank You:

Make sure not to sound insincere or fail to demonstrate your gratitude properly.

Here are some of our favorites:

  • “Only someone who knows me well could choose a gift for me so well!”
  • “You are a blessing in my life. You are truly someone who stands by my side and helps me when I need help. I wish I could return the favor, but I don’t know how. Please accept my most deep and sincere gratitude.”
  • “How can I say thanks in a way that will express the gratitude I feel. How about a hug?”

The point is, regardless of the occasion, the message on the cards you attach to your gifts will make your gift even that much meaningful and will and should reflect what is in your heart.

When in doubt make sure to browse that link above and use it as a cheat sheet. And remember, it’s not about a lot of words; it’s about well chosen words that mirror your sentiments.


Flowers Say It Louder Than Words



There are things we want to say but never seem to muster the courage to actually say them. Clammy hands, rapid heartbeat, sweat brows, shaky legs, knotted tongue and dry mouth are a good indication that we just can’t do it. No matter the pep talk with give ourselves in front of the mirror, no matter how many time we rehearse the words, they.just.won’t.come.out. it is aggravating. We wish there were ways we could say them, without actually saying them. Well, there is a way. A very loud and clear way. The flower way.



You want to say I love you a bunch of red roses will say it with elegance. You want to say I’m sorry, well, depending on just how sorry you are you an choose from a small vase of flowers that say “Sorry, kinda” to a massive arrangement that say “Please please please let me get out of the dog house”. You want to say I am always thinking of you or thank you or get well, well there are flowers in all colors and sizes and shapes and quantities that will say that for you.

Ferlin Husky said it best in his song Flowers Speak Louder Than Words”

Flowers speak louder than words they say whether the red white or blue
Flowers speak louder than words they say that’s why I send them to you
I send a bouquet of flowers hoping that they touch your heart
Well the flowers speak louder than words my dear tell me what keeps us apart.

So you got something to say? Bring it, we’ll help you articulate.


10 Habits of a Great Teacher


Be Happy Bouquet

Standing in line at the check out of your local stores this time of the year, you find people with overflowing carts of “stuff” preparing for the upcoming school year. Pens in all colors of the rainbow, papers, markers, post-it notes, highlighters, pencils, tape, rulers, glue etc. Parents checking down a list of all the essentials and some not so very essential items that their child must have. Among those in line is also a teacher. Preparing for the year, buying all the things that his/her student will need to better learn and absorb all the new information he/she has for him.

Great teachers are prepared, passionate about their subject and know what a great responsibility it is to be in charge of a student’s education.

Here are 8 great suggestion that we found on that can help teachers develop good habits.

  1. Give Parents as many specifics as possible about their child to show them that the student is not just one of many but a unique individual.
  2. Write positive and/or encouraging comments on the student’s work; it is encouraging to the student.
  3. Provide time updates and information to the parents about their child’s progress especially when the student is struggling with a subject or otherwise.
  4. Invite parents to participate or volunteer in class or school activities.
  5. When planning an activity that requires funding from the parents, make sure to give the parents enough notice.
  6. When a student does something positive be sure to send the parents a note. Nothing will make a parent happy than to know their child is doing well.
  7. Don’t be afraid to go beyond the dictated curriculum. This will help the student become well rounded, imaginative and creative.
  8. Have clear roles and make the consequences of breaking those rules equally clear. This will help the student understand the wrong doing, and helps avoid conflict with the parent. Read more here 

And here are our two additional suggestions:

  1. Must love teaching, nothing discourages a student more than a teacher that is lackluster about his/her role in the student’s world.
  2. Understand that each child is filled with enormous potential and it is the teacher’s responsibility to help that potential blossom.

Parents, don’t forget to thank and appreciate your child’s teachers. They do more than what you could ever imagine. And, of course, flower bouquets and green plants for teacher are a delightful way to kick off the new year.