Why Did Yankee Doodle Call His Hat Macaroni?

Independence Day is one of the most cherished and time-honored holidays in the United States. This federal holiday is an annual celebration of American independence from the British Empire and is commonly associated with parades, picnics, carnivals, and concerts during the day – topped off with majestic fireworks displays after sunset.

The firework shows are traditionally set to patriotic anthems including Yankee Doodle – a well-known American song that predates the American Revolution. We all know the tune, even if we don’t understand the lyrics. Why did Yankee Doodle go to town? Why did he call his hat “macaroni” after sticking a feather in it? And most importantly, how do such seemingly-nonsensical words play such a prominent role in our nation’s history?

“Yankee Doodle went to town
A-riding on pony.
He stuck a feather in his cap
And called it Macaroni.”

Before we find out why Yankee Doodle called his hat “macaroni,” we should probably back up and find out what the term “Yankee Doodle” means.

The term “Yankee” itself has several interrelated meanings depending on the context, however, all of them refer to people from the United States. Outside of the U.S., the term is used to refer to any American – including Southerners. Within the United States, however, the term is a derisive one which refers to all Northerners – especially ones from the Union side of the American Civil War. Some people go a step further and only view New Englanders as true “Yankees.”

The first appearance of the term “doodle” can be traced back to the early 17th century and is thought to be derived from the Low Saxon word “dudel,” which means “playing music badly,” or “Dodel, meaning “simpleton” or “fool.”

What Does That Have to do with Macaroni?

Today when we think of macaroni, we typically start salivating for the nostalgically-delicious childhood meal made of noodles and a cheese-like substance eaten from a box, but the macaroni in this instance refers to a fashionable man from the mid-18th century who spoke and dressed in an outlandish and epicene manner.

America the Beautiful by MyFlorist.

But why macaroni? Because young upper-class British men returning from trips to Italy developed a taste for the pasta that was hardly known in England at the time and were said to belong to the Macaroni Club because of their insistence on referring to anything fashionable as “very macaroni.”

It’s all starting to come together now. When British surgeon Dr. Richard Shuckburgh penned the lyrics, he was mocking Yankees by insinuating that they were low-class simpletons who lacked masculinity – as if simply putting a feather in one’s cap would make him sophisticated and noble.

That sure doesn’t sound patriotic, but the Yankees soon turned the tables by embracing the song as an anthem of defiance. Americans subsequently went a step further by adding additional verses mocking the British and shortly thereafter, the song went from being an insult to a source of national pride.

That was more than 200 years ago, and the song still stands as one of our nation’s most beloved and patriotic tunes. In fact, President John F. Kennedy once bought a pony for his daughter Caroline – and called it Macaroni.

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Food, Drinks, Entertainment and Decor For A 4th of July Celebration


When planning a party or any kind of celebration, there are four elements that are a must: Food, Drinks Entertainment and Decor. And for the 4th of July celebration, when we get to celebrate the birthday of our country, it is important we do it with lots of pizzazz. It’s the country’s big day after all, so it’s a given that the theme is red, white and blue. Here are some of our fun ideas that can help you plan your celebration.


BBQ is the go to. It’s hot out, you want to soak up some vitamin D, you have the day off so it’s a perfect excuse to grill al fresco. Plus it a very easy and stress free way to feed your guests that will show up with their friends and their friend’s friends and their cousins, so a lot of people. But you might want your food to follow in the patriotic theme so there are fun of ideas to help you. You can incorporate fruits and vegetables and deserts for the reds whites and blue elements. You can make some fruit salad with strawberries blueberries watermelons and bananas and throw in some mint leaves because yum. if you are baking a cake the you can decorate it and use blueberries and bananas for the stars in the American Flags and white icing and strawberries arranged in lines for the stripes. You can also make red velvet cupcakes with white buttercream icing and plop a blueberry (or three) on top. For a healthier options you can make individual frappes in clear cups and layer with ripe strawberries or raspberries yogurt and of course blueberries. We’ve decided that blueberries should be the fruit of the day!


It’s hot outside so you will need to hydrate. Now, what you choose to hydrate with will depend on your age and choice of beverage. Fourth of July is usually a family holiday, so there most probably will be small children, teenagers and adults of a legal drinking age present, it’s, therefore, important that they can all enjoy themselves, responsibly. Here are some cool ideas you can use to incorporate the theme of the day into your drinks. Since it’s july and undoubtedly hot out it’s important you have ice. Ice doesn’t have to be boring cubes of just H2O. You can get creative. Cut cubes of watermelon and freeze them. YES! They  are juicy watery fruit so they are perfect for freezing and they will add flavor to your drink whether it is just water or otherwise AND they will not water down your drink (if you are not drinking water of course). you can make smoothies for the younger crowd. We suggest you blend the different color fruits separately and layer them so they can show the distinct color in the glass you pour them in. If you are serving the fruity deliciousness to an adult then you can pour in some adult liquor stick in an umbrella and tiny American flag, dip your feet in the kiddie pool sit back and enjoy. If you are mixing some cocktails then here are some drinks that will add color to your drinks: the blue Gatorade which is hydrating, refreshing, delicious, and blue, Hawaiian Punch for your red, and Pina Colada mix for your whites.



Well it’s a party after all, your guest have to enjoy themselves and a great way to do it is to plan games. you can buy red white and blue balloons to stay in them and play water balloons or balloon pop. Or play American history trivia, pictionary or charades (you’ve got to keep the kids brain working in the summer wink wink). Capture the flag with American flags is another good one. Baseball is after all THE American pastime, so you can’t go wrong there. Bocce is another game that is getting some serious popularity these days and a perfect outdoors game for all ages. All these are games that both the younger and older crowds can play and really enjoy.


We’ve touched on some things already, like little flags for your drink and the patriotic color balloons. But there are so many different ways you can liven up your place to really add some fun to your party. Of course flowers are number one. You can contact a knowledgeable florist and they will guide you through what would look great. And by “they” we mean “we”. There aren’t very many blue flowers and a  plethora of red and white ones. But there are many ways to incorporate the color while adding spark to an arrangement that would make them perfect for a party. Blue vases, blue ribbons or bows, stared confetti centerpieces and many more and be arranged together to give your party the oomph it deserves. You may think, “why would I get flowers to put outside to bake in the sun”, and you would be right to think it but remember your guests are not only outdoors. They will be congregating in your living room and your kitchen and will use your bathroom. Flowers will help you spread the festive decor you have outdoors merge seamlessly indoors and do it with class. And you get to enjoy the flowers long after the party is over, the last of the guest has been shoved out and  there aren’t’ any more hot dogs left. So Bonus!

We hope you have a fantastic holiday weekend celebrating the country’s birthday! Have fun and stay safe!

Fun Ways To Celebrate Your 4th Of July Weekend

HW0_474725You’ve done the fireworks at the National Mall, and the parades and the Capitol 4th Concert, and the long trips to the beach and the crowd and the endless walking in the sun and heat and you just want to do something different and fun this year; away from the large crowd that mill around our Nation’s capital. Well we have some ideas for you. You can bring all the fun out there, closer to home. You can get together with your friends and family and have a fun weekend.

First, compile a list of fun party music that you know you and your guest will enjoy and have fun to or find a pandora radio station that you know will deliver the good music. This will serve as a soundtrack to your party. Next plan several games that you can play outdoors and indoors that both the younger (if you know children will be there) and the older guests will enjoy and participate in. Our favorites and games everyone can participate in easily are cornhole, bocce, ring toss. If you want to bring some of the traditionally indoors games to the outdoors you can play twister on a larger scale in your lawn, or life size checkers, and giant janga. And to keep cool in the hot july day and especially fun for the kids and the young at heart are water balloons (or water guns) fights, dunk buckets, and water slides if your yard allows.HW0_430699

Make sure to keep yourself and your guests hydrated this holiday weekend; as you can see this summer is a scorcher. Water is essential not only to play in or with but to drink. And in the summer holidays ice is also essential to keep our drinks and ourselves from becoming too warm. For alternatives ideas for ice made of water, we suggest cubing some watermelons and freezing them. This way, your delicious drinks (for both the adults and the kids) won’t be too watered down with plain old ice. You can also try making frozen juice cubes. They are fun to look at and delicious. Just don’t forget to drink lots of water; like the flowers we work with, we humans need lot of H2O.

Food is also important. You will be burning a lot energy running around with all the fun activities, so you’ll need your fuel. You can BBQ some burgers, hotdogs and chicken (the usual suspects) or you can make it fun and interesting by adding items that you wouldn’t normally think of. Think BBQed pizza, kebabs, quesadillas, shrimps, instead of your usual chicken breast or legs try the wings. You can grill some fruits like Pineapples and peaches to make them sweeter for a healthy dessert or to add to your ice cream sundaes.

HW0_409541The important thing is to have fun this weekend. You are celebrating the Nation’s independence and freedom, so go ahead and freely laugh and enjoy one another. Explore new ways to celebrate each other and make lasting memories. It’s not about planning too much and working anxiously to have the perfect party. Rather, it’s to enjoy the day and everything it offers freely.

Happy 4th!!!!

Fourth of July Fun in DC

There’s nothing quite like celebrating the Fourth of July in Washington, DC.  Our nation’s capitol has some amazing fireworks displays over the different landmarks.  Imagine bursts of color behind the Washington Memorial, the Capitol Building’s dome, or reflected in the Reflecting Pool!

The Fourth of July is an all-day event in the city.  It starts with the America’s National Independence Day Parade that makes its way up Constitution Avenue.  It starts at Constitution and 7th at 11:45 am.  This parade includes marching bands, floats, and more.  Of course, if you want a good view, you’ll need to get there early.

Later in the evening, head down to the U.S. Capitol’s West Lawn for A Capitol Fourth.  This free event features 90 minutes of live music from the National Symphony Orchestra and more.  The gates open at 3:00 pm, but the concert doesn’t start until 8:00 pm.  The fireworks spectacular fired off from the National Mall will explode to the music, so you definitely want to see that.  Just be sure to get there early because it does fill up quickly.

The National Archives host a number of different events, including a “birthday” party for the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  They start their celebration at 10:00 a.m.  Events include a reading of the Declaration, appearances by the Founding Fathers, and more.  The National Museum of American History also features several exhibits related to the Fourth of July.

If you find the National Mall or the West Lawn too crowded, the Willard InterContinental Hotel offers another option.  They will once again be hosting their annual Fourth of July block party.  You can enjoy some amazing barbeque while listening to live music.  Reservations are required, though, so be sure to secure your spot early.

These are just a few of the amazing events going on in Washington, DC this year.  We hope you all have a safe and happy Fourth of July!

Don’t forget some amazing Fourth of July flowers for your table!