What We Can Learn From Our Grandparents




With age comes experience, With experience comes (hopefully) wisdom. SO it behoves us to learn and soak up everything we can from the sage elderly in our lives and community. Such people are our grandparents. No, they are not good only for candy, silly gifts for Christmas and our birthdays and for us to go when our parents are being “unreasonable” with their demands and unyielding to ours.

Our grandparents have lived. Anything that we could possibly go through in life, they’ve already gone through. Anything that we’ve shed tears for, any heart break, anything that prove to be difficult in life, they have lived and overcome. They know the way. they’ve been there, done that, bought the T-shirt (in some cases literally). Unless we are going through a time in our life that is brand new (no such thing), alien, unheard of and unseen before, then there is no need to re-invent the wheel. It benefits us to go to them and ask. We can learn so so so much.hw0_409541

Some of us lack the patience to sit down and listen to the stories the elderly tell, even if it is our own beloved Nana and Pop Pop. That is very unwise. That is golden knowledge that we cannot get from anyone else that we are ignoring. Wisdom that comes from experience is above and beyond knowledge that comes from simple observation and scholarly research. Now we are not saying that you shouldn’t educate yourself other ways, but why would you pass on free wisdom that comes from a person that’s live it? You need love advise? go to your grandparents. You will learn the dos and don’ts. You need financial advise? Yup, grandparents again. They’ve lived through many many many economic climate through the past years.

hw0_247259But you can’t just take take take all this knowledge and not give. Love them, care for them, visit them, hug them and kiss them. above all LISTEN to them; ven the silly stories and the long winded stories and the stories that really you have no interest in. They deserve it. AND celebrate them. in the grandest way you can. One way we can recommend it, Of course, FLOWERS

Learning From Our Grandparents

Gradparents' Day


With National Grandparents Day coming up this Sunday (September 8, 2013), grandparents are on our minds.  Our grandparents are special to us for many reasons.  They always seemed to have a treat on hand whenever we visited, and they often took us out on amazing adventures.  But while we may remember the trips to the zoo and the ice cream, we often forget that we’ve learned some valuable life lessons from our grandparents over the years.

Our grandparents have lived through a lot, and by listening to their stories, we can get an idea of just how easy we have it today.  While hearing the clichéd story of walking to school barefoot and uphill both ways may get a little boring, it’s important to realize that there’s more to the story than just the obvious.  These are the experiences that shaped our grandparents and made them who they are today.  Often, they didn’t have the luxury of being driven to the mall (or even have the luxury of a mall) every weekend.  They also did not have the screen time younger generations are accustomed to enjoying.  They had to invent their own ways of having fun, and they actually spent time outdoors, unlike many kids today.

After living through some hard times, our grandparents can teach us about being frugal and aware of how we spend our money.  While being green may seem like a new concept, our grandparents were reusing and recycling long before it was trendy.  Those who lived through the Great Depression, for example, know what it’s like to have to conserve resources.  During World War I and World War II, many things were unavailable due to the war efforts, rationing was common, and again our grandparents had to learn to do without or find alternate resources.  We can learn a lot from them about conservation and upcycling things.

Our grandparents also raised their own children and are wise enough to enjoy their grandchildren this time around.  Family is often the central focus of their lives, something we forget in our everyday living.

Often, grandparents are a major influence in our lives, and it’s important to remind them of just how special they are.  This Grandparents Day, be sure to show them just how great they are by sending them flowers, taking them out to lunch, calling them on the phone or just spending some time with them.