10 things that make Us Happy



Be Happy Bouquet

As the warm air is a thing of the past and the cooler days approach we try to find those things that give us comfort and happy feeling. Like PSL. But we do not have to look very far or spend a fortune to find them. why? Well for one, it is not difficult to fins small things that give use the warm and fuzzies or a small budget or for free and second, the simplest things are the ones that give the most. And we are here to guide you in the right direction.

  1. Warm/hot towel from the drier. Tell us that does not give you the warm and fuzzies. Very literally actually. Wrapping yourself with freshly washed warm codon goodness in a cool day ‘tis pretty much one of the best things in existence.
  2. while in the warm and fuzzy town, plush animals are one of the cutest things that can bring a happy smile to you face. Either getting one from a loved one of cuddling one that you already have and is full of loving memories
  3. while we are in the “animal” village, let us take a moment to appreciate all the happy heart palpitations we get when we see baby animals. puppies, kittens, lambs, chicks, baby monkeys actually any all animals bring us the “awwwww”s. “tis why we watch for ours videos of baby pandas on YouTube on bad days.
  4. And what do we send when someone is having a bad day? Flowers. you saw that coming, didn’t you? well, yes we are a florist and we would think that flowers will fix all ailments of the blues. But it is actually true. Flowers are certified joy bringers. there is actual certification after a grueling licensing exam that flowers must go through to be able to bring joy to people. those exams are given by tough and talented designers that go through each flower and make sure that they are worthy of you.


    Giggles and Smiles

  5. There are usually notes that go along with the flowers and they are our #5 happy feelings bringers (yes, that is a thing). Sweet messages, love notes, feelings poured in words bring us instantaneous happiness. But they also last a long time. We often go back to old postcards or text message and emails from family, significant others, children, and friends and read them to absorb and feel the same feelings they gave us when we first received them. They are a beautiful thing.
  6. Speaking of sweet notes, how about the sweet deliciousness of chocolate? There is comfort and decadence that comes from placing a delicious piece of chocolate in your mouth and letting it melt slowly as you savor the luxurious flavors and aroma. Yup, those cocoa beans back a ton of happiness friends.


    Golden Days

  7. A scenic ride in the car. sitting in the passenger seat with your case against the window and quietly watching the changing trees, fallen leaves on the ground pass. There is something serene and enjoyable about it. Living in the city can be especially tiring sometimes; it is important to get away for a few hours to absorb the calm and peace of the land beyond the hustle and bustle
  8. Those small things that brought us immeasurable enjoyment as children can bring us those same happy feelings. Like balloons. Remember when you were a child how much fun you had with balloons? How happy you were when they made you balloon animals or you were given one at the birthday party? the many hours you spent playing and chasing one? Believe it or not, balloons are full of happy airs (giggle). They symbolize cheery, festivities and happy occasions. Imagine how you would feel if you were to be give and bunch of balloons? Even their name is fun…thing about it BA-LLOONS
  9. Singing aloud. you cannot carry a note? it does not matter. turn your favorite music one and belt it out. sing it as loud as you can. close your eyes and just sing
  10. While you are at it do the 10th thing that will undoubtedly make you happy, DANCE. Dance around, jump around. No one care if you do not have rhythm. If someone cares, then that person does not matter. ENJOY YOURSELF.

Most importantly give to others all the things that make you happy. you find boundless happiness when you make others feel joy. That is a gift that keeps on giving.


Booh! Let’s Party!!!


HW0_434183 (1)

Spooky Sweet

So, here we are in the final days of October, also known as Halloween Week also known as the day everyone asks “What are you going to be for Halloween?” or “Are you going to a party?” week. For a florist, this is the day we ask ourselves: How can we make beautiful flowers look scary? This holiday allows us to stretch our imagination and come up with some of the coolest creations you could ever come up with gorgeous flowers. With the help of googly eyes, tiny pumpkins, curly willows and a can of black flower paint we can turn an unassuming innocent pretty arrangement into a halloween masterpiece.

HW0_316471 (1)

Witch’s Brew

You may be decorating your home with floating ghosts, spider webs, dangling skeletons and scary faced lanterns for your halloween party. But who said that you can’t class it up with a few flowers centerpieces. It’s true that halloween parties are not the kind of parties you plan to have flowers, and we are not saying you should, but there are ways to make your party different than the rest while maintaining the fun.  Imagine how the Addams Family would throw a dinner party. We all know that they are the epitome of class (in a spooky way). What would their decore look like? How would they set their table? What would their centerpieces look like?

HW0_316163 (1)

Wicked Bouquet

This the time to have fun with your imagination and step away from the “normal” of life, so why should you limit yourself to what is the “normal” for halloween parties?

So go for it, get creative, think outside of the box, call your florist! We’re armed with all kinds of fun goodies to add the BOO! in some BOOtiful flowers and the Spook in some Spooktacular arrangements.



Happy Halloween Y’all! Mwahahahaha!


Make Your Fall Bucket List




Golden Glow

Why is it that we don’t treat and love fall like we do the warmer months? Is it because it’s the naughty season that chased the warm weather away? Perhaps that’s true, but if we change our attitude about this actually wonderful season we may learn to love it. It is up to us to choose to not dislike it and we can do that by creating a bucket list of all the things that we can only do in the fall season.

Here are our favorites:

  1. Drinking PSLs of course is number one. That’s Pumpkins Spice latte for those of you not in the know.
  2. With fall comes football and with football comes tailgating. And this is perfect the time it’s still warm enough to do it without losing extremities and appendages.
  3. Get the awesomest and funkiest leggings and wear them with the cutest skirts while you can still show them off. No one cn see them under wool trousers.


    Picnic In The Park

  4. Apple picking. Duh. Then making fresh apple pies…yum.
  5. Play in a pile of crunchy fallen leaves. No other season that allows to be a kid again like this.
  6. Ahm…Hello good sir, is that a handlebar mustache you are sporting? Must be Movember. Facial hair is in now, and now you have another reason to get creative with your mustache…even a fu-manchu could be fun!
  7. You get to make a huge mess carving pumpkins. And remember scary, sad and happy faces are not the only things you can do…get really creative.
  8. Wear the cutest boots and booties and outfits. No snow and frigid temperature forcing you in ugly but warm boots and coat that best resemble dawn blankets. This is the time to stay warm WHILE looking stylish.


    Orchid Orchard

  9. Find the funnest and most creative Halloween costumes (pssst this year Halloween is on a Saturday…Score!).
  10. Send someone that’s having the gloomy day’s blues some gorgeous fall flower arrangement to lift their spirit. You want others to have the positive attitude you are having, don’t you? And don’t get it twisted, fall flower colors are actually gorgeous. They are like sweet dripping honey, sparkling rubies, and magical sunsets.

So there is our list, borrow ours or make your own, it doesn’t matter. Just make it fun. Remember you can’t change the season, but you can change how you feel about it. And we feel FANTASTIC! (ahm…that’s since we chose to adjust our sentiments for the season.)


Halloween In DC

HW0_434183 (1)

Spooky Sweet

Whether you are going out with your friends and family in a coordinated Halloween costume as one of the Ghost Busters (including slimer), or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Leonardo is the coolest!), or as the apple from the Fruit of The Loom quartet, or if you have chosen a costume only select few will understand like the Doppler Effect, Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory chose, we know you are planing to have a ton of fun. Our city offers many opportunities to show off your master creation with many events and parties.


Witch’s Brew

The spooky tours at Lafayette Square Park, the 90 minutes evening walks to find the spirits of our forefathers haunting the street of our city (creeepyyy) and the tours around some of the haunted bars in the city, with enough time to enjoy a drink at each location (ahem ahem), are some our favorite tours. You can also spend your evening at the National Zoo decked out in your spookiest, wildest, funest, coolest and funnies costumes and enjoy some of the most entertaining performances by palm readers, fire eaters, illusionist and more. The National Zoo will also hold an event where you can take the young ones for trick-or-treating (there are of forty treat stations!), and visit some of the most Halloween appropriate animals at the zoo, like the bats, owls, spiders and other creepy crawlies (shiver).


Wicked Bouquet

This is the time of the year that our usually calm and sober city, with mostly conservatively dressed young professionals breaks out into their colorful, creative, and outlandish costume and we love it. Being in the business of using our creativity, we love watching what others come up with. It’s a ton of fun. It is also a lot of fun coming up with spooky flower arrangements. Remember that, when decorating your home for the haunted house party you are hosting this year, there are a lot of creative ways you can incorporate flowers in your spooky imagination. Pop into your local florist and check out what they are doing. And if you do not possess that creative bone you need to recreate what they are doing, just have them do it and take it home.

Be safe, have fun, and pace yourself with the candy. BOO!

Halloween Fun in the DC Metro

halloween1Are you getting ready to celebrate Halloween in Washington DC?  There are a number of cool things to do and places to go!  Here are just a few of the awesome events going on in or around our nation’s capital this year.

Six Flags America in nearby Mitchellville, Maryland, is hosting its annual Fright Fest through October 27.  These family friendly activities include street entertainment, spooked-up rides, and a trick-or-treat trail.

Kings Dominion amusement park is holding its Halloween Haunt until the 27th as well.  There are mazes, six  scary zones, and much more.  It’s also family friendly.  During the day, there are even events for the little ones in the KidZville section.

There are many different pumpkin patches and festivals in the area.  There’s Butler’s Orchard, which offers a hayride, maze, and arts and crafts.  Then there’s the Homestead Farm, where you can venture through a hay maze and pick your own apples and pumpkins.  Gaver Pumpkin Patch has a corn maze and a petting zoo, plus giant slides and a pirate ship area.

Lafayette Square Park, the most haunted site in DC, features a two hour walking ghost tour.  It starts at 8:00 p.m. through mid-November.  Another ghost tour in Washington, DC, is Natalie Zanin’s Historic Strolls.  It’s offered on Fridays and Saturdays, plus on Halloween, and starts at 8:00 p.m.

Then there’s the National Building Museum Ghost Tour.  Guests on this tour will take a lantern-lit stroll through many great haunted buildings alongside costumed Civil War spirits.

The National Air and Space Museum will host Air & Scare at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center.  Indoor trick-or-treating, stories, face-painting, karaoke, and more will be offered on October 26th.

Fright at the Museum: Dead Men Walking will take place on all week.  The Crime Museum transforms into a haunted house full of the criminally insane!  It is, obviously, not for children or the faint of heart.  Note that there are varied entrance times, so be sure to purchase the ticket that corresponds to the time you want to go through the events.

Do you love scary movies?  Then you might want to check out Halloween on the Screen by the AFI Silver Theatre in nearby Silver Spring, MD.  They’ll be showing scary films through November 4 at various times, including Halloween.

While some neighborhoods encouraged kids to trick-or-treat over the weekend, some kids may be out on Halloween night.  If you want to encourage visitors, leave your porch light on.  If you’d rather not be bothered, especially during dinner time, you can put a Halloween-themed sign on your door saying you’re out of candy.

There are Halloween activities for adults, too.  If you’re over 21 and are looking for a good party, you won’t be disappointed.  However, before you go out partying, you should know that there are a few special Halloween laws in place in Washington, D.C.  A number of streets will be closed on Halloween, and there are some parking restrictions in place.  Also, unless you are taking part in a masquerade, anyone over the age of 16 is not permitted to wear a mask that conceals or covers any part of their face.  Instead, use non-toxic face paints.

Remember if you plan on drinking on Halloween to have a designated driver.  If you do not, you can call SoberRide, a free cab program, to get home.

If you’re decorating your home for Halloween, don’t forget a few spooky flowers!  We have some great Halloween bouquets in Washington, D.C.

Halloween Treats in DC

Halloween is this week!  Do you have any plans to attend any of the amazing events going on in Washington, DC?  If not, you can still go.  Most of them do not require tickets or reservations.  Some events are for the entire family, while others are aimed at adults only.  While a lot of events were held this past weekend (the 27th/28th), there are still a few planned for Halloween night itself.  Here are a few of the exciting and spooky events going on this year.

Fright at the Museum: Dead Men Walking is still going on Halloween night.  The Crime Museum transforms into a haunted house full of the criminally insane!  It is, obviously, not for children or the faint of heart.  Note that there are varied entrance times, so be sure to purchase the ticket that corresponds to the time you want to go through the events.

If you love zombies, The Warehouse: Project 4.1 is where you should go.  It’s open through November 3rd and features an incredible amount of zombies!  Tickets are $32, so it’s one of the more expensive Halloween experiences.

If you’d rather party the night away instead of being scared, there’s the Napoleon Bistro Halloween in Paris party.  Live music, a caricaturist, and a magician will entertain you while you enjoy dancing and drinks.  Tickets are $12.  The doors open at 8:00 p.m. on Halloween.  There are a number of other parties going on this week, too, including one at the Echostage (Tuesday) and Halloween at the Barcode (Wednesday).

Do you love scary movies?  Then you might want to check out Halloween on the Screen by the AFI Silver Theatre in nearby Silver Spring, MD.  They’ll be showing scary films through November 4.  Another fun option is to go to one of The Queen Vic’s dinner and a scary movie night.  These will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday from 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm.  The cost is $35 per person, but it includes your dinner and all you can drink zombie punch.

One event for kids that’s still going on is the Halloween Train at Montgomery Parks.  There are two different options: one is for children 8 and under, and it’s based at Cabin John Regional Park.  The other, for kids 8 and up, is held at Wheaton Regional Park.  The younger kids will enjoy the Eye Spy Halloween Train, while older children will hop aboard the Very Scary Haunted Train.  You can purchase tickets in advance through parkpass.org.

While some neighborhoods encouraged kids to trick-or-treat this weekend, some kids may be out on Halloween night.  If you want to encourage visitors, leave your porch light on.  If you’d rather not be bothered, especially during dinner time, you can put a Halloween-themed sign on your door saying you’re out of candy.

Don’t want to go out?  Well, bring a little bit of the spooky into your home with some of our Halloween flowers in Washington, DC.