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Swirling Beauty

There are many loves in this world. Love for animal, love for flowers, love for pet, love for spouses, love for parents, for friends, for material things, for deities… just many many many loves roaming around the air. But the love a mother has for her child is truly unique. It is special, pure, immeasurable and unconditional. A mother’s love is the kind that will envelop you and you will never forget. The older you get the more you understand just how strong and how awe inspiring it is. It’s a selfless love and a love that should be honored.

A mom would sacrifice EVERYTHING for her child. Literally, EVERYTHING, including her life is it mean her child could live. A mother forgets all the pain her child could cause her and continue to love him/her. Would turn heaven and earth to insure her child is happy. Will hide her tears and her pain to see her child smile. She is strong when we need her to be, soft, sensitive, firm, or compromising other times. she is our best friend, our sister, our advisor, the family lawyer (judge, jury and law too), the doctor, the nurse, the chauffeur, the teacher, the coach, the storyteller, the boogieman chaser an so so so much more all because she loves you. She loves without expecting anything in return, she loves not because it her duty but she can’t do anything but to love you without reason other than that you are child. But when you tell her you love her too she is the happiest woman that’s ever existed. her love is that great.

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Sweet As Sugar

So you tell us, this woman that infinitely loves you without conditions or expectations, doesn’t she deserve to be treated like the queen that she is at least one day of the year? We think we need to lay the whole world at our mother’s feet but that’s us. At the very least we need to lay the fruits of this world at her feet, you know like oranges bananas and ahm ahm FLOWERS. Like mother’s we believe flowers are wonderful just because they are not because they want to be told they are wonderful. the give us beauty and warm happy feeling just because they can and that is simply what they do much like mothers. They are pure and honest and are cheery when you need a lift, congratulatory when you need to celebrate, and calming when you feel anxious….you know who else does that? Moms, of course. So, we think, that it’s no surprise that the best gift for a mother, other than your love, is a bouquet of gorgeous flowers. And we have them for you.


The Best Songs About Moms


Our boss, lord and master of the best florist in town (in our humble opinion) always says around this time of the year: “everyone has a mother”. True, everyone does have a mother. She may be alive or has passed, we may never have known her, or we may have grown smothered with her love or we may have mother figures in many shapes and/or forms, but we all have a mother. Even musicians have mothers. Shocking, we know. But it’s true, they too have one and some of them have sung some of the most beautiful songs dedicated to their moms. Because a mother’s love does inspire some of the sweetest melody.


Today, we will share some of them with you. We had fun finding them for you.

Through our search for loving songs for Moms, we found that a number of rappers had rapped about their momas. It’s not something you’d expect. Even tough rappers do have soft moments where they let the love for their mothers shine and we thought it was sweet. Check out the rhymes Of Tupac in “Dear mama”, “Hey Mama” by Kanye West (yes, the self-loving rapper took a break from the self-love to love his mother), “Dance” by Naz, Snoop Dogg, or is it Snoop Lion now, well he said “Took me to school the first day , Taught me how to kneel down and pray , You learned (poetic licence) me how to count from one to ten , And never forget, where I’ve been, momma” in his “I love My Momma” rap song and Talib Kweli put together some of the sweetest lyrics about his mother in  “Momma Can You Hear Me”.


The tough and rough artist of hard rock, rock and roll, and punk rock also penned some sweet mother’s love lyrics. Singers like Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Lucero, Elvis Presley and The Beatles have sung to show their love to their mothers. With lyrics like “Mama, she has taught me well, told me when I was young, ‘Son, your life’s an open book, Don’t close it ‘fore it’s done” by Metallica and “Seashell eyes, windy smile calls me, So I sing the song of love” By The Beatles, what mother’s heart wouldn’t melt into a puddle of goo.

R&B singers are known for their special way of making people get into their feelings. So imagine what we would feel when they sing lovely songs for their Moms. When the Boys II Men said “There was so many times, looking back when I was so afraid, and then you come to me and say to me, I can face anything” in their song “A Song for Mama” in their soulful voices and when R. Kelly said “I just can’t forget how you gave me love, oh no, if there’s a heaven up above, know she’s teaching angels how to love” in his song “Sadie” we felt all the feelings and so did all the mothers around the world.


Even Justin Bieber made Beliebers out of mothers with his song “Turn to You” when he said “So when you’re lost and you’re tired, when you’re broken in two, let my love take you higher, Because I still turn to you” Other pop singers brought the fun in the mom-love too like The Spice Girls and the Backstreet boys.

So whatever genre of music you are into there is a song that will speak to that part of your heart that holds your mom. They are beautiful songs and they are pure and honest. Just like your mom’s love for you. And we leave you with one last song by The intruders “I’ll Always Love My Momma, She’s My Favorite Girl!”



Best TV Moms


Make Her Day

We’ve all sat in our comfortable sofas or sprawled on the floor and watched the funny, loving, smart (sometimes not very), crazy mothers of the TV world. Sometimes, we wished our mothers were like ones of the cool moms of our favorite shows and sometime we thank the good Lord that our mothers are nothing like the ones in the box and sometimes we laugh the hardest because we relate to kids on the show because our mothers do the same things.

Like in real life, TV moms come in all shapes, sizes and characters. We have the helicopter moms like Beverly Goldberg played by Wendi McLendon-Covey from “The Goldbergs”, and the mother who believes…err-knows her children could do no wrong and are just about the best “schmoopies” ever like Beverly Goldberg or the mom that will keep each and every item her child ever created like Beverly Goldberg…yes we do love the super loving, super smothering TV mom.


Celebrate Mom

Some moms are animated, some in character and some are actually, literally animated like our Lois Griffin and Marge Simpson. These two moms are the glue that hold their family together because, if it were left to their goofy husbands, their families would cause unimaginable destruction.

And then, there are the mothers that seem to have it all together like Claire Dunphy in Modern family played by Julie Bowen, but in reality really don’t. You see them lose their cool like many of our mothers do trying to bounce between being a mom, a friend and a sister to their child. And there is the ultimate cool mom Claire Huxtable whose children fear, respect and love. She’s the mom that has it all under control: the career, the parenting of five very different children, the being a wonderful wife, and a great friend (only on TV do these things happen so don’t feel bad).


Pure Elegance

And then we have our funny moms like Rosanne on Rosanne as Rosanne and Reba on Reba as Reba (yes, that was fun!). These two were very relatable TV moms that made us laugh and cry (sometimes both at the same time) and we got to love and enjoy for years.

Of course there are the Marie Barone of “Everyone Loves Raymond”, Betty Drapers of “Mad Men”, Endora from “Bewitched” and Peggy Bundy of “married with children” that make us understand that we are truly blessed to have our real life mother. And for Mother’s Day we know we have to thank our wonderful mothers for being the best mother they knew how to be. They loved us, cared for us, nurtured us, educated us, disciplined us, and watched us proudly as we grew up to become the men and women we are today. We cannot thank them enough for their selfless love and we know they deserve the world. We can’t help you give them the world but we can help you make their day super special with our customer designed flower arrangements created with moms in mind.

The Many Mothers In Our Lives

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It’s true that mothers wear many hats. They are the teachers, the doctors and nurses, the confidants, the cooks and nutritionists, the cleaning ladies and launderers, the chauffeurs, the cheerleaders, the personal trainers, … the list goes on and on. But, how about the many women in our lives that wear the mother hat?

Here are those that fall under the “mother” umbrella: the mother that gave birth to us, the mom that adopted us, the mother-in-law, the aunties, the older sisters the older cousins, the grandmothers, the God mothers, our mother’s best friend, out best friend’s mother, … this list goes on too.

We mustn’t forget these wonderful, beautiful, smart women this Mother’s Day. They loved us, cared for and about us, and bought us candy and toys when dad wasn’t looking. Make sure to send them cards, take them  out to lunch or dinner, have a long conversation, run errands for them, send them text messages (yes your grandma knows how to text too), and most importantly, send them flowers. We don’t say that just because we are in the flower industry (ok…fine maybe just a little) but because flowers will say more to them than you could without choking on tears. They will tell them that you love them and appreciate them and only the most beautiful creation on earth compares to their wonderful spirits. You can choose the most elaborate design to a simple bouquet. We also strongly believe flowers are an easy and sure way to becoming your mother’s favorite.

The important thing is that you recognize all the “mothers” you have in your life this holiday. Those that nurtured you and were there to love you unconditionally should never spend the day unappreciated or forgotten.

Mother’s Day Movies You Can Watch with Mom

myflorist_mammamiaWhat are you doing for Mother’s Day this year?  Some people like to take their mom out for a big celebration, but some families like to keep it more low-key.  Some moms just want to relax on Mother’s Day with their family.  If you’re planning a quiet Mother’s Day, how about watching one of these great movies together?

Terms of Endearment – A great movie featuring a mother and daughter played by Shirley MacLaine and Debra Winger.

Stop!  Or My Mom Will Shoot – If you want a comedy, this 1992 film featuring a detective’s mother may not be the best movie ever, but it’s certainly good enough to keep you laughing for an hour.

Erin Brockovich – This film about a single mom (Julia Roberts) blowing the whistle on a California power company won a number of awards when it was released in 2000.

Hairspray – Both the original and more recent movie versions of this musical feature some great singing from Tracey Turnblad and her mother Edna (who is played by a man in both versions).

Mamma Mia! – Another great musical that revolves around the mother and daughter pair of Donna (Meryl Streep) and Sophie (Amanda Seyfried).

Freaky Friday – Another movie with several different remakes, this film features a mom and daughter who switch bodies and then have to deal with each other’s daily routines.

Of course, if your mom has a favorite movie, you might want to watch it with her, even if it doesn’t have anything to do with mothers and daughters.  It’s her special day, so let her decide!  Just don’t forget to give her a beautiful bouquet of Mother’s Day flowers delivered in Washington DC.

Ten Ways to Spoil Mom

Looking for a way of making mom feel incredibly special this Mother’s Day?  Here are ten different ways you can spoil mom on Sunday the 13th.

1.    Take her out to her favorite restaurant for lunch and make sure she gets a great dessert.

2.    Send her an amazing bouquet of flowers!

3.    Get the entire family together to visit and reminisce about old times.

4.    Take mom to a concert.

5.    Plan out an entire day or afternoon with mom doing your favorite activities together.

6.    Get mom an appointment at a spa for a massage, facial, mani/pedi, etc.

7.    Cook all of mom’s favorite foods for Mother’s Day lunch.

8.    Get the family together and treat mom to a day off.  Clean her house, cook for her, and do all those little chores she hates.

9.    Create something for mom.  Write her a poem, sing her a song, paint something for her, etc.

10.    Do something different this year.  Surprise mom by breaking with tradition and doing something new for Mother’s Day!

Don’t forget to order your Mother’s Day flowers in McLean, VA!

Fun Ideas for Mother’s Day 2012 in the DC Metro

Looking for some “outside the box” fun with Mom this year?  Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Sailing Picnic & Afternoon Aboard the American Spirit Schooner
Saturday, May 12, 2012
12:30 pm – 3:30pm

Enjoy the perfect pleasant afternoon sailing on the Potomac with a tasty picnic, beautiful scenery and new friends! This Saturday afternoon,  climb aboard for a three hour adventure aboard the American Spirit as it sails along the Potomac. Private captain and crew.  Those interested can help hoist and man the sails, while others can feel free to leave their troubles behind on the dock while we take over.

They provide light picnic food (feel free to supplement). Alcohol is also permitted (BYOB) but you must be 21.  Space is very limited.

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Tarzan Training 101: Zip Lining and Other Swinging Adventures from Tree Tops
Sunday May 13, 2012
11:45 am – 2:30pm
Rockville, MD

A highly interactive tree-top adventure!  After a 30-minute training session, participants will be equipped with harnesses, pulleys and carabiners and turned loose into the forest canopy 40 feet above the ground.  Spanning across 6 acres, the course features various obstacles including 5 zip  lines, Tarzan swings, rope ladders, bridges and trapezes.

The course takes 2-3 hours to complete and caters to all skill levels. (This event is ideal for anyone who is looking for a fun and exciting outdoor adventure.)

Includes a pizza picnic and soda.

Suggested Attire: Casual. All participants must wear closed toe shoes

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Chocolate Making and Tasting Workshop 101 with Factory Tour
Sunday, May 13, 2012
12:00 pm – 2:30 pm

Chocolate Making 101 class: Spend 2-1/2 hours learning and practicing chocolate crystallization techniques. You’ll start
with an in-depth factory tour where you will experience the chocolate making process from cocoa bean to chocolate, create basic chocolate Ganache filling, and learn to create truffles by Head Chocolatier – Crisoire Reid


20 minutes: (Factory Tour)

Students will take a 20min. comprehensive tour of “The Truffle Factory” gaining an
understanding of the origin of Spagnvola cacao from “cultivation to confection”
our strategic farm-design in Hato Mayor Del Rey in the Dominican Republic and
why we believe it leads to our chocolate flavors being unmatched anywhere else.
In conclusion, a sneak peek of our beginning stages of our Signature
chocolate recipe with a palate pleasing tasting.

20 minutes: (Tempering Chocolate)

Upon completion of the factory tour, students will begin understanding the difference between crystallized chocolate and non-crystallized chocolates.

1-1/2 hour: (Making Chocolate Ganache)

As a group, students will then begin creating a chocolate Ganache from scratch, utilizing either Spagnvola Signature 62% Semi
–Sweet or 54% Milk chocolate. Shortly thereafter students will use the Ganache to make truffles.

20 minutes (Palate Extravaganza!!! Tasting)

You’ve earned it!

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Mother’s Day at Mount Vernon

Join the “Mother of Our Country,” Martha Washington, and her granddaughter “Nelly” as they celebrate Mother’s weekend with visitors at George Washington’s Estate. Take the whole family and explore the beautiful mansion, the gardens and the grounds. The Mount Vernon Inn also serves a special buffet on Sunday (reservations are required).

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Remember to think outside the box and send florist-delivered flowers for Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is Sunday. Plan Now to Be Her Favorite

Mother’s Day is less than a week away now!  Are you ready?  If you haven’t made your plans yet, it’s not too late, but you should do it soon.  If you plan everything right, you’ll find yourself winning the coveted spot of mom’s favorite (yeah, moms do have favorites, despite what they say!).

So what do you need to do to make Mother’s Day amazing?  Here’s a list of things you need to do before this Sunday.

-Order flowers.  This is one of the important things to get done soon because flowers usually aren’t delivered on Sunday.  Also, Mother’s Day arrangements are very popular, and there’s a chance some will sell out.  Order soon to make sure you get the arrangements and flowers you want.

-Make your lunch/dinner reservations.  Restaurants fill up very quickly, especially the ones offering special Mother’s Day menus.  If you’re not hosting lunch or dinner, better get your reservations in soon so you can treat Mom to her favorite restaurant.

-Buy your Mom a gift.  Some families don’t go in for big, expensive gifts, but you should get your mom something.  It doesn’t have to be anything expensive.  It is the thought that counts, and mom will realize this.

-Don’t forget the card.  Be sure to add a great Mother’s Day card to your flower arrangement or gift.

-Make sure Mom and your family know what’s going on.  Once you’ve got all your plans made, be sure to let everyone know what those plans are as soon as possible.

Let us help you with your flowers!  Order Mother’s Day flowers in McLean, VA, today to make sure you get the arrangement you want.

Top Ten Signs That You Have the Best Mom

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 13th.  Now’s the time to start finding the perfect gift and planning the best lunch or dinner for mom.  We all have great moms, but is yours the best?  Here are the top ten signs that you’ve got the best mom out there.

1.    Mom has been there whenever you’ve needed help, no matter what the cause.

2.    Mom taught you how cook some of her famous family secret recipes.

3.    When you did something wrong, mom was fair but never judgmental.  She never called you stupid for doing something that was, well, pretty stupid in hindsight.

4.    Mom was always there with a band aid and a kiss to make it all better when you crashed your bike.

5.    While you probably didn’t always get every toy you wanted, most moms did spoil their kids every now and then.  Did mom ever give you that one awesome toy you wanted more than anything?

6.    How many times did mom let your friends come over, hang out all day, and even stay for dinner?  If mom didn’t mind hosting all your friends, she’s pretty cool.

7.    When you needed to get to band practice, a sporting event, or even an after-school party, who did you turn to for a ride?  Mom!  If she always make time in her schedule, she’s the best.

8.    Even if you weren’t always happy with her, in retrospect, if you see that mom always had your best interests at heart, she’s definitely a great woman.

9.    Mom allowed you to grow up.  Some mothers treat their teens and young adults as children, but that never goes well.  As we grew up, the best moms grew up with us and started treating us as independent adults.

10.    Finally, the final sign that you have the best mom: she’s loved you unconditionally from the moment you were born.

Show your mom how much she means to you by sending her Mother’s Day flowers in McLean, VA.