Food, Drinks And Decor For A St. Patrick’s Day Party

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Top of the morning (afternoon or evening) to ya!

It’s upon us! What is? St Patty’s Day!!!! In just one week we will be elbow deep in green beer, pots of gold, leprechaun and green beads. And will love every bit of it. Some may  be in bars, restaurants and lounges partaking in the festivities. And some others will be throwing parties pf their own in their homes. We, heroes that we are, come to assist the party throwers with some fun St. Patrick’s Day themed food, drinks and decor ideas. You, my lovelies lads and lasses, are welcome!


Brightly Blooming


Ok, the theme is green, and we really don’t associate a lot of green food with party food, because you don’t normally eat a bowl of salad at a happening party…you just don’t. So what do we do? We get creative.

  • First we’ll start with a simple party food classic: Chips and dip. You may have noticed all the fancy chips in the supermarkets all in various colors, get the green ones (we promise they are delicious) and for dip, obviously, some guacamoleeeee.
  • Next up, some deviled eggs. Yes, yes, we know, nothing green there, BUT you can make it green. Two ways you can you can use blue (because yolk is yellow and blue and yellow make green) or green food dye when you are mixing your yolk OR if you want the healthier option include some puree spinach or some chlorella powder with the yolk. Yup, healthy and yummy.
  • Of Course, we can’t forget the corn beef and cabbage. You would ask how can that be party food? And we would say: You MAKE it a party food by arranging in small bites. How? Take small Romaine lettuce leaves and spoon some cabbage and some corn beef  bites onto them. Romaine leaves make perfect edible spoons.
  • Potatoes are another Irish staple that you can incorporate. Small yummy potato pancakes or boxty are perfect to soak up all that St Patty’s Day drinks you will be drinking. Click here for more food ideas and recipes.



Leprechaun Magic

No party is a party without delicious drinks. And St. Patrick’s day party is THE party that dictates there should be plenty of drinks that of the green variety. Such fun!

  • Beer! Duh, right? Well there are many options. First of you MUST have Guinness. You can’t not have Guinness. It’s the law. Green beer? Well of course! Arm yourself with light colored beer and some food coloring (the ones from the deviled eggs). You’ll just a small drop and BAM you have some green beer.
  • Stock up on Irish whiskey like Jamieson or Midleton or Pady. If you are going to have some adult drinks, you better have some whiskey.
  • Appletinis! They are delicious, they are green, they are perfect party drinks. “Nuff said.
  • Chocolate martinis are another great options. No they are not green but you can make them with Baileys Irish Cream and stay with the Irish theme. And they are yummy so it’s a win win.



Basket Full Of Wishes

This is where you get to make sure that everyone that walks through your doors KNOWS that this party is a St. Patrick’s Day party. You can be as classy or as ostentatious as you want to be, or both, it’s you party you do what you want.

  • Flowers. We would be doing a disservice to you and to ourselves if we didn’t suggest flowers. They are after all the ultimate decorating tool. If you want to class up the joint with some items that take away from the leprechaun hats you are passing around your guests, we recommend a beautifully arranged bouquet of flowers. We can even make it all green with green hydrangeas, spider mums, athos, cymbidium orchids, carnations, trick dianthus, cremones, bluperums, cremones, hanging amaranthus, bells of ireland and beautiful fragrant seeded and baby eucalyptus to tie it all together. And then you can throw in some yellow flowers for the gold (in the pot) with yellow lilies, button mums, roses, tulips and snapdragons. Of course to have that pot of gold you have to have the rainbow and you can have a bouquet of an array of colors arranged elegantly to guide your guest to the prize.
  • Make sure you stock up on green beads to drape around your guests neck, leprechaun hats for their heads, and Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Balls wrapped in gold foil for the gold element of the holiday. Make sure you have green paper plates, cups, utensils to tie in the theme, some three-leaf clover confetti and some St patty’s Day themed props on a stick to you for that photo booth you’ll have (we want to see your pictures). And the best part is that all this can be used as party favors the guest can take home with them as a reminder of the awesome host and party thrower you are. You are so welcome! And right now, we so want to come to your party!

Now that you are armed with all the best suggestions for a fun party we want to say, drink responsibly, make sure your Uber and Lyft app is on your phone (DO NOT DRIVE) and may the luck of the Irish be with you!

Spring Forward For Spring


Divine Spring

As we wake up an hour earlier that we’ve been waking up for the past few months, take our first shot of strong coffee/tea/very “appetizing looking green smoothie” we know that Spring is knocking at the door. Even as we rub the crust off our eyes and grunt at the totally unacceptable time to roll out of bed we are happy to know that soon the sun will shine bright, the air will be warmer, the birds will sing, the sky will be blue, the flowers will bloom, the trees will be green and we will feel a LOT lighter sans the fourteen layers of “stuff” we’ve been putting on.

All of the sudden life  feels promising and positive, and all because of the promise of spring is around the corner. We, at MyFlorist are ticked with that prospect too. That whole “flowers blooming in the spring” thing makes us do a jig. Flowers is what we’re about. And the fact that we will get to “play” with so many pretty spring flowers is what we look forward to all year long.



Spring Serenade

It’s true that it rains a lot in spring, and that’s ok. Because it will clean all the snow that winter blessed us with in the tail end of the season. And with lots of rain come lots of green grass and foliage. It’s a rebirth where earth blossoms in its full glory. The happy birds that relocated in the southern warmer regions, fly back and we get to enjoy their happy chirps. The cherry blossom trees in our Nation’s Capital make us feel like we are strolling through the parks in the far east or in a fairy land where everything is just perfect. Seriously, if you haven’t visited, you simply must. It’s the absolute exclamation point of this wonderful season! And the National Mall is at its greenest; your could almost hear the grass cheering with glee.



Your Sweet Smile

Speaking of green, this season comes with an opportunity for us to welcome it with a grand celebration. We call that opportunity St. Patrick Day. So, we welcome you to join us in ushering in the new “green” season! Speaking everything green – from green smoothies to green flower arrangements to green beads – lets talk about our green earth. As we see the seasons change and we enjoy what our earth gives us, let us think about what we can give the earth. Let’s start with our respect and let us all do our part.

Yay for Spring!!!

St. Patrick’s Day Stories to Share

StPatricksDayHappySt. Patrick’s Day is almost here!  If you’re already got your green clothing out and ready to wear and your party activities planned, you may be done.  But why not read a few interesting stories about the holiday to really get in the mood?  Here are a few cool St. Patrick’s Day stories.

Did you know that the wearing of the green was originally the wearing of the blue?  St. Patrick often wore blue, but over the years, green slowly took over.  This was partially due to the fact that shamrocks were associated with St. Patrick.  He used the three-leaved clover to explain the Holy Trinity.  Because these plants are green, that’s the color that eventually became associated with St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick didn’t set out to convert the heathens of Ireland to Christianity.  In fact, he wasn’t very religious at all.  His father was a deacon, but there’s evidence to suggest he only took the post because he wanted the tax incentives.  However, St. Patrick was abducted by Irish raiders when he was 16, and he spent six years as a slave in Ireland.  He took comfort in Christianity during this time, and after he escaped, he continued to be a very devout Christian.  He took haven in Britain, studied to become a priest, and then returned to Ireland with the plan of converting the Irish.

Speaking of stories that aren’t completely true, Patrick didn’t actually introduce Christianity to Ireland.  There were already Christians living there when he returned.  One of his missions, in fact, was to minister to them while converting others to the religion.

A St. Patrick’s Day parade wasn’t held in Ireland until 1931, almost 200 years after the first major public St. Patrick’s Day celebration!  This celebration was held by Irish immigrants in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1737.

How will you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?  Maybe with some beautiful St. Patrick’s Day flowers in Washington, D.C.?

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at Home

myflorist-stpatSt. Patrick’s Day is the 17th, this coming Sunday.  Are you going to celebrate?  A lot of people hit the town to enjoy a drink or two, but you don’t have to go out for St. Patrick’s.  In fact, if you don’t like crowds, you might want to stay home and celebrate in your own way.

How?  Well, you can wear green, for a start.  That’s probably the most well-known tradition associated with St. Patrick’s Day.  You can also decorate with green decorations, shamrocks, and other items like leprechauns and pots of gold.

Eating and drinking green items is another tradition.  Many bars tint their beer green for the day, which you can do with some food coloring.  You can also mix it in with scrambled eggs to create a dish of green eggs and ham.  If you want to be very traditional, you can prepare cabbage and corned beef.

Need an activity?  There are a number of different sports events held on St. Patrick’s Day.  Kick back and watch one if you love sports.  If not, you can watch just about anything.  Maybe the horror movie Leprechaun?

Need some help with your decorations?  We’ve got some great St. Patrick’s Day flowers in Washington DC.