10 things that make Us Happy



Be Happy Bouquet

As the warm air is a thing of the past and the cooler days approach we try to find those things that give us comfort and happy feeling. Like PSL. But we do not have to look very far or spend a fortune to find them. why? Well for one, it is not difficult to fins small things that give use the warm and fuzzies or a small budget or for free and second, the simplest things are the ones that give the most. And we are here to guide you in the right direction.

  1. Warm/hot towel from the drier. Tell us that does not give you the warm and fuzzies. Very literally actually. Wrapping yourself with freshly washed warm codon goodness in a cool day ‘tis pretty much one of the best things in existence.
  2. while in the warm and fuzzy town, plush animals are one of the cutest things that can bring a happy smile to you face. Either getting one from a loved one of cuddling one that you already have and is full of loving memories
  3. while we are in the “animal” village, let us take a moment to appreciate all the happy heart palpitations we get when we see baby animals. puppies, kittens, lambs, chicks, baby monkeys actually any all animals bring us the “awwwww”s. “tis why we watch for ours videos of baby pandas on YouTube on bad days.
  4. And what do we send when someone is having a bad day? Flowers. you saw that coming, didn’t you? well, yes we are a florist and we would think that flowers will fix all ailments of the blues. But it is actually true. Flowers are certified joy bringers. there is actual certification after a grueling licensing exam that flowers must go through to be able to bring joy to people. those exams are given by tough and talented designers that go through each flower and make sure that they are worthy of you.


    Giggles and Smiles

  5. There are usually notes that go along with the flowers and they are our #5 happy feelings bringers (yes, that is a thing). Sweet messages, love notes, feelings poured in words bring us instantaneous happiness. But they also last a long time. We often go back to old postcards or text message and emails from family, significant others, children, and friends and read them to absorb and feel the same feelings they gave us when we first received them. They are a beautiful thing.
  6. Speaking of sweet notes, how about the sweet deliciousness of chocolate? There is comfort and decadence that comes from placing a delicious piece of chocolate in your mouth and letting it melt slowly as you savor the luxurious flavors and aroma. Yup, those cocoa beans back a ton of happiness friends.


    Golden Days

  7. A scenic ride in the car. sitting in the passenger seat with your case against the window and quietly watching the changing trees, fallen leaves on the ground pass. There is something serene and enjoyable about it. Living in the city can be especially tiring sometimes; it is important to get away for a few hours to absorb the calm and peace of the land beyond the hustle and bustle
  8. Those small things that brought us immeasurable enjoyment as children can bring us those same happy feelings. Like balloons. Remember when you were a child how much fun you had with balloons? How happy you were when they made you balloon animals or you were given one at the birthday party? the many hours you spent playing and chasing one? Believe it or not, balloons are full of happy airs (giggle). They symbolize cheery, festivities and happy occasions. Imagine how you would feel if you were to be give and bunch of balloons? Even their name is fun…thing about it BA-LLOONS
  9. Singing aloud. you cannot carry a note? it does not matter. turn your favorite music one and belt it out. sing it as loud as you can. close your eyes and just sing
  10. While you are at it do the 10th thing that will undoubtedly make you happy, DANCE. Dance around, jump around. No one care if you do not have rhythm. If someone cares, then that person does not matter. ENJOY YOURSELF.

Most importantly give to others all the things that make you happy. you find boundless happiness when you make others feel joy. That is a gift that keeps on giving.


Pregame Your Thanksgiving: Part Two


Fall Fantasia

Last week we talked about your pre plan for Thanksgiving. By now you know exactly what you want for your Thanksgiving celebration, the food you want to serve, how you want your house to look (the flowers, the table setting), how many guests you’ll have, and you are feeling confident that you have it all planned out. We’re proud of you.

This week is when you tighten up your list of all the things you need. Especially if (from your trial last week) you know what key ingredients you need for your special dish, or thought you had but didn’t, you know what works and what doesn’t and what needs to be changes. So now you have your final list and your opportunity to get most of what you need ready so that you’re not overwhelmed on cooking day.

If you are a “make everything from scratch” kind of person then this is your week to prepare all the time consuming items that you absolutely must have. You can make you pie crust, vegetable soups, cranberry sauce and gravy over the weekend and freeze it. Actually anything you can make ahead and you know will be good by Thanksgiving, make it and freeze it or store it. Buy all your ingredients except for the items that will go bad or won’t taste as fresh if not consumed soon like your green or fruit salads.


Graceful Glow

This week is also the best time for you to clean your house. Not that we are saying that you belong on an episode of Hoarders, but you are inviting guests to eat in your home. There is nothing as appetizing as eating in home where everything is disorganized or even dirty. Casts a shadow of doubt in the cleanliness of the food you are serving. So take your time to make sure the duts are off the shelves, the bathrooms are sparkling, and your kitchen is spotless. Make sure that pretty much all the rooms you know your guest will be in looks fresh and clean. This doesn’t mean that you have to redecorate and throw some fresh paint on your walls; just spruce up. Make sure to get some scented candles to burn on the morning of Thanksgiving so you can give your home that welcoming smell and mask some unsavory scents that come from cooking, we all know that some dishes taste fantastic but do not smell appetizing while cooking.


Fine Fall Roses

Make sure that the centerpiece you ordered is coming from a reputable florist. You don’t want to get to the big day and have a gaping hole on your dining room table where there should be colorful flowers. And if you’ve done your homework last week, and called a good flower shop (you know, like us) you will not have any doubts that you will have a gorgeous arrangement of fall flowers and colors to display and put an exclamation point on your whole table setting. Plus if you burn one of your dishes, you at least have beautiful flowers your guest can look at. Again, You’re Welcome!


Pregame Your Thanksgiving: Part One

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Crimson Cornucopia


When we go out for the evening with our buddies, we “pregame”, right? Why should it be any different for the one day of the year we get to get “wasted” on yummy goodness? The same way we plan our outfits, hair and makeup for the ladies, Imbibe in our choice of “refreshments”, plan our transportation and decide weather we need a designated driver or we’re Ubering it, we believe that Thanksgiving deserves the same enthusiasm and excellent planning.

This week we’ll focus on the not-so-fun but could be fun aspect of “Thanksgiving pregame”. The preparation. Make a list of everything you need from the guest list, to the decor, to the menu (therefore ingredients), to the anti-acids and the “cleanup crew” (the younger guests are perfect for this). Thanksgiving is the season open of the holiday season. So this is the time to dust off your cookbook and your dinner party planning skills.


It’s My Party

If you want to make a dish that you’ve never made before and you are experimenting and you know it will be complicated, we suggest you try it first now. Your family and your friends can taste tasters, giving you the opportunity to practice , know what works and what doesn’t, feed your family and friends and have the confidence that you will not end up with inedible lump of something or other that your guest will talk about till next Thanksgiving. Also, plan your drinks for both your adult and minor guests. This week, buy all the ingredients that can be stored and stay fresh till the big day like your spices, dry ingredients etc, so that you are not overwhelmed and can be sure you haven’t forgotten anything on the day of. If you start now then you know what you have and what you need to get and there is still time to go out and buy it without fighting the late shoppers later on, there is nothing worse than being in grocery store on a holiday.

Plan your table setting. Take your time to inventory your plates, water and wine glasses, serving dishes, cutlery napkins etc. This is your opportunity to replace the wine decanter Uncle Bob broke last Thanksgiving while telling that funny joke (again). Call your florist and order your centerpice(s) for your dinner table, buffet table, powder room, kitchen, mantle, foyer, and coffee table. Remember a good flower arrangement can help you hide imperfections in your home. You have a glass ring stains on your wooden coffee table that that guest made by not using the coaster (Uncle Bob has destroyed your home, we get it), plop a beautiful arrangement on it. The fireplace mantle paint has chipped? Place a long and low centerpiece on it. Powder room is going to get a lot of action so place a fragrant arrangement by your sink (again, Uncle Bob). Plan on some entertainment for the young guests and for those that don’t have the desire to unbutton their pants and luxuriate with a happy tummy in front of the tv watching some pigskin action.


Merlot By Candlelight

Now you know if that croquembouche recipe you wanted to try will work, you already know what you need to buy (food or otherwise) and how your table will look. You know where to sit Uncle Bob (away from the flammables, breakables and down wind), and you already feel the weight of the holiday stress falling from your shoulders. You can now strut your stuff knowing you’ve got it this year. You’re welcome.




Make Your Fall Bucket List




Golden Glow

Why is it that we don’t treat and love fall like we do the warmer months? Is it because it’s the naughty season that chased the warm weather away? Perhaps that’s true, but if we change our attitude about this actually wonderful season we may learn to love it. It is up to us to choose to not dislike it and we can do that by creating a bucket list of all the things that we can only do in the fall season.

Here are our favorites:

  1. Drinking PSLs of course is number one. That’s Pumpkins Spice latte for those of you not in the know.
  2. With fall comes football and with football comes tailgating. And this is perfect the time it’s still warm enough to do it without losing extremities and appendages.
  3. Get the awesomest and funkiest leggings and wear them with the cutest skirts while you can still show them off. No one cn see them under wool trousers.


    Picnic In The Park

  4. Apple picking. Duh. Then making fresh apple pies…yum.
  5. Play in a pile of crunchy fallen leaves. No other season that allows to be a kid again like this.
  6. Ahm…Hello good sir, is that a handlebar mustache you are sporting? Must be Movember. Facial hair is in now, and now you have another reason to get creative with your mustache…even a fu-manchu could be fun!
  7. You get to make a huge mess carving pumpkins. And remember scary, sad and happy faces are not the only things you can do…get really creative.
  8. Wear the cutest boots and booties and outfits. No snow and frigid temperature forcing you in ugly but warm boots and coat that best resemble dawn blankets. This is the time to stay warm WHILE looking stylish.


    Orchid Orchard

  9. Find the funnest and most creative Halloween costumes (pssst this year Halloween is on a Saturday…Score!).
  10. Send someone that’s having the gloomy day’s blues some gorgeous fall flower arrangement to lift their spirit. You want others to have the positive attitude you are having, don’t you? And don’t get it twisted, fall flower colors are actually gorgeous. They are like sweet dripping honey, sparkling rubies, and magical sunsets.

So there is our list, borrow ours or make your own, it doesn’t matter. Just make it fun. Remember you can’t change the season, but you can change how you feel about it. And we feel FANTASTIC! (ahm…that’s since we chose to adjust our sentiments for the season.)


Things to be thankful for

myflorist_shareThanksgiving Day is upon us, and we have armed ourselves with elastic waist pants or moomoos and called dibs on the comfy chair we will have our turkey induced coma in while not watching football. Sometimes between stuffing the turkey and stuffing ourselves with turkey we forget it is thanks-giving day. Not that there is  only one day in the year we should list all the things we are thankful for but why not take advantage.


Merlot by Candlelight

There could be big things in our lives that we could be thankful for like our family (even if they are loopy) our friends, our health, our jobs. but lets not forget the small things that we take for granted. Here is our list:

  • Deodorants (Thank you Lord).
  • Hair conditioner (Anyone with unruly curly hair out there?).
  • Sporks (It’s a spoon AND a fork!).
  • Libraries (Lots and lots and lots and lots of books. ALL kinds of books. books with pictures, funny books, sad ones, serious ones, historical ones, old ones, new ones…).
  • Opposable thumbs (Go on, try not to use yours for  a day. Go on, we dare you. Good luck with texting).
  • Umbrellas.
  • Washing machines (Imagine what you would do, just imagine).
  • Air conditioner (DC summers without one? No thank you!).
  • Indoor plumbing (Enough said).
  • Q-tips (You can use them for so-many-things!).

At MyFlorist we are thankful for a lot of things. We are mostly thankful for our loyal customers that trust us with their gift needs. We are thankful for their recipients’ happy, excited, and surprised faces when they see our flowers. We are thankful that each and everyday when we turn off the lights we know we have worked hard to make you happy and content. What fills our hearts with untold gratitude is knowing that we get to do it all over again when we turn on the lights the next day. We are thankful for YOU.


Graceful Glow


Food & Flowers


Elegant Traditions

When planning a dinner party, or a holiday dinner, or a romantic dinner at home, first thing you think about is, of course, the menu then the theme and how to put it all together harmoniously. The way we set our tables is what ties it all together and set the mood we want. It would be a simple relaxed dinner with paper plates and cups and disposable cutlery (because we just don’t have the time, the desire or the energy to do the dishes) or it could be so formal with countless fancy spoons, forks, knives, glasses and what-not in every shape and size it would make Emily Post weep tears of joy and Carson (from Downton Abbey) do a jig.


Autumn Expressions

You play the music that will compliment the gastronomic treat and the occasion. We wouldn’t suggest you playing Black Sabbath at an ear-piercing volume during a candlelight romantic dinner…unless, of course, you prefer not to converse with your guest/s and have your face in your Osso Buco and stuff your face with baby potatoes and Black Sabbath just does it for you, then go for it. We recommend you choose softer music whether holiday themed or not (depending on the occasion), that will allow those at the table to converse and enjoy their meal and the atmosphere without the threat of pierced eardrums and a possible headache.

Find the right table dressing and ornaments that fits the reason of the special dinner. Pine cones and ornamental balls for Christmas, Pumpkins and decorative fruit for Thanksgiving, Crystals and floating candles for a romantic date night are perfect. However, nothing will come close to a perfectly designed and placed flower arrangement.

Flowers are definitely the exclamation point that will finish the look. Whether a round and low centerpiece or an oblong one perched in the middle of the table, or small pieces nestled between serving plates and bowls, or standing tall and proud at your buffet table, will help you set the mood for your occasion. Just remember you don’t choose flowers that overpower your food. If it is sitting at your table you want to be able to smell the food you’re eating not the Stargazers in front of you. So if your must have heavily scented flowers choose them for the buffet table or for another part of your home rather than on your dinner table.


Crimson Cornucopia

Since this is Thanksgiving season, you probably are already planning your menu and your decor. If you are planning a large dinner with friends and family and their friends you are probably a going over minute details to make the day memorable and enjoyable. Here is how we can help: we the have flowers part covered. If you have a buffet table with all the food and the dining room table just for eating then we suggest a lovely centerpieces for the table, low enough for people to look over it but sizable enough for it to make a statement. Plan a taller one to put on your buffet table. If you have the food on the table your will be sitting at, then we suggest multiple smaller pieces you can place sporadically to bring some color to your table. Don’t forget to add some rearrangements around the house. Perhaps in your kitchen where you and your family will prepare the food and in the living room where your guest will sit and wait for the food to come out. Perhaps in the powder room (natural air freshener anyone?) and if you have a spacious foyer then add one to welcome your guests with.

Thanksgivukkah Blessings

Thanksgivukkah1NDThanksgivukkah is almost here!  What is that, you ask?  This year is the first time that Thanksgiving and the first day of Hanukkah fall on the same day.  This rare event won’t happen again for years!  Why is it happening?  The Jewish calendar has slowly shifted, moving Hanukah earlier and earlier.  This means it will eventually end up in the middle of summer!  But that’s not going to happen for quite a while, so let’s instead celebrate the rare occasion of Thanksgivukkah!

So what are people doing for Thanksgivukkah?  Many are combining a traditional Thanksgiving meal with traditional Hanukkah dishes like potato latkes and other dishes.  Many will decorate with blue for Hanukkah and orange for Thanksgiving, creating a visually striking way of celebrating the holiday.  Even if you’re not Jewish, you might want to incorporate some little way of celebrating this convergence.

Naturally, those who practice the religion will light a menorah while reciting the appropriate blessings from the Torah.  There are also traditional Hanukkah hymns that can be sung and activities, like spinning the dreidel, which the whole family can enjoy.  You can combine these traditions with any of your family’s Thanksgiving traditions if you want.

Don’t forget to decorate with some of our amazing flowers for Thanksgiving or a great bouquet for Hanukkah!  We have arrangements for both holidays!

Ten Things to be Thankful For

thankful4Thanksgiving is next week!  One of the traditions many people have is to go around the table and say what they’re thankful before eating dinner.  So what are you thankful for this year?  Here are ten things you may be (or should be) thankful for.

1.    Family, even if they’re spread out across the world or if won’t get to be with your family this holiday.  Be thankful for your family.
2.    Friends, especially those who may be like your family.
3.    Your pets.  After all, they’re a part of your family, and they’re your friends!
4.    Your job.  Even though the economy is recovering, there are still people out there who aren’t employed and can’t find a job.
5.    Your home.  Again, many people aren’t fortunate enough to have a home.
6.    The food you’re about to eat.
7.    Your health.  Even if you’ve had a rough year, you’re still here to eat another Thanksgiving Day meal.
8.    Your parents and grandparents for raising you and always being there for you.
9.    Your children.  They’re your pride and joy!
10.    Your memories.  Spend a little time on Thanksgiving remembering the good times you’ve had and the people you shared them with.

Need a beautiful Thanksgiving Day arrangement to add to your table?  We’ve got some great Thanksgiving Day flowers in Washington, D.C.

Thanksgiving Celebrations in the DC Metro

While most people celebrate Thanksgiving at home with their families, there are some large celebrations for the holiday.  Here’s a quick run-down of some of the Thanksgiving events going on in the DC Metro this Thanksgiving.

There are many different restaurants in the area that will be open and serving Thanksgiving meals on November 25th.  If you don’t want to cook, you might want to visit one of these great restaurants and let someone else handle the dishes!
•    701 Restaurant
•    Adour
•    Ardeo
•    Bibiana Osteria-Entoeca
•    1789 Restaurant
•    Bourbon Steak
•    Carmines
•    Citronelle
•    J & G Steahouse
•    Old Ebbitt Grill
•    Oval Room
•    Spirit of Washington

There also a number of places that offer a “Thanksgiving to Go” package.  Put in your order, pick up the meal, and head home to enjoy it with your family.  A few of the places offering meals to go include the following:
•    Georgia Browns
•    Carmines
•    Balduccis
•    Safeway
•    Honeybaked Ham
•    Whole Foods Market
•    Ritz Carlton
•    Cityhouse

Love shopping?  Many stores are now starting Black Friday on late Thursday evening.  Check out some of the deals and, after you’ve finished your meal and had a little nap, head out to face the crowds!  Many stores still observe the traditional early-morning Black Friday sales, of course.  On Saturday, which is now called Small Business Saturday, head to your favorite small or locally-run business and pick up some more gifts.  Finally, if you’ve missed anyone, shop online on Cyber Monday.

Turkey Trots, the festive name for marathons and other run/walk events, are held during this time of year.  These events are scheduled throughout the week.  For example, the Thanksgiving Day Trot for Hunger is held on Thanksgiving Day at the Freedom Plaza.  There are many others, including events in Alexandria, Arlington, Leesburg, and Centreville.  Most of these runs are benefitting charity.

If you’re in or near Reston, you might want to attend their annual holiday parade on November 23rd, the day after Thanksgiving.  It begins at 11:00 am at the corner of Market Street and Freedom Drive.  Santa will stop by for photos, and the official Christmas tree will be lit at 6:00 pm.

The National Harbor Christmas Tree Lighting is also on Friday.  It starts at 5:00 at the Waterfront Plaza.

Don’t forget your Thanksgiving flowers in Washington, DC!

Ten Ways to Share This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about the spirit of sharing.  Some families have different traditions when it comes to sharing.  Are you looking for a new way of sharing this year?  If so, here are ten different ways of sharing at Thanksgiving—one or two may be perfect for your family.

1.    Share your feelings.  Don’t assume that others know you’re thankful that they are in your life.  Don’t just stop at your friends and family, though.  Share a smile, a hug, or a “thank you” with others throughout each day.

2.    Share your time and love with others – volunteer at a homeless shelter.

3.    Know someone who will be alone on Thanksgiving?  Invite them to your dinner.

4.    Make a monetary donation to a food bank or other charity.  If you’ve been thinking of cutting your hair and it’s long enough, consider donating it to the Locks of Love charity.

5.    Visit a retirement or senior citizens home and visit with those who don’t have family.

6.    Take a dessert or snack to the office the day before, or take a dish to a neighbor who may have fallen on hard times.

7.    Write a letter to a soldier who is stationed overseas.

8.    Adopt an animal from a shelter.  You’re not just sharing your love, you’re saving a life.

9.    Do a little fall cleaning and donate gently used items to a shelter or a charity.

10.    Share your skills with the elderly or the disabled by helping them around the house.  This is especially important for those who need some housework done before the weather gets too cold but aren’t able to do it themselves.  Helping seal windows and cracks in an elderly person’s home can help them stay warm and healthy this winter.

One way of sharing how much you love someone is to send them flowers!  We’ve got many great flower arrangements in Washington, D.C., that will express your feelings!