Take Care of Yourself: With Flowers

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” – Buddha

Well, we couldn’t agree more.


So, you are asking yourself, what’s with all these self-love, Self-care, self-worth quotes? Well, we think that no one will love us like we love us, or care for us the way we would care for ourselves. We believe we need to be our biggest champions and cheerleaders. And we want you to feel the same way. Not to love us the we love us (although that would be nice) but for you to love yourself and care for yourself and know that you are the bees-knees and the cat’s meow.

No we haven’t changed business, we’re still a florist. Which, we believe, is an industry that promotes care and love for one another. So, in reality, it is not beyond the realm of our duty to offer guidance on how we should all love ourselves.


“To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance”– Oscar Wilde

Why, Mr Wilde, we agree with you too

When we love someone else we send flowers. When we want someone ill to feel better, we send flowers. When we want to share sentiments of compassion and sympathy we send flowers. When we want to apologize we send flowers. When we what to say “thank you” we send flowers. When we want to celebrate someone’s achievement or special day, we send flowers, and at times we send flowers just because (and if “we” are not sending flowers, we think it’s high time “we” start, and by “we” we mean you). But, what about us. Why aren’t we sending ourselves flowers? Who said we can’t or shouldn’t do it. Really, who did? We want to know and talk to this person.


“Self-care is never a selfish act—it is simply good stewardship of the only gift I have, the gift I was put on earth to offer to others.”– Parker Palmer

MMMHM, Agreed


We are going to list all the various reasons why you should be sending yourself flowers. Or at the very least buying them for yourself to keep at home or in the office.


Researchers at Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital report that people that are not “morning people” and that are the least positive in early hours of the day are reenergized, happier and “perk up” after looking at flowers first thing in the morning. Our conclusion: Make sure to keep a small vase of flowers in your bedroom and in your work area, whether your office or your cubicle. It will your upsidedown smile to right itself in the AMs.

Just like yawning, positive moods and feeling are contagious. If you see someone laughing or smiling you can’t help yourself but smile. So it is really public service to keep yourself in the cheerful mood. When you are happier, people around you are bound to pick up on your sunny disposition. So get yourself flowers to put you in a good mood so you can influence other to do the same.

Buy yourself flowers for your home or workplace. This will create a welcoming environment. Researchers at Rutgers University concluded that because flowers promote positive emotional feelings, keeping them in a shared space will create a peaceful, warm  and welcoming feeling in visitors. We recommend you keep flowers in the living room and or kitchen at home and in your company’s lobby, front desk and meeting rooms.

Love yourself. It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out. Jenn Proske

Yes Jenn, yes!


Buy yourself flowers because your favorite flower is in season right now, or because that instagram picture of the brunch you made on Sunday would look on point with a small bouquet right next to the waffles. Or your selfie would look even better with daisies in your hair (much better than the SnapChat filter we promise), or because there is something calming about arranging your own flowers or for your DIY project of perfect little flower arrangements around your house. Or because it would be cool to stroll down the street on a Saturday morning to your neighborhood florist or farmers market and get some locally grown flowers. Flowers make you home smell and look good, will help you step up your instagram game. Plus you are a lot prettier when you smile, and we’ve already established that flowers make us happy and happy people smile more.

Food, Drinks, Entertainment and Decor For A 4th of July Celebration


When planning a party or any kind of celebration, there are four elements that are a must: Food, Drinks Entertainment and Decor. And for the 4th of July celebration, when we get to celebrate the birthday of our country, it is important we do it with lots of pizzazz. It’s the country’s big day after all, so it’s a given that the theme is red, white and blue. Here are some of our fun ideas that can help you plan your celebration.


BBQ is the go to. It’s hot out, you want to soak up some vitamin D, you have the day off so it’s a perfect excuse to grill al fresco. Plus it a very easy and stress free way to feed your guests that will show up with their friends and their friend’s friends and their cousins, so a lot of people. But you might want your food to follow in the patriotic theme so there are fun of ideas to help you. You can incorporate fruits and vegetables and deserts for the reds whites and blue elements. You can make some fruit salad with strawberries blueberries watermelons and bananas and throw in some mint leaves because yum. if you are baking a cake the you can decorate it and use blueberries and bananas for the stars in the American Flags and white icing and strawberries arranged in lines for the stripes. You can also make red velvet cupcakes with white buttercream icing and plop a blueberry (or three) on top. For a healthier options you can make individual frappes in clear cups and layer with ripe strawberries or raspberries yogurt and of course blueberries. We’ve decided that blueberries should be the fruit of the day!


It’s hot outside so you will need to hydrate. Now, what you choose to hydrate with will depend on your age and choice of beverage. Fourth of July is usually a family holiday, so there most probably will be small children, teenagers and adults of a legal drinking age present, it’s, therefore, important that they can all enjoy themselves, responsibly. Here are some cool ideas you can use to incorporate the theme of the day into your drinks. Since it’s july and undoubtedly hot out it’s important you have ice. Ice doesn’t have to be boring cubes of just H2O. You can get creative. Cut cubes of watermelon and freeze them. YES! They  are juicy watery fruit so they are perfect for freezing and they will add flavor to your drink whether it is just water or otherwise AND they will not water down your drink (if you are not drinking water of course). you can make smoothies for the younger crowd. We suggest you blend the different color fruits separately and layer them so they can show the distinct color in the glass you pour them in. If you are serving the fruity deliciousness to an adult then you can pour in some adult liquor stick in an umbrella and tiny American flag, dip your feet in the kiddie pool sit back and enjoy. If you are mixing some cocktails then here are some drinks that will add color to your drinks: the blue Gatorade which is hydrating, refreshing, delicious, and blue, Hawaiian Punch for your red, and Pina Colada mix for your whites.



Well it’s a party after all, your guest have to enjoy themselves and a great way to do it is to plan games. you can buy red white and blue balloons to stay in them and play water balloons or balloon pop. Or play American history trivia, pictionary or charades (you’ve got to keep the kids brain working in the summer wink wink). Capture the flag with American flags is another good one. Baseball is after all THE American pastime, so you can’t go wrong there. Bocce is another game that is getting some serious popularity these days and a perfect outdoors game for all ages. All these are games that both the younger and older crowds can play and really enjoy.


We’ve touched on some things already, like little flags for your drink and the patriotic color balloons. But there are so many different ways you can liven up your place to really add some fun to your party. Of course flowers are number one. You can contact a knowledgeable florist and they will guide you through what would look great. And by “they” we mean “we”. There aren’t very many blue flowers and a  plethora of red and white ones. But there are many ways to incorporate the color while adding spark to an arrangement that would make them perfect for a party. Blue vases, blue ribbons or bows, stared confetti centerpieces and many more and be arranged together to give your party the oomph it deserves. You may think, “why would I get flowers to put outside to bake in the sun”, and you would be right to think it but remember your guests are not only outdoors. They will be congregating in your living room and your kitchen and will use your bathroom. Flowers will help you spread the festive decor you have outdoors merge seamlessly indoors and do it with class. And you get to enjoy the flowers long after the party is over, the last of the guest has been shoved out and  there aren’t’ any more hot dogs left. So Bonus!

We hope you have a fantastic holiday weekend celebrating the country’s birthday! Have fun and stay safe!

Food, Drinks And Decor For A St. Patrick’s Day Party

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Top of the morning (afternoon or evening) to ya!

It’s upon us! What is? St Patty’s Day!!!! In just one week we will be elbow deep in green beer, pots of gold, leprechaun and green beads. And will love every bit of it. Some may  be in bars, restaurants and lounges partaking in the festivities. And some others will be throwing parties pf their own in their homes. We, heroes that we are, come to assist the party throwers with some fun St. Patrick’s Day themed food, drinks and decor ideas. You, my lovelies lads and lasses, are welcome!


Brightly Blooming


Ok, the theme is green, and we really don’t associate a lot of green food with party food, because you don’t normally eat a bowl of salad at a happening party…you just don’t. So what do we do? We get creative.

  • First we’ll start with a simple party food classic: Chips and dip. You may have noticed all the fancy chips in the supermarkets all in various colors, get the green ones (we promise they are delicious) and for dip, obviously, some guacamoleeeee.
  • Next up, some deviled eggs. Yes, yes, we know, nothing green there, BUT you can make it green. Two ways you can you can use blue (because yolk is yellow and blue and yellow make green) or green food dye when you are mixing your yolk OR if you want the healthier option include some puree spinach or some chlorella powder with the yolk. Yup, healthy and yummy.
  • Of Course, we can’t forget the corn beef and cabbage. You would ask how can that be party food? And we would say: You MAKE it a party food by arranging in small bites. How? Take small Romaine lettuce leaves and spoon some cabbage and some corn beef  bites onto them. Romaine leaves make perfect edible spoons.
  • Potatoes are another Irish staple that you can incorporate. Small yummy potato pancakes or boxty are perfect to soak up all that St Patty’s Day drinks you will be drinking. Click here for more food ideas and recipes.



Leprechaun Magic

No party is a party without delicious drinks. And St. Patrick’s day party is THE party that dictates there should be plenty of drinks that of the green variety. Such fun!

  • Beer! Duh, right? Well there are many options. First of you MUST have Guinness. You can’t not have Guinness. It’s the law. Green beer? Well of course! Arm yourself with light colored beer and some food coloring (the ones from the deviled eggs). You’ll just a small drop and BAM you have some green beer.
  • Stock up on Irish whiskey like Jamieson or Midleton or Pady. If you are going to have some adult drinks, you better have some whiskey.
  • Appletinis! They are delicious, they are green, they are perfect party drinks. “Nuff said.
  • Chocolate martinis are another great options. No they are not green but you can make them with Baileys Irish Cream and stay with the Irish theme. And they are yummy so it’s a win win.



Basket Full Of Wishes

This is where you get to make sure that everyone that walks through your doors KNOWS that this party is a St. Patrick’s Day party. You can be as classy or as ostentatious as you want to be, or both, it’s you party you do what you want.

  • Flowers. We would be doing a disservice to you and to ourselves if we didn’t suggest flowers. They are after all the ultimate decorating tool. If you want to class up the joint with some items that take away from the leprechaun hats you are passing around your guests, we recommend a beautifully arranged bouquet of flowers. We can even make it all green with green hydrangeas, spider mums, athos, cymbidium orchids, carnations, trick dianthus, cremones, bluperums, cremones, hanging amaranthus, bells of ireland and beautiful fragrant seeded and baby eucalyptus to tie it all together. And then you can throw in some yellow flowers for the gold (in the pot) with yellow lilies, button mums, roses, tulips and snapdragons. Of course to have that pot of gold you have to have the rainbow and you can have a bouquet of an array of colors arranged elegantly to guide your guest to the prize.
  • Make sure you stock up on green beads to drape around your guests neck, leprechaun hats for their heads, and Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Balls wrapped in gold foil for the gold element of the holiday. Make sure you have green paper plates, cups, utensils to tie in the theme, some three-leaf clover confetti and some St patty’s Day themed props on a stick to you for that photo booth you’ll have (we want to see your pictures). And the best part is that all this can be used as party favors the guest can take home with them as a reminder of the awesome host and party thrower you are. You are so welcome! And right now, we so want to come to your party!

Now that you are armed with all the best suggestions for a fun party we want to say, drink responsibly, make sure your Uber and Lyft app is on your phone (DO NOT DRIVE) and may the luck of the Irish be with you!

Holiday Parties For Work and Home




Wreath With Red Velvet Bow

‘Tis the season to be merry and jolly. ‘Tis a season of giving and receiving and eating an abundance of ginger cookies and drinking an unnatural amount of eggnogs with or without spirits (wink-wink). ‘Tis the season of many many holiday parties, be it thrown by coworkers, at work, by family members or friends. Fun times! But it can also be overwhelming trying to attend all  those parties while trying not to offend your hosts. It could be also be overwhelming when you are in charge of your company’s holiday party or throwing one in your home. We’re here to help.


Party at home


Christmas Sleigh

What kind of party are you throwing? A dinner party? A cocktail party? A potluck? What’s the theme? Do you have your christmas tree, poinsettias, garlands, mistletoe, wreath for your door, hanging stockings for your Christmas parties? Or your menorah, dreidel, and the Star of David for your Hanukkah party? Whatever you’re celebrating make sure you set the atmosphere first. People will enjoy a party that “happening” not snoozing. If you are planning a dinner party then have some soft holiday music in the background. Make sure that your table setting reflects the joy of the season. Centerpieces with winter evergreens and beautiful flowers and candles, pinecones and ornaments. You can use ornamental balls as place settings by writing your guest’s names on them and setting them on the plates. The possibilities are endless.


Silver and Gold Centerpiece

If you are throwing a cocktail party make sure that every room the guests will be in, oozes the festive season. Distribute small flower arrangement with holiday colors throughout the house make sure the trimmings and ornaments and overall theme of the party is well distributed in all the areas of your home when you know guests will be in, even the powder room. Have some upbeat yet appropriate music (depending on who your quests are).



Fruit and Gourmet Basket

Party for the workplace

This season is a reasons to have fun with and celebrate your coworkers. It’s the season for evergreen wreaths on your walls and doors, poinsettias in every hallway, conference room and receptionist desks, garlands on your windows and railings, cinnamon-ey and ginger-ey baked goods in your kitchens, personalized holiday decor in each employees cubicle to celebrate their holiday. Workplace holiday parties shouldn’t feel like an obligation to the employees, it should be something they look forward to and enjoy while they network if they choose to. The season calls for some warmth, goodwill, peace, hope, joy, harmony and prosperity. All great things to wish mankind and great qualities to have in a workplace. Let your party reflect that.


Bells Of The Season

Whether your party is a formal one in a banquet hall with catered 5 course meal, live entertainment, and bottomless flow of wine and champagne and elaborate centerpieces gracing each guest table or a conference room turned party room with that cool guy from the cubicle at the end DJing and home baked cookies and pies or anything in between, it should reflect the joy of the season. It only takes small small special touches to achieve.

Bottomline don’t let the stress and the hustle and bustle of the season steal the joy from it. Enjoy yourself whether you are attending the party or throwing it. And find a great florist to help your shoulder some of the stress of the preparation.


Pregame Your Thanksgiving: Part Two


Fall Fantasia

Last week we talked about your pre plan for Thanksgiving. By now you know exactly what you want for your Thanksgiving celebration, the food you want to serve, how you want your house to look (the flowers, the table setting), how many guests you’ll have, and you are feeling confident that you have it all planned out. We’re proud of you.

This week is when you tighten up your list of all the things you need. Especially if (from your trial last week) you know what key ingredients you need for your special dish, or thought you had but didn’t, you know what works and what doesn’t and what needs to be changes. So now you have your final list and your opportunity to get most of what you need ready so that you’re not overwhelmed on cooking day.

If you are a “make everything from scratch” kind of person then this is your week to prepare all the time consuming items that you absolutely must have. You can make you pie crust, vegetable soups, cranberry sauce and gravy over the weekend and freeze it. Actually anything you can make ahead and you know will be good by Thanksgiving, make it and freeze it or store it. Buy all your ingredients except for the items that will go bad or won’t taste as fresh if not consumed soon like your green or fruit salads.


Graceful Glow

This week is also the best time for you to clean your house. Not that we are saying that you belong on an episode of Hoarders, but you are inviting guests to eat in your home. There is nothing as appetizing as eating in home where everything is disorganized or even dirty. Casts a shadow of doubt in the cleanliness of the food you are serving. So take your time to make sure the duts are off the shelves, the bathrooms are sparkling, and your kitchen is spotless. Make sure that pretty much all the rooms you know your guest will be in looks fresh and clean. This doesn’t mean that you have to redecorate and throw some fresh paint on your walls; just spruce up. Make sure to get some scented candles to burn on the morning of Thanksgiving so you can give your home that welcoming smell and mask some unsavory scents that come from cooking, we all know that some dishes taste fantastic but do not smell appetizing while cooking.


Fine Fall Roses

Make sure that the centerpiece you ordered is coming from a reputable florist. You don’t want to get to the big day and have a gaping hole on your dining room table where there should be colorful flowers. And if you’ve done your homework last week, and called a good flower shop (you know, like us) you will not have any doubts that you will have a gorgeous arrangement of fall flowers and colors to display and put an exclamation point on your whole table setting. Plus if you burn one of your dishes, you at least have beautiful flowers your guest can look at. Again, You’re Welcome!


Luxurious Living



Rose Rapture

You work hard to make a living for yourself. To be able to pay your rent or mortgage, to be able to feed yourself and your family, to make sure your bills are paid, and have all of life’s necessities fulfilled. And that is great. It means you are a responsible adult. But while you are being responsible and doing all the things you are suppose to do, you may be neglecting doing the things you want to do. those things that you may now think frivolous because there are other more important priorities in your life that you are focusing on. But guess what, once in a while you NEED to treat yourself. Reward yourself for being so good and do those things that bring you joy and freedom and help you unwind.



Now we are not saying that you’ll need to empty your savings account and cash out your 401K to do it. but we urge you to find those small things that make you feel good. It could be going to a spa and getting a good massage, a facial and getting pampered, or buying a new outfit that is worth 10% more than your usual budget for cloth, or a luxurious many and pedy beyond the regular soak feet in some water and slather pain on your nails, or buying those gold club sets you’ve always wanted, or buy yourself some lush flowers to put on you coffee table just because you love hydrangeas, roses and callalilies. It’s the small things that will make your feel that you are not simply working hard during the week and sometimes weekends and sometimes evening, and sometimes through lunch to make ends meet or to plan for a better future when you retire.


Tropical Sail

But life is going on right now. Don’t you think you should accumulate enough luxurious memories now that you can look back to in your twilight days? Don’t you think you deserve to be spoiled now? We do. No one needs flowers, no one will be hurt or suffer because they didn’t buy them or have them in  their homes. That’s what makes our business one of giving and providing luxury. When you buy yourself a beautiful bouquet of flowers for no other reason than to brighten your day and your environment and have something fresh and pleasant to smell you are simply pampering yourself. You are allowing yourself to enjoy something that is short lived but will give you immense pleasure. You are saying to yourself “self, today i love you so much that I think you deserve these glorious lilies. Enjoy!”. Why wouldn’t you want to do that? Why wouldn’t you want to love yourself and give yourself what you know you love? There is no reason why you shouldn’t. So, do it!

Halloween In DC

HW0_434183 (1)

Spooky Sweet

Whether you are going out with your friends and family in a coordinated Halloween costume as one of the Ghost Busters (including slimer), or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Leonardo is the coolest!), or as the apple from the Fruit of The Loom quartet, or if you have chosen a costume only select few will understand like the Doppler Effect, Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory chose, we know you are planing to have a ton of fun. Our city offers many opportunities to show off your master creation with many events and parties.


Witch’s Brew

The spooky tours at Lafayette Square Park, the 90 minutes evening walks to find the spirits of our forefathers haunting the street of our city (creeepyyy) and the tours around some of the haunted bars in the city, with enough time to enjoy a drink at each location (ahem ahem), are some our favorite tours. You can also spend your evening at the National Zoo decked out in your spookiest, wildest, funest, coolest and funnies costumes and enjoy some of the most entertaining performances by palm readers, fire eaters, illusionist and more. The National Zoo will also hold an event where you can take the young ones for trick-or-treating (there are of forty treat stations!), and visit some of the most Halloween appropriate animals at the zoo, like the bats, owls, spiders and other creepy crawlies (shiver).


Wicked Bouquet

This is the time of the year that our usually calm and sober city, with mostly conservatively dressed young professionals breaks out into their colorful, creative, and outlandish costume and we love it. Being in the business of using our creativity, we love watching what others come up with. It’s a ton of fun. It is also a lot of fun coming up with spooky flower arrangements. Remember that, when decorating your home for the haunted house party you are hosting this year, there are a lot of creative ways you can incorporate flowers in your spooky imagination. Pop into your local florist and check out what they are doing. And if you do not possess that creative bone you need to recreate what they are doing, just have them do it and take it home.

Be safe, have fun, and pace yourself with the candy. BOO!

The Best of Pinterest 2012

Are you on Pinterest?  We are!  There are a lot of cool things you can find on this somewhat new social media site.  While the concept is simple—it’s an online bulletin board where you pin things you see on other websites to share with others or collect for yourself—the way people use Pinterest is really interesting.  Some pin things they want to come back to later, such as recipes and crafting ideas.  Others share their favorite images from movies.  Some pin websites and infographs pertaining to their job or career.  As a florist, we naturally pin some of our favorite flower arrangements and bouquets.  Check out some of what we consider the best of Pinterest 2012.

Summer flowers!










Rose cakes, like these

Awesome vases.

These amazing flower shoes:

Flowers of every color!

This gorgeous flower skirt:

Every shade of rose imaginable

Beautiful bridal bouquets

What made your Best of Pinterest 2012 list?  Share it with us!

And don’t forget to pick up some amazing flowers in Washington, DC.