Red Hot Summer Romance and Roses


Once upon a time, a long long time ago, we were called Exclusively Roses. Infact some of our long time customer still know us as Exclusively Roses. And all we sold were roses. As a business that sold roses, exclusively, we are seasoned pros at handling them. We design them in so many different ways to show their beauty. We know what they symbolize and what about them makes them attractive to our customers and their recipients. One of their many meanings is LOVE. Especially red roses. They are the universal flower for communicating the deep romantic sentiment. The Hot Red color makes them the special flower for any romantic occasion.

HW0_65675 (1)Flowers in general are a great way to communicate romantic sentiments or really any occasion. You know what else communicates your feelings? Words. Yes, shocking isn’t it?! Yes, the right, honest words are what you need to makes sure your loved one knows how your feel. The don’t need to be flowery, poetic words laced with words you looked up on a thesaurus. they can be simple, short and sweet. To the point even. We get it, sometimes, it is difficult to put deep feelings into words. Some words may feel to weak or inadequate or mediocre to really show how you feel. Or sometimes the feeling is so deep you get tongue tied. It’s ok when that happens. This were ACTION comes into play. When words fail you, show your love with action. Remember it doesn’t have to be a grand display. you don’t have to pour your life savings and cash out your 401K to do it. It doesn’t have to show it in the important ways. Sometimes, the simplest actions are the most effective ones. You could get you honey a pint of her favorite ice cream on your way home when you know she’s had a long day. You could pick his favorite movie on netflix order some meaty pizza and get some beer and make the evening about him when he’s had a rough day. Leave her a sweet post it message on the bathroom mirror. You’ve noticed that his favorite running shoes have seen better days, find the same ones and get him new ones. These aren’t grand gestures, but they are the ones that speak to the heart, that show you care.

Send flowers. We know that this is something a florist would encourage, but seriously, do it. And since we are just wonderful people we are going to make it easy for you without breaking the bank. We’ve already said that Red roses are the best way to communicate deep romantic feelings. Well, friends, we have a deal for you. Click here and find out! This deal expires soon so don’t miss out. It’s summer time, it’s hot out, it’s time to turn the heat up on your romance now.

Springtime Romance


Some say springtime is when everyone falls in love. We couldn’t agree more. This is where the sun shines and removes the cobwebs from our eyes, everything blooms and we catch the love bug. The fairytale-ish look and feel of the season make us walk around with that dreamy air and heart form in all our eyes like in the cartoons. Yup springtime romance is in the air and we want to help you make the best of it.


Isn’t It Romantic

As flowers are budding this season, so might your love life. You might just be going on your first date with what could be your forever date. You might find yourself overthinking things and your neurosis taking over and sparking all over the place. Don’t fret, you are not the first one with sweaty palms and re-evaluating everything in your closet and deeming them not worthy of your first date with the most amazing human you’ve ever laid eyes on. It happens to all of us, at least once. Gents, this is your chance to show your date the romantic side of you. Your chance to calm the crazy sparkles of thoughts that are going on in her head. If you are picking her up from her home for her date bring her some flowers. We don’t mean you need to bring an explosion of blood-red roses and confess your eternal undying  love to her on the first date and henceforth forever be known  as that crazy guy. All we mean is bring her a small bouquet for colorful spring blooms. Say, if you are meeting somewhere for your date and you think it went exceptionally, make sure to send her flowers the next day to thank her for a wonderful day/evening. Ladies, there is no law that says you shouldn’t do the same for the man. Really, we looked it up. No law.


Explosion of Roses

If you are in the middle stages of your relationships, this is a perfect season for you to turn on the romance  with the aforementioned explosion of roses. This could be your time to go full on Mr Romance. Send her and I’m thinking of you” or a “just because” flowers to her work. She’ll love the Oohs and Ahhs her coworkers will give her. We all like showing off our babe  and tell everyone that we are cared for without sounding obnoxious, well this is the best way to allow her to do so.   And receiving flowers out of the blue for no occasion it will be a great surprise that will get you rewarded for. And ladies, this is you chance to embarrass him by sending him flowers at work too. He really won’t expect it, it will make him think of you all day and in the end he might end up bringing the flowers to you….so that’s a win! You’re welcome!


P.S. I Love You

For those of you in a seasoned relationship, spring provides a perfect time to revamp, refresh, rejuvenate and dust off your romantic skills. Rediscover each other and the reason you first started dated and why you fell in love. Men, show your lady that you see her the same way you did when you first started going out. Tell her that you still get those butterflies in your stomach every time you go out or you see her. Take her out on a date somewhere special to show her that she’s still got it and you want to show her off. Make sure to have a beautiful centerpiece delivered to the restaurant so you can turn on the heat some more. And ladies, show him that you still appreciate the little things as well as the big things he does for you.

As the sun shines and warms the earth, let the shine in your heart show and the warmth glow. Springtime is the perfect season for fresh new love, even with the honey you’ve been married to for 50 years.

Make Your Own Valentine’s Day Tradition


BLOG (1)



One Dozen Yellow Roses

Planning a new and special Valentine’s Day every year can be taxing on one’s imagination and creativity. That is why we are here to help you. We’ve already established that Valentine’s Day, should be celebrated. And we have many holidays we celebrate throughout the year. We also have certain traditions on how we celebrate those holiday. So why should Valentine’s day be any different? We make special dishes for thanksgiving and eat special desserts for christmas, paint our eggs a special way every easter, Bar-B-Que every memorial day and so on. Those days wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t have our special thing, right? Well we can apply the same philosophy to Valentine’s Day.

Establishing a tradition for this day will help you as the planner in simplifying the day and the recipient of your love and romance’s expectations. it will create consistency in your relationship. You will be that one person that s/he knows will never fail at recognizing the glorious day for what it is and will say that we are solidly in this relationship together. It will communicate to each other that “we have our own way of loving each other and caring for one another and celebrating this love day the way we enjoy!”

Here are some examples of great Valentine’s Day traditions:


P.S. I Love You!

  1. Lets say on your first valentines day together you sent her/him a dozen red roses. You could add one more rose for each year there after that you celebrate the day together. And if you work with a great florist, they will keep your past order on file to help you keep the numbers right, we know how memory goes.
  2. Let’s say you send your honey a beautiful mix of bright colored fresh cuts on his/her birthday and a dozen red roses on the anniversary. Your Valentine’s Day flowers can be different: like red roses and white lilies or red roses and gorgeous pink and red tulips. And give her/him those every year. Those will be YOUR Valentine’s Day flowers.


    Timeless Romance

  3. If your honey loves jewelry (who doesn’t, right?), you can give her one charm every valentines day to add to her neckless or her charm bracelet that is symbolic of your love for her.
  4. If he has a particularly favorite dessert he lives that doesn’t or can’t always indulge in, let this be the day you make it for him. Nothing says love like your babe by your side and you favorite dessert in your tummy.
  5. Every Valentine’s Day could be the day you stay off the grid. No cell phone, no internet, no facebooking, instagramming and twittering, no emails, no TV, no movies, no radio, no nothing. cover the clocks so no sense of time. Just you and your honey luxuriating in each other’s company and drowning in the love you have for each other.

So traditions make your job easier and will make your honey feel that constant love and affection you have for him/her. It’s a win win.


Valentine’s Day Dates Vs Regular Dates



Beautiful Bouq w long stem roses

Beautiful Dozen

Dates are fun. No doubt about that. But there are dates and there are DATES. Valentine’s Day Dates are DATES. The super bowl of dates. The date you work hard all season long to make sure you come out with a W at the end of that date.

Yes, yes, we’ve heard it before. Valentine’s day is a Hallmark holiday created for businesses to take money from poor folk by manipulating their heart …blah blah blah. We all know that there shouldn’t be ONE day of the year to celebrate your love. That’s a given. You should celebrate your love every day of the year. Think of it this way: there is a National Pancake day and a National Doughnut Day. We celebrate these by gorging on these yummy treats, don’t we? Are you saying that LOVE doesn’t deserve to have it’s own day? Are you?!

White Lilies

White Lilies

With that said, let’s remember that your celebration of love, on this specific day, much like your celebration of pancakes, should be multiplied by 100. This is not where you play safe. This is where you pull out all the tricks and magic out of your hat and deliver the best possible “you are my valentine” message possible.

This doesn’t mean that you have to cash out your 401K to fund your master date. It only means that you’ll need to make a special effort to wow your honey. You know him/her better than anyone, so you know what will knock his/her socks off. So get to it and start planning.

A regular date out is all about getting to know each other or simply spending more time with each other enjoying one another. And that’s great. Think of it as your “regular season” date. Where you hone your skills and learn each other’s likes and dislikes. Try out different restaurants and romantic locations so that you know once you come to the playoff season and ultimately the superbowl you already know how your honey will respond to your various plans.

Happy Hearts bouquet

Happy Hearts

Valentine’s day dates are the the dates that top all dates. The culmination of a year long plan and intel collected for the soul reason of knocking the aforementioned socks off the feet of the babe. This is were everything’s a go. You can be as corny, as embarrassing, as over the top as you like with your dating game and no one will judge.

So, there is a difference between a regular day and a Valentine’s day date so don’t treat them the same. You don’t want your honey’s feelings hurt because a. you didn’t make any special efforts more than the date you had the other day b. his/her friend’s date put a lot more thought in it than you did. Not all dates are created equal.




Romantic Getaways in the City





HW0_446483A long weekend is coming up and you are probably thinking what you can do with your sweetie to enjoy the time off. You’ll be surprised to know that you don’t have to go very far to have a romantic time away. There some hidden gems around our lovely city that will offer you some much deserved RR&R (rest, relaxation and romance). And you do deserve to have some time where you put your day to day hustle and bustle aside, put your responsibilities and obligation on pause and get to enjoy your honey. Don’t you think?


There are some of the great places you can go that we think will give you that “I went away on a getaway” feeling without really leaving home. There are several Bed & Breakfasts peppered around the Washington Metro area that would be a great option to get our of your house and pretend you are in a far away land with your love. Most of these places are converted old mansions or historical houses. So you can enjoy their history playing love struck tourists and live out some Downton Abbey fantasies.

Or you can book yourself a room at a hotel. the point of his is to get away all the things you think you have/must do at home and just enjoy each other. you don’t have to make the bed, do the dishes, vacuum or pick up after yourself. Your sole responsibility if ensuring that you and your hone have a great time with hearts in your eyes.


And you really want to take a not so far trip but far enough to feel like you are not within reaching distance from home, there  are plenty of places around our fair city that we can escape to and have some much  needed cuddle time with our babe. There are a plethora of cabins and B&Bs and resorts that you can book yourself in for a couple of days and take advantage of all the amenities and service spoiling you honey and yourself rotten.If you are feeling adventurous and don’t mind driving an hour or so out of the city you can venture to resorts that offer entertainments for lover like couple’s massage, wine tasting and various activities. You can go to Lansdowne Resort if you don’t want to go too far. This way you don’t have to take a long trip and you are not too far if you need to rush back home.

Romantic getaways do not have to be to a tropical island or a european city nor does it mean you have to spend a ton of money. It only takes a few days, you honey bu your sides and emptying your brain of all those things that bug you all day long.



Be A Gracious Guest



Gift of Roses


So you have your boss , your in-laws, your neighbors, you friends, your coworkers, your cousin, and that guy from college are all throwing a holiday party and you are invited. It’s exhausting just thinking about it. you have work, family and your own holiday get-together to think about, you can’t possibly RSVP yes to all. Some will get a no after careful deliberation on whose party is more important and which host has a thin skin and will get offended. But there are tactful ways of saying, “sorry but I am going to Beth’s party and so won’t be able to make yours”. Here is where a good florist will make you look like you are a Grade A kind of human.



Royal Holiday Centerpiece

Your presence can be felt at the party without actually being there. And you can do that by sending a token of your appreciation for the invite in a form of flowers, gift basket or plant. You can sent a holiday centerpiece for the table, a chocolate, cheese and wine basket for the host and guests to enjoy in your name, or a beautifully dresses up poinsettia to add that little something festive to the party. This will say that you, wonderful human that you are, respect the host, are gracious and appreciative of the invite and you know how to say I won’t be coming with a ton of class. Make sure to have your “Thank you for the invite” gift the day before the party or the day of not after. Unless of course you were planning on attending and just couldn’t muster the energy to change into your party frock and step our into the cool evening (we’ve all been there). In which case then make sure to send a beautiful festive flowers arrangement that says “Sorry I couldn’t make it”.



White Poinsettia

Now that’s we’ve covered the parties you will not be attending, let’s move on to the ones you will be. Rule numero uno: DO NOT GO EMPTY HANDED. A box of fruit cake is better than a hand full of empty air. But us being us, we have only the best suggestions for you. Of course we believe that flowers send the best message of holiday cheer. Although we know for certain are the best option, we know they are not the only option. A good bottle of wine, a cheese tray, freshly baked cookies, cakes and other yummy sugary baked goods are also good options to bring your host. Another alternative, especially if you have some dietary restrictions, you can opt to bring a dish of something you can partake from. You can’t dictate what the host prepares (unless your host if your BFF and will know that you have peanut, shellfish, gluten allergies and are lactose intolerant). therefore, by bringing your own dish of something, you can make sure you won’t be starving if there is nothing else for you to munch on.



Joy To Behold

Another way to make sure you are being gracious to your host is to help clean up. We’ve all hosted a party at some point, and we know that, no matter the size of the shindig, the clean up is quite possibly the worst part of the whole affair. Everyone is tired or went hard on the special eggnog and the prospect of having to pick up all the wine glasses or beer dixie cups and paper napkins and pie crumbs peppered all over the house can trigger a headache worse than the morning after your copious amount of wine ingested. So offer to go around with a trash bag and collect the discarded disposable plates and cups and whatever else the guests left. Trust us, this will get you HUGE brownie points and the honor of THE BEST GUEST EVER!


This holiday is not about what you get, but what you give. Even a moment of your time to help, to listen, to understand is all one needs. Offer that and have the satisfaction in your heart that will bring you unmentionable amount of joy. and have yourself a holiday season full of peace, love, laughter and the gift of giving.



Romantic Dining In DC


Madly In Love

When planning a romantic evening to celebrate your love on Valentine’s Day, the item on top of your list may be a romantic dinner at a posh restaurant. And guess what, it is most likely to be on top of the list of many many many people’s plans. If you haven’t booked your reservation by now, know that most top restaurants are pretty much booked for that evening. Unless you have connections with the restaurant’s maitre d’, you are either eating your dinner at 10pm or later or you are going to have to get creative with a Jambo slice.

One, however, must never give up. There is still some hope that there would be some cancellations or karma from something great you did in the past is coming back to reward you with a table for two at a fine dining establishment.

Here are our favorite restaurants you can look into:


Exquisite Beauty

If you’re looking to recreating the “Lady and the Tramp” spaghetti kissing scene with a plate of italian yummyness go to Ristorante Piccolo, Filomena Ristorante and Ristorante La Perla. Food is great and the atmosphere and decor screams romance. Desert is a must. Sweets for your sweetie.

If vous parlez francais and want to show off to your date, go to Bistro Cacao and order everything in french, also, let us know how many wine bottle you counted…you’ll see what we mean when your get there. Another choice is La Chaumiere. This restaurant is so charming, so rustic, so cosy, and so french you feel the warm and fuzzies. It also has a fireplace, just sayin’.


True Love

If you are a pro with the chopstick and have a penchant for Kobe meat, sashimi and sake head on over to OYA. The ambiance, the slick decor, the delicious food are all recipe for romance. And if you just want to treat your honey to a celebrity designed menu (Wolfgung Puck anyone?), hop, skip and trot on over to the Newseum. Yes, the Newseum, home of the The Source (restaurant).

If the good ol’ fashion, safe and trusted deliciousness is the key to your hearts, mosey on over to the 1789 Restaurant. With a menu far from ordinary, it’s sure not to disappoint. As the environment is key, The Prime Rib, will not fail you with its sitting fit for royalty and a menu fit to satisfy the carnivore in you. Just, drooool.


Garden Romance

Now, these restaurants are prepared for all the love struck couples that will come to celebrate their merging heartbeats. But it is up to you to make this evening more personal and memorable. Plan ahead. How does a florist play into all this, you ask? Simple. Have flowers delivered to the restaurant. Here is a scenario: your hostess leads you to your table that is beautifully set with all kinds of glasses, utensils, plates and what-nots and right in the middle is an arrangement of flowers. Your honey probably thinks it’s part of the decor until she looks around and realises that your table is the only one with beautiful flowers, then she sees the card in the bouquet with her name on it. Imagine the look on her face. How does it make you feel? See. Let us help you.

Valentine’s Day: Men’s Perspective


Swirling Beauty

Lets face it, Valentine’s Day, like anniversaries, is all about the ladies. The pressure is on the men to make the day super special. Men know that women have high expectation during this day. All the “we don’t have to do anything”, “we don’t have to go anywhere”, “you don’t have to get me anything”, “I really don’t care”s are tests. Tests men will be graded on, judged on, compared with, and tests men should want to pass with flying colors. There is, however, an element that hinders their ability to succeed. And that stumbling block are women. The big pile of complicated enigma that women are, assume men should know what they want from them without actually telling them. Because, naturally, men can read minds.


Springtime In Paris

Valentine’s Day is a day that causes men to scratch their heads and figure out what exactly women want and what they mean when they say “I don’t need anything”. It’s a day they’ll need to think of a way to up their ante and do something spectacular where their every day wooing and romancing pales in comparison. This is not August 3rd or June 5th or November 20th. This is February 14th. The day they know their honey has little hearts in her eyes and has great expectations despite of her protests. They know that she wants to receive those gorgeous red roses and teddy bears and candy at work so she can show off. They know that she wants to go to work or call her girl friends the next day to brag about what her man did for her. They also know that their plan needs to be better than their last one. Ignoring the day and not doing anything is not an option, or making up for it will be doubly expensive. Yes it is stressful. Trying to figure out what their woman wants IS exhausting.


Dreaming In Pink

Here is where a good florist comes in handy. A good florist facilitates. Beautiful roses? Got’em. Cuddly stuffed animals? Yup! Balloons declaring your love? Duh! Delicious gourmet chocolates? Of course! Deliver them to her job and allow her to boast what a loving, thoughtful, romantic, and totally deserving of her heart baby she has? Totally! But, the key word here is a good florist, not one that will take your order, your money and promises you the world to only find that she didn’t receive her flowers on the right day and when she did get them, they were in a cardboard box so she’d have to arrange it herself taking the magic of all of it away. And on top of all that, they never contacted you to tell you. Do your research, know who you are dealing with. Better yet, call us. We got your back Mrs Man.


Our Favorite Romantic Movies

Valentine’s Day is full of all things romantic, including romantic movies.  There are a lot of different movies that fall into this category, but here are some of our absolute favorites.  Are they your favorites, too?

Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  This classic Audrey Hepburn film has been a favorite of romantics for years.  It still tops lists of favorite romantic films even today, decades after its release.

An Affair to Remember stars the handsome, dashing Cary Grant.  He whisks away a beautiful singer played by Deborah Kerr for a romantic cruise from Europe to New York, even though they’re both engaged to others.

Casablanca.  Even if you’ve never seen this classic movie, you’ll recognize a number of quotes from it.  Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman are the quintessential romantic couple.

Dirty Dancing.  “Nobody puts Baby in the corner!”  This romantic musical starring the late Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey will forever be known for its amazing music and dance sequences, especially the finale choreographed to the song “The Time of My Life.”

Emma.  Gwyneth Paltrow stars in this adaption of Jane Austen’s novel.  Emma’s well-meaning attempts at match-making lead to some humorous misunderstandings but end with Emma herself finding love.

These five romantic movies are classics.  What other romantic movies should be on this list?

Start off your Valentine’s Day the right way with a bouquet of Valentine’s flowers delivered in Washington, DC.

Chocolate and Flowers – The Best Gift Ever?

For Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and other days when you give flowers, many people also think of giving a box of chocolates.  These two gifts are tied together in many ways, and you’ll find chocolates and other treats available from most florists.  What is it about this combination that may possibly make it the best gift ever?  It’s because of the senses that chocolate and flowers engage.

Most people assume the strongest of the five senses is sight or hearing or touch, but research has shown that no sense engages the memory quite like that of scent.  The smell of warm baking cookies can connect with the memory of your grandmother’s kitchen and instantly take you back there, while the smell of something connected to an unpleasant memory can make you sad.  Sometimes, you don’t even know why you suddenly feel unhappy.  The smell of flowers, with their delicate scent, is soothing to most people.  Sure, the sight of the bright blooms can make us feel better, but it’s the smell of flowers that truly makes them a gift like no other.  After all, how many gifts do you actually want to sniff?

Chocolate, on the other hand, engages our sense of taste, another sense that most gifts do not make use of.  Taste, like scent, is very powerful.  Taste and scent, unlike seeing, hearing, and touching, are senses that aren’t used as often, and so when they are, they seem much stronger.  Think about taste.  Is there anything that can make you recoil as quickly as tasting something disgusting?  It’s an instant reaction.  The same goes for biting into a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie or taking that first taste of a perfectly cooked steak.  Chocolate has a taste all its own, and for most people, it’s absolutely amazing.  It’s so great it’s even believed to be an aphrodisiac!

So while some people would argue that chocolate and flowers aren’t that great, most would say that they’re a treat because of how they engage our senses.  Add to that the fact that they’re gifts you don’t get every day and you’ve got a rare gift that can really turn your day around.

We so strongly believe in this pairing that, for a limited time, we’re giving away a box of Godiva chocolates with every purchase!  Hurry, this is a limited time offer!  Order your chocolates and flowers in Washington, DC, now before we run out!