Romance is Timeless. How to Keep it Fresh

Without romance, where would we be?  Romantic relationships drive us, give us a reason to deal with the everyday grind, and make us happy.  Romance is timeless, but sometimes it can get a little stale if you’re not careful.  Even the most passionate relationship can fall into a rut from time to time.  If you notice that happening with your relationship, you need to do something to freshen it up.  Here are a few ideas.

•    Take a spontaneous weekend vacation.  You don’t have to go far, just get out of your usual surroundings.  A night in a hotel room in a different city can work wonders.  Try a new restaurant, see a play or concert, and enjoy a night away.  This can be especially nice if you have children since parents rarely get to have date night.  Of course, you’ll need to find a baby sitter with short notice, but that’s not impossible.

•    Try new things.  Go to a different restaurant or check out a new attraction.  A change can often really help a relationship.  If most of your activities together are indoors, try going out for a walk under the stars.  If you’re always out doing things, set aside an evening to stay at home.  Whatever you do, mix it up a little.

•    Surprise her.  Make dinner reservations at her favorite restaurant without telling her, or show up at her office to take her out to lunch.  Send her flowers at work.  Buy her a gift when she’s not expecting it.  You don’t have to wait for her birthday, your anniversary, or Valentine’s Day to make a romantic gesture.

•    Compliment her, especially when she’s not looking for a compliment.

•    Try doing an activity together that you haven’t done together before.  Try each other’s hobbies.  You might find that you enjoy them.

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How to be Romantic in 5 Simple Steps

Being romantic isn’t always easy, and it’s not something all guys are good at.  However, it’s not that hard to learn to be romantic.  These five simple steps will impress your girlfriend, your spouse, or the woman you want to woo.  Once you’ve got this down, you can add your own little flourishes and ideas to it and watch her fall in love with you all over again (or for the first time).

1.    Be a gentleman.  They say chivalry is dead—prove them wrong!  Open doors for her (and don’t forget the car door), pull out her chair, and offer her your jacket if she’s cold.  These little things will definitely add up.  One bit of chivalry you might let die is ordering for her.  Most women don’t like that, especially if you don’t know what she might want and just guess.

2.    Give her flowers.  If it’s a first date, a dozen roses might be a bit much, but a single long-stemmed rose is perfect.  If you’re romancing your long-term girlfriend or wife, a dozen roses or a bouquet of her favorite flowers is perfect.

3.    Listen to what she’s saying.  This seems so simple, but many guys just don’t pay much attention.  Often, all it takes to be really romantic is to have a conversation.  It doesn’t have to be about anything important.  Also listen to her likes and dislikes so you don’t accidentally give her something she hates or is allergic to.

4.    Make it personal.  Sure, chocolates, roses, and a stuffed bear can be romantic, but they’re also somewhat generic.  Instead of any box of chocolates, pick up her favorite.  If she loves red roses, that’s great, but if she really like lilies, get her those instead.  Getting her something that she really loves instead of something generic shows that you listen to her and that you know her.

5.    Surprise her.  Every now and then, give her a gift just because.  Bring her flowers on days other than her birthday and her anniversary.  Take her out to lunch just because you were missing her.  Do the unexpected!

These five tips will help add romance to your life and show her just how much you care.

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Choosing Flowers for the Occasion and the Recipient

It’s easy to choose flowers for any occasion or recipient.   We’ll give you a few simple tips.

Let’s start with the happy occasions.  Anniversaries, romantic expressions, birthdays, new babies, thank yous and just sharing your deepest emotions are good opportunities to reach out and celebrate!  Flower arrangments with these flowers alone or in combination and are perfect:

  • Roses
  • Lilies
  • Hydrangea
  • Tulips
  • Irises
  • Delphiniums
  • Daisies

For more solemn occasions, such as the sad parting of a loved one, the same flowers will work, but in different types of arrangements and in soft colors like yellow, red, pink, and pastels.

To choose flowers for your recipient, we suggest these easy guidelines:

Younger Women

  • Tulips
  • Daisies
  • Smaller, relaxed arrangements such as Pink n Playful
  • Colorful Lilies and Roses

Older Women

  • More sophisticated flower arrangements with long stem roses and asiatic lilies
  • Bold arrangements with tropical flowers
  • Modern arrangements with simple lines such as Blossoms of Joy

For Men

  • Arrangements with bold flowers
  • Tropical flowers
  • Florist designed gift baskets (Ask your florist to create a custom basket!)

Keep in mind what you know about the recipient, the colors they enjoy, and their personalities, whether more playful or more serious.

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