Springtime Romance


Some say springtime is when everyone falls in love. We couldn’t agree more. This is where the sun shines and removes the cobwebs from our eyes, everything blooms and we catch the love bug. The fairytale-ish look and feel of the season make us walk around with that dreamy air and heart form in all our eyes like in the cartoons. Yup springtime romance is in the air and we want to help you make the best of it.


Isn’t It Romantic

As flowers are budding this season, so might your love life. You might just be going on your first date with what could be your forever date. You might find yourself overthinking things and your neurosis taking over and sparking all over the place. Don’t fret, you are not the first one with sweaty palms and re-evaluating everything in your closet and deeming them not worthy of your first date with the most amazing human you’ve ever laid eyes on. It happens to all of us, at least once. Gents, this is your chance to show your date the romantic side of you. Your chance to calm the crazy sparkles of thoughts that are going on in her head. If you are picking her up from her home for her date bring her some flowers. We don’t mean you need to bring an explosion of blood-red roses and confess your eternal undying  love to her on the first date and henceforth forever be known  as that crazy guy. All we mean is bring her a small bouquet for colorful spring blooms. Say, if you are meeting somewhere for your date and you think it went exceptionally, make sure to send her flowers the next day to thank her for a wonderful day/evening. Ladies, there is no law that says you shouldn’t do the same for the man. Really, we looked it up. No law.


Explosion of Roses

If you are in the middle stages of your relationships, this is a perfect season for you to turn on the romance  with the aforementioned explosion of roses. This could be your time to go full on Mr Romance. Send her and I’m thinking of you” or a “just because” flowers to her work. She’ll love the Oohs and Ahhs her coworkers will give her. We all like showing off our babe  and tell everyone that we are cared for without sounding obnoxious, well this is the best way to allow her to do so.   And receiving flowers out of the blue for no occasion it will be a great surprise that will get you rewarded for. And ladies, this is you chance to embarrass him by sending him flowers at work too. He really won’t expect it, it will make him think of you all day and in the end he might end up bringing the flowers to you….so that’s a win! You’re welcome!


P.S. I Love You

For those of you in a seasoned relationship, spring provides a perfect time to revamp, refresh, rejuvenate and dust off your romantic skills. Rediscover each other and the reason you first started dated and why you fell in love. Men, show your lady that you see her the same way you did when you first started going out. Tell her that you still get those butterflies in your stomach every time you go out or you see her. Take her out on a date somewhere special to show her that she’s still got it and you want to show her off. Make sure to have a beautiful centerpiece delivered to the restaurant so you can turn on the heat some more. And ladies, show him that you still appreciate the little things as well as the big things he does for you.

As the sun shines and warms the earth, let the shine in your heart show and the warmth glow. Springtime is the perfect season for fresh new love, even with the honey you’ve been married to for 50 years.

Springtime Fun Around Washington D.C.


HW0_581741There is something very special that happens in our area once Spring springs. Many events spring along with it and we can’t wait to partake and enjoy the lovely weather and our lovely DMV area. Most of the event are planned outdoors, so it’s perfect to shade all the winter gloom we’ve been under for the past few months and soak up the sun while enjoying the newly springing blooms outside.

Here are some of our favorite event that we hope you will get to enjoy to, we know we plan to:

  • Most of the event in the spring, or rather the month of april, revolve around the Cherry Blossom festivities on the National MAll. SO wear your comfy shoes and take part in one (or several or all) the happy event taking place. One of which is the Blossom Kite festival, taking place on april 2nd at the national mall where kite enthusiasts go to fly a kite. you can join of sit back on the grass and watch the happy little (or huge) kits fly in the wind. Then there is the International Pillow Fight day even taking place on April 2nd at the national Mall too. How fun is that?! you can use the pillow to sit on afterwards to enjoy the lovely weather. Win win we think.HW0_646216
  • April is also the Smithsonian jazz appreciation day. GOsh, we do love us some Smithsonian! They do have some of the awesomest event around town. Go to their website and get the various locations and dates you can enjoy some of their fun events. you simply must.
  • THere are also some film festivals planned in DC, Virginia and MD with showing of movies/films of various genre. some outdoor some indoors (perfect during the april showers). Go here to see all options.
  • SOme of the events are culturally educational. allowing us to explore various culture’s food, music, art, etc. The Around the World Embassy tour is a perfect way to learn about our neighbors and cultures across the oceans and seas. Many embassies participate in this event bringing us information and entertainment that show us that we are similar in many ways than not. Go here to learn more and get locations for events.
  • PHW_586479Japan gave us the bonsai trees in the National Arboretum, the cherry blossoms we get to enjoy every year and sushi among many other things. and on April 16th they give us the Sakura Matsuri Japanese Street Festival during the National Cherry Blossom Festival. You will see  performances on three stages, martial arts demonstrations, interactive exhibits, food from many japanese restaurants and product from japanese vendors. Seriously, why wouldn’t you want to be there to witness this majestic culture. Really, why?
  • National Harbor Food and Wine festival is another must. Taking place April 23-24 right at the water with live music, over 100 wines, spirits and beers, wood tasting. Be there or be square people. There is a lot that can be missed, this is not one.
  • DC Funk parade on U Street Corridor is another favorite with its live performance, workshops, artists, food and so so so much more. This fun funky party is taking place on May 7th and guys, IT’S FREE! Can’t beat that!
  • And we would be doing a disservice if we didn’t share our absolute favorite. The National Cathedral flower mart on May 6-7. Here you get to  witness gorgeous displays of flower arrangements produced by embassies and international designers, you get to tour the Cathedral grounds and see the beautiful landscapes and perennials, there is musical entertainment, gourmet food and various activities for children and families.HW0_207648
  • Lastly for our health enthusiasts, or rather Yoga enthusiasts, we do not want you to miss out on the GINORMOUS D.C. yoga week where many studios offer discounted or free sessions and finish off with the exclamation point where over a thousand yoga loves of various stages of experiences gather at the national Malls near the Vietnam Memorial and  practice yoga. Namaste.

There you are! You have no excuse to not go out and enjoy the festivities of the season. You want to enjoy the sunny days before you get in the hot, humid, oppressive DC summers. We will bring you more summer fun in the near future, but so now we want you to make the best of the rare short-lived spring dais we get in our area. Because you are our customers, and we love our customers!

How to start Spring with a BANG!

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So, let’s start it with a bang, or a “boing”!

With spring’s arrival comes the arrival of the most beautiful flowers, sunshine and smiles, lighter clothing, birds and butterflies, and the need to clean up and reorganize one’s property and self. Yes, spring is all about rebirth. And we want to embrace it.


Spring Delight

Of course, being a flower shop, we are beyond excited about the beautiful flowers we are able to get during this season. And ONLY this season. And trust us we make the best of it. We get excited about the daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, lilacs, peonies and anemones we will be able to add to our arrangements and make it extra springy. This is the season we look forward to all year-long. Other than the summer, fall and winter flowers, of course (we love them all).

Spring cleaning is important. As the sun shines in and fresh crisp aromatic winds blow, we open our windows let the happy sun and warm air bath our homes. Take out your brooms, mops, swiffers, vacuum cleaners, carpet fresheners, dusters, microfiber cloth, disinfectants and washing fluids (go with the natural organic kind if at all  possible, we don’t want you to breath in chemical fumes), scrubbing brushes, Mr Cleans, rubber gloves (clean home doesn’t need to mean rough hands), wood polishes, face masks and a tooth-brush (because we all know there is nothing that can clean small spaces and corners like a toothbrush, just don’t use it to brush your teeth after). Whew! And get to cleaning EVERYTHING. Yes, you could hire someone to come and do it for you while you sip on your green juice at yours local smoothie bar. But we promise you, there is something therapeutic and cathartic about getting on all four and scrubbing that corner in your bathroom that you keep ignoring. And when you are done cleaning, bask in the  glory that comes from that feeling of accomplishment.


Perfectly Pastel

Store all the bulky winter sweaters, coats, scarves, gloves, socks, hats and boots in bins and put them away to never be seen again, till next year. Change your comforter with brighter colored and lighter ones, unpack all your flowery, flowy and flirty dresses, skirts, blouses, lighter suits and colorful shirts, lighter socks and shoes and hang them in your freshly cleaned closet, drawers and shoes rack. Make sure that they are well-organized and placed in a way it make it easy for you to pick them and wear them. Make sure that those clothes that you know you won’t ever wear are placed in a bag to donate. If you have some emotional attachment to some of them and can’t give them away, you can either dig deep down inside for strength from knowledge that someone else will benefit from those pants from 1995 or fold them properly and store them (with those items you intend to give to your daughter or son in the future) somewhere dry and away from high traffic areas. Arrange your jewelry, cosmetics and accessories properly so they are easily accessible. This will help you know exactly what you have and  enable you to actually wear/use them. When you can’t see them you won’t wear/use them and they will be forgotten in the back of that drawer for years till one day you find them and castigate yourself for spending so much on them to never be seen in them or worse end up buying the same thing again. It’s a terrible feeling and a waste of money. We want to help you not feel terrible.


Country Basket Blooms

Take care of the look of your yard/garden or the potted plants on your balcony or on your shelf. Re-pot what needs re-potting, weed all the pesky little weeds and make them look clean and preeeeeeety for when they bloom (that should be very soon). Be sure to get yourself a beautiful flower arrangement from your trusted local florist, and put themon your dining room table and/or coffee table and/or foyer table. You will be amazed how much more beautiful they will look in your fresh and clean home. Beautiful flowers will make your home more warm and welcoming and less cold and clinical.

Now you are ready! The weight you feel from the gloom of winter and the house in disarray is behind you. you are ready to fly and float through the warmer months like the butterfly that you are!

Food, Drinks And Decor For A St. Patrick’s Day Party

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Top of the morning (afternoon or evening) to ya!

It’s upon us! What is? St Patty’s Day!!!! In just one week we will be elbow deep in green beer, pots of gold, leprechaun and green beads. And will love every bit of it. Some may  be in bars, restaurants and lounges partaking in the festivities. And some others will be throwing parties pf their own in their homes. We, heroes that we are, come to assist the party throwers with some fun St. Patrick’s Day themed food, drinks and decor ideas. You, my lovelies lads and lasses, are welcome!


Brightly Blooming


Ok, the theme is green, and we really don’t associate a lot of green food with party food, because you don’t normally eat a bowl of salad at a happening party…you just don’t. So what do we do? We get creative.

  • First we’ll start with a simple party food classic: Chips and dip. You may have noticed all the fancy chips in the supermarkets all in various colors, get the green ones (we promise they are delicious) and for dip, obviously, some guacamoleeeee.
  • Next up, some deviled eggs. Yes, yes, we know, nothing green there, BUT you can make it green. Two ways you can you can use blue (because yolk is yellow and blue and yellow make green) or green food dye when you are mixing your yolk OR if you want the healthier option include some puree spinach or some chlorella powder with the yolk. Yup, healthy and yummy.
  • Of Course, we can’t forget the corn beef and cabbage. You would ask how can that be party food? And we would say: You MAKE it a party food by arranging in small bites. How? Take small Romaine lettuce leaves and spoon some cabbage and some corn beef  bites onto them. Romaine leaves make perfect edible spoons.
  • Potatoes are another Irish staple that you can incorporate. Small yummy potato pancakes or boxty are perfect to soak up all that St Patty’s Day drinks you will be drinking. Click here for more food ideas and recipes.



Leprechaun Magic

No party is a party without delicious drinks. And St. Patrick’s day party is THE party that dictates there should be plenty of drinks that of the green variety. Such fun!

  • Beer! Duh, right? Well there are many options. First of you MUST have Guinness. You can’t not have Guinness. It’s the law. Green beer? Well of course! Arm yourself with light colored beer and some food coloring (the ones from the deviled eggs). You’ll just a small drop and BAM you have some green beer.
  • Stock up on Irish whiskey like Jamieson or Midleton or Pady. If you are going to have some adult drinks, you better have some whiskey.
  • Appletinis! They are delicious, they are green, they are perfect party drinks. “Nuff said.
  • Chocolate martinis are another great options. No they are not green but you can make them with Baileys Irish Cream and stay with the Irish theme. And they are yummy so it’s a win win.



Basket Full Of Wishes

This is where you get to make sure that everyone that walks through your doors KNOWS that this party is a St. Patrick’s Day party. You can be as classy or as ostentatious as you want to be, or both, it’s you party you do what you want.

  • Flowers. We would be doing a disservice to you and to ourselves if we didn’t suggest flowers. They are after all the ultimate decorating tool. If you want to class up the joint with some items that take away from the leprechaun hats you are passing around your guests, we recommend a beautifully arranged bouquet of flowers. We can even make it all green with green hydrangeas, spider mums, athos, cymbidium orchids, carnations, trick dianthus, cremones, bluperums, cremones, hanging amaranthus, bells of ireland and beautiful fragrant seeded and baby eucalyptus to tie it all together. And then you can throw in some yellow flowers for the gold (in the pot) with yellow lilies, button mums, roses, tulips and snapdragons. Of course to have that pot of gold you have to have the rainbow and you can have a bouquet of an array of colors arranged elegantly to guide your guest to the prize.
  • Make sure you stock up on green beads to drape around your guests neck, leprechaun hats for their heads, and Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Balls wrapped in gold foil for the gold element of the holiday. Make sure you have green paper plates, cups, utensils to tie in the theme, some three-leaf clover confetti and some St patty’s Day themed props on a stick to you for that photo booth you’ll have (we want to see your pictures). And the best part is that all this can be used as party favors the guest can take home with them as a reminder of the awesome host and party thrower you are. You are so welcome! And right now, we so want to come to your party!

Now that you are armed with all the best suggestions for a fun party we want to say, drink responsibly, make sure your Uber and Lyft app is on your phone (DO NOT DRIVE) and may the luck of the Irish be with you!

Five Ways to Thank Someone TODAY


Pleased As Punch

Saying the words “thank you” is an excellent start. But words can feel inadequate sometimes. At time, only the words don’t seem enough to fully show our sentiments for the magnitude of what someone did for us. We want something solid and tangible to make up for the seemingly light words.


Flowers never fail. Sending a beautifully and professionally arranged bouquet of bright colored flowers will alway communicate your appreciation. Flowers have a very innocent way of expressing sentiments like no other. Trust us, we would know.


Around The World Gourmet

A basket of goodies. Delicious fresh fruits and delectable gourmet cheeses, chocolates, nuts and more displayed in a basket complete with a big bold bow will say “thank you” in the yummiest way. You can  include a bottle of wine or  of a bubbly too to class it up a bit (wink wink). This especially a great way to say thank you to a group of people, like to an office. Very shareable.

Take the person to lunch or dinner (choose the star of the restaurant in proportion to how grateful you are). This would be a gastronomically excellent way to say thank you to a person with finer taste of foo or a foodie.

Sent a potted plant. Live plants could be the most permanent way of saying thank you repeatedly. Weather it is a blooming plant or a green plant, the person will always remember your “thank you” every time s/he waters it or when the plant blooms or just looks at it. We recommend an orchid plant or a medley of lush green plants in a dish garden.


Dish Garden

Social network can assist in allowing you to say thank you publicly. you can show your friends and family and her/his friends and family just how great s/he is by detailing what s/he did and thanking her/him.


These are all great ways of showing a person that you are thankful now. and we can help you with 3 of the 5 ways. We’ve got the flowers, we have the basket full of yummy goodness, and we’ve got the plants. You want to say thank you today? We can make it happen for you TODAY.



Spring Forward For Spring


Divine Spring

As we wake up an hour earlier that we’ve been waking up for the past few months, take our first shot of strong coffee/tea/very “appetizing looking green smoothie” we know that Spring is knocking at the door. Even as we rub the crust off our eyes and grunt at the totally unacceptable time to roll out of bed we are happy to know that soon the sun will shine bright, the air will be warmer, the birds will sing, the sky will be blue, the flowers will bloom, the trees will be green and we will feel a LOT lighter sans the fourteen layers of “stuff” we’ve been putting on.

All of the sudden life  feels promising and positive, and all because of the promise of spring is around the corner. We, at MyFlorist are ticked with that prospect too. That whole “flowers blooming in the spring” thing makes us do a jig. Flowers is what we’re about. And the fact that we will get to “play” with so many pretty spring flowers is what we look forward to all year long.



Spring Serenade

It’s true that it rains a lot in spring, and that’s ok. Because it will clean all the snow that winter blessed us with in the tail end of the season. And with lots of rain come lots of green grass and foliage. It’s a rebirth where earth blossoms in its full glory. The happy birds that relocated in the southern warmer regions, fly back and we get to enjoy their happy chirps. The cherry blossom trees in our Nation’s Capital make us feel like we are strolling through the parks in the far east or in a fairy land where everything is just perfect. Seriously, if you haven’t visited, you simply must. It’s the absolute exclamation point of this wonderful season! And the National Mall is at its greenest; your could almost hear the grass cheering with glee.



Your Sweet Smile

Speaking of green, this season comes with an opportunity for us to welcome it with a grand celebration. We call that opportunity St. Patrick Day. So, we welcome you to join us in ushering in the new “green” season! Speaking everything green – from green smoothies to green flower arrangements to green beads – lets talk about our green earth. As we see the seasons change and we enjoy what our earth gives us, let us think about what we can give the earth. Let’s start with our respect and let us all do our part.

Yay for Spring!!!

Spring Is Coming!


Spring Waltz

Having experienced the single digit temperatures in the past few days, and a snowstorm, it is hard to believe that Spring is actually right around the corner. Four weeks and 3 day, to be exact, till it’s officially Spring. Yes, we counted. We are ready for Winter to be over too. We are ready to shed off all the layers of long sleeved t-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, coats, scarves, hats, and gloves (all worn at the same time). yes it’s been that cold lately.


Spring Garden

As a florist, however, there are more reasons we want the cold and gloom of Winter to be gone and want Spring to be here already! Flowers are just at their prettiest in the spring. We get to play with some fresh cut flowers that are out of season for the most of the year. The pretty daffodils, the lovely tulips, the fragrant hyacinths, the fresh smelling lilacs, the gorgeous campanulas and the many many indoor potted plants like colorful hydrangea plants, the fun tulip plants, daffodil plants, hyacinths plants, and iris plants. And the beautiful cherry blossoms that lend their beauty to make our arrangements both elegant and earthy all at the same time. To a florist, having all these flowers and arranging them for you is like being a kid and a toy store. It unleashes our creativity and make our task fun. And the end result is seen in the gasps and admirations of our customers. Yes, we are super excited that spring is coming. And it couldn’t come fast enough.


Spring Sonata

We also miss the chirp of the birds in the morning, and the laborious bees buzzing from bloom to bloom. The opportunity to show off our pedicures and wear lighter and brighter clothing. Now how do we make the earth spin faster to shorten the bitter cold of winter and land in the worm freeze and happier air of spring? Really, that’s a serious question, how can we do it? We want to start working on our spring arrangements ASAP.


D.C. Garden Inspirations

Plants Dishgardens 009 Blog

Since spring has sprung and you may be itching to go out and get your hands dirty in your gardens, be it the size of a pot or the FedEx field, you might be looking for inspiration. Well, we will help you find said inspiration while helping you discover the city’s hidden gems for an outing on a lovely spring day. We generally don’t associate a metropolitan city like D.C. with perfectly manicured gardens or acres and acres of land comprising exotic gardens and woodlands open for the public to explore, but they do exist. And if it rains, as it is known to do in the spring, remember that all these locations have indoor gems to be enjoyed. Here are some of the gardens for you to visit during the warm spring days:

  • Hillwood Estate Museum and Gardens located near Howard University is, in our humble opinion, D.C.’s jewel box. It sits on 25 acres of land; 13 acres of which are dedicated to the beautifully maintained gardens that complement (dare we say even rival) the mansion and its extensive collections. Once thoroughly overwhelmed by its breathtaking rose gardens, orchid greenhouses and waterfall and the equally breathtaking interior of the mansion, you can rest your feet at their charming cafe. We also suggest you visit their calendar for their many events throughout the year.
  • The Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America is our runner up for the District’s well hidden treasure with a beautiful interior of the main church and a glorious serene garden with over 1200 plants, herbs, and flowers including many different kinds of roses on 40 acres. They are open Monday through Sunday for select hours, so be sure to visit their website for their times.
  • Sitting on 444 acres of land is The National Arboretum, where you can find various trees, herb and flower gardens, bonsai museums, the Capitol’s original columns, and much much more. You can walk or bike on the trails or drive to the various spots or just sit on one of the many benches along the trails to explore the various flora and enjoy the scenery. The National Arboretum is open to the public Friday through Monday and it is right on New York Ave NE.
  • The Tudor Place Historic House and Gardens is another gem that offers guided tours through the gardens where you learn the history of the century old trees, plants and flowers including a Japanese tea house on 5.5 acres. They also offer a “Tea and Tour Package” where they treat you to a traditional Victorian tea and delicious accompaniments. When you leave this delicious experience and you still feel like you need more gardens in your day, remember you are a stone throw away from the historic Dumbarton Oaks, home of yet another of D.C.’s exquisite gardens.

Some of us apartment or condo dwellers, however, may not have an outdoor space to garden, or we may not have the desire to go out and ruin our manicures in the dirt. Well, we suggest you bring the already beautifully arranged (by someone else) gardens in a dish indoors. We can help with that too.

March Madness and You

ncaa-march-madness1March Madness is upon us!  But you don’t have to be a huge basketball fan to fall into March Madness.  The term has come to also refer to the activities many people start in the spring after winter is over.

March Madness and Men

If your man loves basketball, expect him to be parked in front of the TV for much of March.  The NCAA Men’s Division I championship is held throughout the month.  But another form of March Madness comes with the change in the weather.  Since it’s warmer, a lot of men can’t wait to get outdoors and start tinkering with their cars, riding their motorcycles, or playing a little basketball themselves.  Of course, they probably won’t be thinking about starting in on your home repair list!

March Madness and Women

Some women get into basketball as well, but many find other things to do during the month.  Many like to get a start on their spring cleaning.  They go through their clothes and get rid of anything they haven’t worn in a while.  Then, since they’ve gotten rid of a chunk of their wardrobe, they’ve got to go shopping!  Some women like to get their gardens or flowerbeds started up, although you never can tell if there will be a late March freeze or not.

Fun Activities for the Whole Family

Sometimes, the whole family sits down to watch the games, but if you can’t get everyone together for basketball, you can do other March Madness activities.  You can spend a lot of time outdoors, go play at the park, or go to the zoo.  It all depends on how the weather is.

We’ll help get your March Madness going with some beautiful spring flowers in Washington, D.C.!

Jump Start Your Spring with Flowers

HW0_278352Spring is just about here!  If you can’t wait for picnics, long walks through the park, and getting to wear all those spring clothes, you might be ready to jump right in.  But there’s still a little bit of time before Spring officially starts, and the weather is sometimes a little unpredictable.  Winter likes to hold back one last chill for March, so don’t put away those jackets just yet.

But there are some ways you can jump start your spring.  Flowers are a great way.  They’re easy to get, affordable, and look amazing.  You can do a lot with just a few flowers.  You can use one big arrangement to make a bold statement, or you can use a few smaller arrangements spread throughout your home to create a feeling of spring being in the air everywhere.  It all depends on what fits your style.

There are a lot of different flowers that work well for the spring.  Roses, violets, daffodils, daisies, gerbera…anything that’s bright and colorful.  Feel free to mix and match colors, too.  Spring is all about the explosion of hues and tones!

If you’re ready to jump start your spring, take a look at some of the amazing spring flowers available in Washington, DC.