What Can You Say with Flowers?

There are many different things you can say with flowers, but there are also several factors that determine what message the flowers you send are saying.  If you’re not careful, you can actually send a very different message than you mean to!  Here are the things you need to keep in mind when you send flowers.

How many are you sending?  A dozen red roses shows more of a commitment than a single red rose.

How high-quality are your flowers?  Sending her flowers from a florist says you value her.  Giving her a $5 bouquet from the supermarket either says you’re cheap or that you waited until the last minute.

What flowers are you sending?  This is the big one!  If you want to say “I love you,” roses are obviously the go-to flower.  Daisies, on the other hand, are much more of a friendship flower.  Here are some flowers and what you can say with them?

Azaleas: fragile passion
Baby’s Breath: pure of heart
Bells of Ireland: good luck!
Carnations: fascination
Chrysanthemum: loveliness, cheerfulness
Daffodil: unrequited love
Daisy: purity, beauty, friendship
Forget-me-not: true love
Gardenia: secret love
Geranium: unexpected meaning, comfort, peace
Gladioli: I’m sincere!
Hibiscus: delicate beauty
Hyacinth: please forgive me
Iris: faith, hope, you mean so much to me
Jasmine: sensuality, elegance
Lilac: first love, beauty, maiden charms
Magnolia: nobility, perseverance
Orchid: love, refinement, charm
Peony: happy life
Rose (red): love
Rose (yellow): friendship
Rose (white): innocence, purity
Tulip: declaration of love, happiness

What message will you send with flowers?  If you’re not sure, we can help you pick the best spring flowers to send in McLean, VA.

Spring Break at Home

Spring break is here, but for those of us who are no longer in school, that doesn’t really mean anything.  While in college, this week might mean going to Ft. Lauderdale or some other fun location, but in the adult world, it’s just another work week.  Or is it?  Why not take your own spring break?  If you’ve got some vacation time, take off a day or two and enjoy it!  You don’t have to go anywhere, either—take a spring break at home.

Taking a break at home can mean many things.  Some people just take a few days off and do absolutely nothing!  They watch TV, see a movie or two, catch up on magazines or the book they’ve been working on…basically, they rest and relax.  On the other hand, some people spend this “spring break” catching up on chores.  They do a few repairs around the house, maybe get things ready for warm weather, and do some spring cleaning.  This is also a good time to plant spring flowers and get the garden ready for the coming year.

Others like to take a few days at the end of the week so they can have an extended weekend.  While some people might take this time to take a mini-vacation, some people like to stay at home and work on major projects.  This includes doing things like repainting the house and doing major home repairs.  It is a vacation?  Some would say no, but others love doing this type of stuff, and for them, it’s spring break.

Are you going to take a spring break at home this month?  If so, what are your plans?

Don’t forget to order spring flowers in McLean, VA, to brighten up your spring break!

Spring Flowers for the Garden

Is your flowerbed ready for spring?  There are a number of different flowers that grow in the spring.  Some are well-known and very popular, while others aren’t grown that often.  Will you grow any of these spring flowers in your garden this year?

Azaleas are large, gorgeous flowering shrubs.  In some areas, huge azalea festivals are held.

Birds of Paradise are an exotic flower resembling a flying bird.  It has a very uncommon shape and look to it, making it a popular flower for those who want to grow something a little different.

The Cherry Blossom is a beautiful flowering tree that explodes in white and pink during the spring.  The tree is very popular in Japan, and today, cherry blossom festivals are held all over the world.  One great festival is held in Washington, D.C.

Dahlias are large blooms that come in many different colors and shapes.  They’re great flowers to grow if you don’t have a lot of space because they do well in containers.

The Daffodil is a popular flower that grows in many areas.

The Gardenia is a very aromatic flower that lasts for quite some time when cut.  It’s also sometimes used as hedges or as part of ground cover.

The Glory of the Snow isn’t as well known.  It blooms in the early spring and is a pale blook color with some darker purples along the edges.

Then there’s the Hyacinth, an amazing pillar of flowers that comes in many different colors and smells great.

People love Lilacs!  They smell great and look incredible.

The Marigold, which usually comes in yellow or gold, is a pretty common flower in many areas—so common that some people start to think of them almost as weeds!

Naturally, the beautiful rose starts blooming in the spring.

Another amazingly colorful flower is the Tulip. It comes in many different shades, sizes, and height.

Which of these flowers do you love the most?  Let us know and then send flowers in Washington, DC, to your loved ones.