Winter Joy


Blossoms of Joy

Yes, it is cold. Yes, you cannot wait for spring and summer to be here. Yes, we are not even halfway through winter and you are already over it. So, what to do? we make the best of it and find the joy in Winter. This is the time we get to shed the unwanted and get ready for the rebirth that comes with spring. We will list some of the things we believe will help you find the joy that can be found in this gloomy season.

  • Funny hats, fuzzy scarves, and fun mittens. Yup, when else can you wear those? This is a great opportunity for you to show your fun, goofy personality.
  • Getting to hid behind bulky sweaters and coats while you work on your beach body. And   come warm weather BAM! the big reveal. Who knew inside that sweatshirt was a leaner trimmer you?!
  • This   is the season with very few holidays where there is danger of you being invited and forced to get out of your warm and cozy home where your blanket, favorite hot beverage, guilty pleasure TV shows or movies or that book you never seem to have the time to read are. So  take advantage of the season and catch up on the many seasons of TV Series or take up cross stitching or paint a beautiful painting for your dinning room.


    Joy Forever

  • Remember  snow days when you were in school? well they are just as fun as adults. You either get to work from home or not work at all. You get to go out and play in the fresh snow and watch the snowflakes fall on your nose.
  • While on the subject, when else would you be able to get fresh powder when skiing? It is winter, there will be fresh snow, it is science.
  • Since you will be indoor a bit over this season, this is the time to discover, rediscover, or perfect the joy of cooking. If you are going to be quarantined indoors, might as well be with some nommy noms.

So, you see, there is joy to be found or had in this season. And for those who can’t find it send it in the form of happy, joyful, guaranteed to bring an honest smile to the face of the recipient. Flowers


Our Favorite Holiday Memories

hw0_495766Traditions, laughter, family, friends are what make lasting memories that you carry through your life and get to relive and revive year after year every holiday. And if you are lucky you get to recreate and pass on to your children. We all have our favorite holiday memories and those memories are what tie us together in the merriment of the season. The smell of cinnamon-ey, ginger-ey, sugary baked goods, the taste of spiced wine or creamy eggnog, singing Christmas carols as you studied your Christmas tree and devised the best way to hand your ornaments or that time you sat on your father’s shoulders and reached up to put the big bright and shiny star on top of the tree. And that time your uncles strategized on how to best hang the Christmas lights on the outside wall of your home, or eyeing the Christmas presents siting at the foot of the tree and guessing what could possibly be in the boxes.

hw0_629767It could be going to midnight mass at church, or playing Mary and Joseph at you Sunday schools play of the nativity. Or going to a nursing home or children’s home with you parents to bring some Christmas gift and spreading some holiday cheer. or it could be watching the joy and surprise in your loved ones’ faces when they open the gifts that you put so much thought in or spent the money you worked so hard for.

Or it is  the stories you told, games you played, laughter and tears you shares with your family on Christmas eve. or that  time you went ice skating at your neighborhood skating rink, or the time you caught the Nutcracker at the theater. I could be the holiday trip your family took to a cabin for a special holiday trip, or the tropical Christmas that one year where you said Mele Kalikimaka instead of Merry Christmas.

hw0_495728We all have our own special memories that we will keep and treasure for all the days of our lives. And there are the memories we are going to make. Every holiday season is an opportunity to create a joyful memory for our loved ones. Every day of the season is an opportunity to make the days special for our families, friends and ourselves. But we should not limit this opportunity to only the holiday season. Every day of every year is an opportunity for lovely long lasting memories and and opportunity to make someone smile and have a heart full of joy and cheer. We urge you to make memories. We make memories every day, people never forget the day they received flowers, no matter ho many times they receive them in their lives.

Cafes and Restaurants Perfect For Cold Winter Days

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Cosmic Blooms

It’s cold outside so it is natural that we migrate towards foods and drinks that will help warm us up. And as such our body will seek restaurants that will offer these belly warming offerings. We are here to help you find those places that will give you that warm and toasty feeling with every spoonful.

It is not a secret that the best way to warm someone’s heart is through flowers. We know that, you know that, she knows that, he knows that, they know that, everyone knows that. It’s a no brainer. But what warms your extremities in the cold winter days, other than sweaters, coats and gloves that is? Rich, hot and spicy comfort food and drink does.

We can’t think of winter without thinking about hot cocoa. They go together like bread and butter, peanut butter and jelly, Tom and Jerry and Bonnie and clyde. Here are some of our favorite places to indulge in some chocolatey goodness. If you find yourself in Northern Arlington, we highly recommend you stop by NiceCream Factory in the Clarendon area and try their brand spanking new Nutella hot chocolate. I mean COME ONE! Who can say no to that?! And get that drink to go and it will serve as a hand warmer if you want to explore the neighborhood on foot. And if you have some dietary restriction or just prefer to eat/drink healthier, then go to Sticky Fingers in Columbia Heights (right across from Giant) for their yummy hot chocolate (and their even yummier cupcakes). You won’t be disappointed.


Delightful Expression

Now hot chocolate is not the only beverage approved by the winter committee, all hot beverages are: like tea. And there is no place like Teaism for it. This is not a place where you simply drink your tea. This is a place where your experience it. They have a ton of choices and we promise you’ll love it. This place doesn’t only offer teas, despite it’s name, it offers a wide variety of soups, entrees, breakfast food and dessert. Just go there, we can’t say enough about the place.

Speaking of soups, the official belly warming choice of the cold season, we offer you some of the great choices around the area. Let’s start with Pho. Helloooo abundant supply of hot broth, noodles and your choice of protein and/or vegetable. If a bowl full of Pho doesn’t warm you up from head to toe, not sure what else can. Pho 75 in Reston VA is the place to be.

In the event that a bowl of Pho doesn’t quite do it for you, we suggest restaurants that offer spicey selections like Indian, Thai, and Ethiopian food. For a great Indian food with its aromatic spices and seasonings, Rasika on West End will not fail you. And for that hot Thai cuisine that will make the warmth travel from your tongue to you toes, Beau Thai is where it’s at. If you’re feeling adventurous and looking for that warm spicy bite, Meaza in Falls Church has got your back.


Exquisite Beauty

Another safe and sure bet to keep your belly warm and happy, is a good ole home cooked meal feel. Hot pot pies, country fried chickens, grilled cheese and tomato soup, mashed potatoes, mac n’ cheese and so much more…Mouth watering yet…well Ted’s Bulletin In DC AND Reston  AND Gaithersburg AND Fairfax has all of that AND breakfast food all day long. Now if that doesn’t warm your heart and your belly and your toesies, not sure what else can.

Here you are. Delight your heart with out flowers and you belly at these locations. Then we suggest you stop by YOUR favorite florist, MyFlorist, and pick up you favorite arrangement so you can put a warm smile on your face and on your loved ones’. And on the plus side of all this is that these places would be a great option to take your honey on a Valentine’s date. It’s less than a month away, and remember a warm and happy honey is a warm and happy you, Wink wink. Now we leave you here, as all that talk of yummy food has our bellies rumbling. Stay warm and stay happy dears!


Romantic Getaways in the City





HW0_446483A long weekend is coming up and you are probably thinking what you can do with your sweetie to enjoy the time off. You’ll be surprised to know that you don’t have to go very far to have a romantic time away. There some hidden gems around our lovely city that will offer you some much deserved RR&R (rest, relaxation and romance). And you do deserve to have some time where you put your day to day hustle and bustle aside, put your responsibilities and obligation on pause and get to enjoy your honey. Don’t you think?


There are some of the great places you can go that we think will give you that “I went away on a getaway” feeling without really leaving home. There are several Bed & Breakfasts peppered around the Washington Metro area that would be a great option to get our of your house and pretend you are in a far away land with your love. Most of these places are converted old mansions or historical houses. So you can enjoy their history playing love struck tourists and live out some Downton Abbey fantasies.

Or you can book yourself a room at a hotel. the point of his is to get away all the things you think you have/must do at home and just enjoy each other. you don’t have to make the bed, do the dishes, vacuum or pick up after yourself. Your sole responsibility if ensuring that you and your hone have a great time with hearts in your eyes.


And you really want to take a not so far trip but far enough to feel like you are not within reaching distance from home, there  are plenty of places around our fair city that we can escape to and have some much  needed cuddle time with our babe. There are a plethora of cabins and B&Bs and resorts that you can book yourself in for a couple of days and take advantage of all the amenities and service spoiling you honey and yourself rotten.If you are feeling adventurous and don’t mind driving an hour or so out of the city you can venture to resorts that offer entertainments for lover like couple’s massage, wine tasting and various activities. You can go to Lansdowne Resort if you don’t want to go too far. This way you don’t have to take a long trip and you are not too far if you need to rush back home.

Romantic getaways do not have to be to a tropical island or a european city nor does it mean you have to spend a ton of money. It only takes a few days, you honey bu your sides and emptying your brain of all those things that bug you all day long.



Winter Fun in The DMV




Winter Oasis

Yes, old man winter is officially here. We’ve been spoiled so far with perfect weather, but now, it looks like Mr Winter is on the job “wintering”. And this means that we have to find some fun activities we can get into while keeping ourselves warm.

It is January, and that means that we are officially in the Playoffs season of football. We think this should be a national holiday, but it’s not BUT no one is stopping us from celebrating it like it were. Yes, the Redskins are in the playoffs, yes we never saw it coming. Yes, we are happy. And, yes, they better go all the way! We must celebrate our home team for all the W they will give us. There are many bars around the city we can go to so we can share our enthusiasm for our team. You’ll be indoors away from the cold, you’ll cheer all the touchdowns and commiserate with fellow fans for all the bad call the refs make.


New Sensation

While we’re in the sports theme, and while it’s January and you are still enthused about your new resolution to be more active, workout more and stay fit, we that indoor sports are a fun way to keep our blood pumping and keep warm while getting trim and fit. indoor volleyball, indoor basketball, bubble soccer (soccer played with each player inside a bubble, such fun) and many many more. This fun activity will help you socialize, make new friend (especially if you are a new transplant to the area), help you drag yourself out of you hibernation and keep you healthy. A win-win-win we think.

Maybe you have penguin skin and you just don’t get cold, maybe you don’t mind outdoor activities in the winter, maybe you like the “crisp” air and may possibly have a polar bear in you blood. maybe you’ll enjoy the Ice skating rinks around the DMV. All strategically located in the hot and happening neighborhoods in the area. hop on the Silver Line and swish, twirl and make some lazy figure eights on the ice at the Tyson’s Corner mall. Or take the blue or yellow line to the pentagon city mall and do some fancy spins and flips or take the red line to downtown Silver Spring and slide hand in hand with you beau.


Snowy Night

Going to the MANY and FREE and FUN museums we have is another great idea for fun in the winter time. You will be expanding your knowledge, doing something fun with friend, family or a date aaaand getting out of the house to anyanything other than shuffling around in your socks. The Natural History museum and the Air and Space museums are perfect if you plan on taking the young one. Loads of interactive displays and activities to delight everyone. Who doesn’t like ginormous dinosaurs and hanging airplanes? Right?

The point is, just because it is winter and cold outside, doesn’t mean that you need to lock yourself at home wearing your onesie, drinking hot coco and binge watching shows on netflix for the next 3 months. All we are saying is that you can still drink your hot coco and wear you warm onesie (onder regular cloth) and be outside having fun. No one said that outdoor fun is reserved only for the warmer months.

Finish The Year With A Bang


Purest Intention

Here we are, winding down the year. Going over the plus and minus of the minuses of 2015. The resolutions fulfilled and those we, ahm, didn’t. No matter how our year went, we know where are the people we are today because of what we learned the whole year. This is a time for reflexion, of making a new resolution and starting a new year with gusto and brimming with positivity.

In order to add some positive energy into the coming year, we need to end this one on a high note. What kind of high note? What ever will make you feel like you are on top of the world and the coming year is going to bend to your will and bring you all the things you’ve worked so hard to get.


Pure Elegance

Get a massage to melt away the past year’s weight. Get a new hair cut for a fresh look. Go to a New Year’s Eve party, there are so many galas and parties in the city, or at a friend’s house or throw one yourself and have a ball and finish the year in style. Most importantly let go of the resentment and all the negative thoughts that pulled you back in this past year. Take a few days off to decompress and regroup so that you have the energy and the alacrity to dive into the promise of the new year. Leave all that is bad and wrong in this year, don’t carry it with you in the new. Don’t let the old year set on your fights, apologize who you’ve wronged (even if you really didn’t do anything wrong) Flowers are great way to apologize…just in case you didn’t know, and they are a sure way of getting forgiveness.


Purest Love

Make sure to also forgive yourself for all those new year resolutions that you set at the beginning of this year and managed to not come close to accomplishing. It’s ok, you are human. To err is our thing, we’re great at it but we are also great at bouncing back and learning from our mistakes. We do it everyday here at our shop and i am sure you do to. But we also know that each and every mistake helps us become better and serve our fantastic customer with the best possible products and services. That’s what makes a great florist. And that’s what make you great…So we say to you our lovelies HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Our Top 10 Gift Ideas this Christmas

HW0_247260We have all kinds of people with various hobbies, interests, obsessions, characters, personalities and experiences in our life. Old, young, man, woman, sporty, outdoorsy, techie, bookworm, fashionista, trendy and the list goes on and on and on and on. And this being a season of giving, you are wrecking your bran thinking about fun new ideas of gifts you can give them. So here we are with our hero caps coming to save the day.

Now we will tell you that flowers will ALWAYS be the best gift to give for any occasion any season and holiday. You just can never fail with flowers.  but we also know that there are other options out there that can satisfy anyone’s taste.HW0_495737

The key when choosing a gift think of something that that the recipient would like not necessarily what you would like. And don’t assume that the recipient is one dimensional, meaning don’t assume just because the giftee is a Redskins fan, you should get him or her Redskins paraphernalia year after year after year.

So here are some fun things that we thing are awesome gift ideas this year:

  1. Star Wars is all the craze this year and just in time for christmas we have the ultimate toy for young, young at heart, star wars fanatics and tech junkies the Sphero BB-8™ the App-Enabled Droid.
  2. Gone are the days of the Segway PT, hard as it is to believe. We have now embarked the hoverboard era. This option will please the big and small kids, the speed junkies and the Back to the Future fans.HW0_325730
  3. Nothing says you put some serious thought into the gift like a personalized jewelry. and neckless with her name, cufflinks with his initials, a ring with her birthstone, or an engraved watch with a personal message. This will truly tough the heart.
  4. While we are on the personalized theme, nothing says truly personalized like a hand made.custom made item specifically made for a special person. You know how to knit? Then scarfs, gloves, hats, duvet covers are great for those that you know will appreciate the effort. You are a DIY kind of person then go to your neighborhood second hand furniture store and find a chair, a table, an armoire or a night stand that you can work on and make special for your friends or family.
  5. For the sporty people we  give you the Eliptigo. Some genius out there to out the elliptical machine outdoors. It’s and elliptical bicycle guys! How awesome is that?!
  6. Another great gift you can give (other than flowers) that will earn you major brownie point would be a gift certificate for a spa day or a massage. it would make a fantastic gift for a new mother, or a person with a high stress job or an athlete that is bound to have some serious sore muscle.
  7. For the bookworm in your family you can never go wrong with an e-reader. You can even load it with some books that you know the person will love.PHW_494935
  8. To the person that seems to have everything and needs nothing give the gift of your time. This quite possibly may be the best gift you can give someone that cannot be monetized (well it can be but try not to). Just spend quality time with the person.
  9. For the health nut err we mean fanatic err we mean conscious person, a great blender for the morning green smoothie or liquid protein lunch would earn you a thousand thank yous.
  10. Lastly for that person that never has time for anything offer the gift of your help. Maybe it is to go and cook for him or her once a week. or pick up the dry cleaning or get the groceries or do the wash or any other chore the person just hasn’t had the time to tackle and has been accumulating. this is a gift that will give someone some level of peace that s/he wouldn’t have otherwise.

Your gift doesn’t have to cost you a fortune 9it can if you want, nothing stopping you) but the point is in giving your friend or a family member something you know will put a huge smile on their face and lets them know that you put some thought in the gift. And give without expectation. Their reaction is reward enough.



Avoid the Hassles of Holiday Shopping



Holiday Elegance

Yes, it’s true that the malls and stores are looking super festive with holiday decor and music and it’s fun looking at the shop windows and losing yourself in the holiday daydream they created for us. But it’s also the worst. Why, you ask? The long lines for the checkout counter, the crazy number of customers milling around on every square inch of the stores, the inability to decide between several items, the shleping of bags and coats and scarves and gloves and realizing that we only have two arms and hands. And they’re simply not enough. So as fun as it is to leisurely float from one store to another we believe holiday shopping can make our blood pressure rise higher than the loooong list of gifts we need to buy.


Luminous Lilies Centerpiece

So why stress yourself 0ut when you can sit back and relax on your favorite recliner with your laptop on your lap and hot coco on the side table surrounded by the twinkling lights of your christmas tree and the wonderfully warm scent of ginger and cinnamon cookies you just backed and are now savoring. A few clicks here, a few more clicks there and bunch of clickity-clicks over there and bam, you’ll have your gifts at your door steps. And if you are one of those people that can’t wrap a gift, some stores offer the option of gift wrapping for you and have it sent to your recipient’s address. And if, like some of us, find the joy in wrapping an exquisite gift and adding the finishing touch of a pretty bow enough to make the gift recipient not want to open the gift then you can have them all delivered to you and have yourself a nice (secret) party with an array of wrapping paper, ribbons and clear tape and singing (off key if you want) “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”.


Double Poinsettia Basket

When you get down to the wires and there isn’t enough time to order your gifts online and have it delivered in time for Christmas and you just do not want to be within a mile of the shops (imagine the traffic) then we are here to save the day. Nothing says “you are in my thoughts this holiday season” like a festive poinsettia, or beautiful centerpiece for the table or a gorgeous vase arrangement with winter evergreens, pine cones and beautiful fresh flowers in holiday colors of red and white and touches of gold (or any other color you want). We will hand deliver your sentiments just in time for you to look like a superstar and for your recipients to have the Christmas twinkle in their eyes and spirits. It’s what we do.


Be A Gracious Guest



Gift of Roses


So you have your boss , your in-laws, your neighbors, you friends, your coworkers, your cousin, and that guy from college are all throwing a holiday party and you are invited. It’s exhausting just thinking about it. you have work, family and your own holiday get-together to think about, you can’t possibly RSVP yes to all. Some will get a no after careful deliberation on whose party is more important and which host has a thin skin and will get offended. But there are tactful ways of saying, “sorry but I am going to Beth’s party and so won’t be able to make yours”. Here is where a good florist will make you look like you are a Grade A kind of human.



Royal Holiday Centerpiece

Your presence can be felt at the party without actually being there. And you can do that by sending a token of your appreciation for the invite in a form of flowers, gift basket or plant. You can sent a holiday centerpiece for the table, a chocolate, cheese and wine basket for the host and guests to enjoy in your name, or a beautifully dresses up poinsettia to add that little something festive to the party. This will say that you, wonderful human that you are, respect the host, are gracious and appreciative of the invite and you know how to say I won’t be coming with a ton of class. Make sure to have your “Thank you for the invite” gift the day before the party or the day of not after. Unless of course you were planning on attending and just couldn’t muster the energy to change into your party frock and step our into the cool evening (we’ve all been there). In which case then make sure to send a beautiful festive flowers arrangement that says “Sorry I couldn’t make it”.



White Poinsettia

Now that’s we’ve covered the parties you will not be attending, let’s move on to the ones you will be. Rule numero uno: DO NOT GO EMPTY HANDED. A box of fruit cake is better than a hand full of empty air. But us being us, we have only the best suggestions for you. Of course we believe that flowers send the best message of holiday cheer. Although we know for certain are the best option, we know they are not the only option. A good bottle of wine, a cheese tray, freshly baked cookies, cakes and other yummy sugary baked goods are also good options to bring your host. Another alternative, especially if you have some dietary restrictions, you can opt to bring a dish of something you can partake from. You can’t dictate what the host prepares (unless your host if your BFF and will know that you have peanut, shellfish, gluten allergies and are lactose intolerant). therefore, by bringing your own dish of something, you can make sure you won’t be starving if there is nothing else for you to munch on.



Joy To Behold

Another way to make sure you are being gracious to your host is to help clean up. We’ve all hosted a party at some point, and we know that, no matter the size of the shindig, the clean up is quite possibly the worst part of the whole affair. Everyone is tired or went hard on the special eggnog and the prospect of having to pick up all the wine glasses or beer dixie cups and paper napkins and pie crumbs peppered all over the house can trigger a headache worse than the morning after your copious amount of wine ingested. So offer to go around with a trash bag and collect the discarded disposable plates and cups and whatever else the guests left. Trust us, this will get you HUGE brownie points and the honor of THE BEST GUEST EVER!


This holiday is not about what you get, but what you give. Even a moment of your time to help, to listen, to understand is all one needs. Offer that and have the satisfaction in your heart that will bring you unmentionable amount of joy. and have yourself a holiday season full of peace, love, laughter and the gift of giving.



Holiday Parties For Work and Home




Wreath With Red Velvet Bow

‘Tis the season to be merry and jolly. ‘Tis a season of giving and receiving and eating an abundance of ginger cookies and drinking an unnatural amount of eggnogs with or without spirits (wink-wink). ‘Tis the season of many many holiday parties, be it thrown by coworkers, at work, by family members or friends. Fun times! But it can also be overwhelming trying to attend all  those parties while trying not to offend your hosts. It could be also be overwhelming when you are in charge of your company’s holiday party or throwing one in your home. We’re here to help.


Party at home


Christmas Sleigh

What kind of party are you throwing? A dinner party? A cocktail party? A potluck? What’s the theme? Do you have your christmas tree, poinsettias, garlands, mistletoe, wreath for your door, hanging stockings for your Christmas parties? Or your menorah, dreidel, and the Star of David for your Hanukkah party? Whatever you’re celebrating make sure you set the atmosphere first. People will enjoy a party that “happening” not snoozing. If you are planning a dinner party then have some soft holiday music in the background. Make sure that your table setting reflects the joy of the season. Centerpieces with winter evergreens and beautiful flowers and candles, pinecones and ornaments. You can use ornamental balls as place settings by writing your guest’s names on them and setting them on the plates. The possibilities are endless.


Silver and Gold Centerpiece

If you are throwing a cocktail party make sure that every room the guests will be in, oozes the festive season. Distribute small flower arrangement with holiday colors throughout the house make sure the trimmings and ornaments and overall theme of the party is well distributed in all the areas of your home when you know guests will be in, even the powder room. Have some upbeat yet appropriate music (depending on who your quests are).



Fruit and Gourmet Basket

Party for the workplace

This season is a reasons to have fun with and celebrate your coworkers. It’s the season for evergreen wreaths on your walls and doors, poinsettias in every hallway, conference room and receptionist desks, garlands on your windows and railings, cinnamon-ey and ginger-ey baked goods in your kitchens, personalized holiday decor in each employees cubicle to celebrate their holiday. Workplace holiday parties shouldn’t feel like an obligation to the employees, it should be something they look forward to and enjoy while they network if they choose to. The season calls for some warmth, goodwill, peace, hope, joy, harmony and prosperity. All great things to wish mankind and great qualities to have in a workplace. Let your party reflect that.


Bells Of The Season

Whether your party is a formal one in a banquet hall with catered 5 course meal, live entertainment, and bottomless flow of wine and champagne and elaborate centerpieces gracing each guest table or a conference room turned party room with that cool guy from the cubicle at the end DJing and home baked cookies and pies or anything in between, it should reflect the joy of the season. It only takes small small special touches to achieve.

Bottomline don’t let the stress and the hustle and bustle of the season steal the joy from it. Enjoy yourself whether you are attending the party or throwing it. And find a great florist to help your shoulder some of the stress of the preparation.