Forget the Arctic Air. Tips for Staying Warm This Week.

Sweet Desire

Remember Sunday? It was a warm day wasn’t it? What happened to it? It seems that everything changed in a blink of an eye. You are probably wearing 6 layers of clothing trying to keep the cold out and the warmth closer to your body. Although, layering up this time of the year has dual purpose: one to keep us warm, obviously, and two to cover up/hide the silly Lbs that have attached themselves to us like barnacles during the holidays, but that’s a whole other blog. Have you noticed that you do more laundry in the winter than in the summer? Yeah, we did too.

There are simple ways to keep warm in these cold days. These are our suggestions:

  • Drink warm/hot drinks. Hot cocoa, hot tea, hot coffee, hot milk with cinnamon, hot anything liquid that you think would be delicious. And for the happy hours we suggest B-52 coffee (YUMMERS).
  • Eat spicy food. Add some red pepper flakes to your pizza, sprinkle some diced jalapeno to your pasta same way you’d sprinkle cheese. Try some spicy cuisines like Indian, Thai, Ethiopian dishes (there are many excellent restaurants around the city). Don’t be afraid to add a little more Sriracha to your Pho or Ramen; at the matter of fact Sriracha is perfect on everything.
  • Speaking of Pho, soup up. Hot soup in your tummy is like an internal hot tub.
  • When it’s bitterly cold outside, remember you don’t have to go outside unless you absolutely have to. You CAN stay indoors and plan fun activities with your friends and family that will keep you mobile. You can play ping-pong on your dining room table, musical chairs, charades, hide and go seek (yes even if you are a thousand years old) and other games that will keep your heart pumping. You’ll find yourself breaking a sweat.

    Winter Oasis
  • Keep busy in the kitchen. Experiment with new recipes, bake, fry, sauté, boil, broil, poach, flambé. “Slaving over a hot stove” means you will be OVER a HOT stove, therefore warm, problem solved.
  • Reorganize a room. No one declared that spring is the only time for some deep cleaning. It’s not a law. Go ahead and keep busy moving furniture around. If that doesn’t make you peel off at least one layer of clothing we want you to tell us, you’re probably doing it wrong.
  • And lastly, This is a perfect time to plan a romantic day/evening/night with your honey. If you have a fireplace, use it. If you don’t, light up some candles, rent a RomCom, cook up a delicious meal (preferably one that you didn’t experiment on during our 5th suggestion), and cuddle up and soak up the sweet warmth. And to set up the perfect mood have some flowers delivered, you will get to witness how your baby lights up like the sun when she gets the flowers you send. We can help with that. Like the U.S. Post Office, come rain or shine, we deliver, you’re welcome.

    Snowy Knight

If none of these things help in keeping your core temperature up, we suggest you consult a doctor, no really. And while in the doctor’s waiting room, browse our site for some cheer.

The Scent of Christmas

Peaceful Blessings

We associate scents special scents to special occasions. and during the Christmas season we definitely associate many things that wake up our olfactory sense and remind us of wonderful childhood times during the holidays. Number One on our list of the ultimate christmas scent is the Christmas Tree. That almost spicy citrusy woody smell of evergreens trees is the reason many brave the pointy needles of the tree that give us ouchies and refuse to get the fake ones. The fact they have poured this intoxicating fragrance in diffusers and candles and air fresheners is testament to just how much we love it.

Peppermint Posies

Then there is the smell of peppermint candy canes. Not only are they delicious and we love walking around with them hanging from the corner of our mouth like a delicious extension to our face, but they make fun ornaments. Ornaments that don’t make it through the end of the season, but ornaments no less.

Cinnamon is the other smell that give us the warm and fuzzies of the holiday. we find them in our drinks, in our desserts, in our potpourri, as a special tough to our decor, just everywhere.

Holiday Spice

The smell of baked goods, especially the smell of freshly baked gingerbread. First of, YUM, and secondly, nothing says welcome or feels as cozy as the smell of delicious cookies right out of the oven. and they are especially fun to decorate, and eat. We like starting at the leg when we munch on the gingerbread men.

The fun part of being in a flower shop during this season is being engulfed in all these scents. Our centerpieces full of winter evergreens, pines embellished with cinnamon sticks and candy canes make our days dreamy and festive.

10 People Who Need a Holiday Somethin’-Somethin’

Silver Lining

We made our list, and checked it twice, we’ve kept up with who’s been naughty and/or nice, because this is the real world and we are Santa. We don’t have elfs that help with the making and the building and the creating and the wrapping and the taping and the bows and the ribbons and the signing the cards and the….Just the thought of it is exhausting isn’t it?

But in our gift buying and sending to our friends and family frenzy we forget those people that are in the background in our world. Lets take a moment and think about those people that make a difference in our lives.

Double Poinsettia Basket
  • The barrista at the coffee place we go to every morning and greets us with a bright smile and know our names and puts extra whip cream in our coffee.
  • The manicurist that payed extra attention to your nails and spent extra 5 minutes massaging your hands.
  • The neighbor that watered your plants while you were away for a week in the summer.
  • That guy that works in the office downstairs that that helped you haul your pothos plant when you started your job in your new office.
  • The mom that took your kids to school that morning you had a bad cold.
  • The hairdresser that gave you a that special scalp massage that made you almost fall asleep.
  • The boy in your neighborhood that cleared your driveway during THAT snow storm we had last year.
  • The girl that always comes to you to play with your pup and gives him extra ruv and belly rubs.
  • The door man that always offers to help you carry your grocery bags.
  • The mailman that is always on time and is always cheerful.

    Spirit of Christmas Centerpiece

You may say that some of the people in this list are just doing their job. That may be true, but look at how much positives warm and fuzzies they are adding to your life in the smallest way. The simplest gestures and the smallest acts of kindness without expectation of something in return are the ones that deserve a 10 fold return. You don’t have to go crazy with the gifts but a small acknowledgement from you will make their day. A greeting card, a small gift card, a poinsettia, a box of chocolates, a plate of cookies, small stocking stuffer is all that is needed to say “Thank you for your kindness”. Embrace the true spirit of the the holiday. It never is about what you receive. It is about spreading the joy, making someone smile and giving. Especially to those that won’t be expecting it.