Fall in the DC Metro


hw0_225271It’s that time again for pumpkin spice lattes, fuzzy boots and warm cardigans. Well it is still a little warm for the boots and cardigans but you know what we mean. FALL is here. The leaves are turning, people are planning their Halloween costumes, envisioning the pumpkins they will carve and planning their Netflix movies for the inevitable cooler rainy evenings.

The DC Metro area is preparing in its own way for the season. We have repeated ad nauseam just how beautiful our area gets in the autumn. the gorgeous colors, the crisp air, the whole atmosphere of the city and the surrounding “burbs”…intoxicating, delicious, romantic, moody in that artistic way. And we want you to enjoy every drop of dripping jewels our area has to offer.hw0_673904

Food is one way to enjoy a culture, a city and a season. DC VegFest is on of the festivals that ill offer yummy AND healthy food and entertainment for adults AND for children. Then we have Taste of William County for food fun and live music for the whole family. And there is also Taste of DC in the nation’s capital with the Capitol as your backdrop. Or you can go to the Centreville Food Truck Rally taking place at the Centreville Bible church. Guys, it can’t get better than a bunch of food trucks all at the same place offering food. But wait… for those of you that want to have some fun without the young ones, go on to Fort Washington for some Das Best Oktoberfest.

hw0_494365Fall is the season for reading. And the Library of Congress is sponsoring an even the National Book Festival where you can enjoy some readings, book signings, panels, poetry performances and a kids zone where children can meet characters from their favorite books. For some book filled day to Fall for The Book event in Fairfax Virginia and Enjoy readings, performances and exhibitions from authors from all around the world.

For those that are sporty and want to mix in some fun with their fitness we suggest the Color Fun Fest 5K. If you don’t know what this is then we HIGHLY suggest you participate. We won’t give it away but it is very colorful. Of course being a flower shop we do love things that are colorful. It is CRAZY fun too. Just go to it. You won’t be disappointing. And for a meaningful fun/fitness time participate in the Washington Prevent Cancer 5K Walk/Run taking place at the National Park.

And if you do not want o go out and enjoy some POMO, then stay home, curl up with a good book or a good movie. Make sure you get some beautiful jewel toned flowers fro your local florist and put it somewhere you can easily see and enjoy the peace that only fall can give.



Summertime Romance

Romance in the summer is the funnest of all. Dates can be filled with many activities. Those awkward silent moment you would normally have sitting at a table at a fancy restaurant while quietly chewing on your stake and thinking on what to say next to fill the baby elephant size void in the air. In the summer you have the luxury of arranging fun activities to do. Which is a great way to get to know each other, learn each other’s personalities, temperaments, “fun levels”, and simply have a good time without the heaviness of sitting and talking.

HW0_500847And we are here to facilitate your summer romancing. First you see a pretty lady that works at the office 2 floors down from you (you know this because you saw her riding the elevator and she gets off 2 floors below your floors, obviously) and think to yourself “I would like to get to know her” then you use your charm to get her name from the office’s front desk. next you call you call your trusted florist and arrange a same day delivery of beautiful flowers saying “hey saw you in the elevator this morning and wanted to know if you’d like to grab some lunch at the taco food truck tomorrow at noon” make sure to include your phone number and full name in the note so she can say “Um, yeah sure  but can we make it @ 12:30?” (most likely answer since people can’t say no to flowers) or “no, you are sweet and all but I’m married, but thanks for the flowers” (in which case you should be happy knowing that you made her day and next time to check for rings). And most importantly so she can google you and do some “social media stalking” to make sure you are not a nut case; a girl’s gotta protect herself. Flowers are a great ice breaker. They will promote happy feelings in whoever receives them, so, in our humble opinion, are a great way to seal the date.

HW0_65675 (1)The next day make sure you look you best and meet her at the location you both agree on, buy her the tacos and drink and sit at a nearby bench and get to know each other a little. Ask silly questions, talk about your favorite food trucks, enjoy the lovely day, do some people watching, then walk her to her floor and wish her a great afternoon. When you get to your office text her with a short not that you had a great time and hope to see her again. If she feels the same was she will let you know. If she doesn’t then she will let you know too. Because you sent her flowers to ask her out from the very start, she knows you are a nice guy, this is a good thing and highly likely that she will agree to meet you on a second date – unless of course you chewed you taco with your mouth open or smelled like sewer backing in the sun, in which case we suggest you don’t do that anymore, not even the best arrangements from the best florist can help you there.

HW0_352191Now that you have your second date and agreed to meet up on saturday afternoon you can plan a fun activity for you both to do. You can go to Treetop Adventure Course in rockville MD and show off your tarzan-esque skills ziplining through canopies of trees and man-made obstacle course. Or do a bit of scavenger hunting on The National Mall. This could actually be a great double date idea. Since this is your first official date part deux, you both probably would feel more comfortable if you had your buddies and their significant other tag along and make it a group outing. You can split in pairs and hunt for whatever is in your scavenger hunt list is like finding a Monet, the statue of a typewriter eraser, a moon rock, etc and taking a selfie with your finding. Person to fin all the items in your list first wins. Perhaps you can go to Art Jams for their Paint and sip date night where you can show off your creative side, sip on some vino and just have fun. You can tease each other about your brush strokes and stick figure level painting skills, peek at the other dater’s work of art, have fun light conversations getting to know each other more. Have a blast!

When the date is over and you all go back to your respective homes with a smile on your faces and think about how this all started with a beautiful arrangement of gorgeous flowers. Remember that flowers are not just at the beginning of relationship but the middle too. they are a great way of saying “Thank you for a great date” or “How would you like a repeat of our first date next week” or “I want to tell you that I love you but don’t want to scare you off too soon so here are some red roses to open the door to what’s coming”, “You are the love of my life”, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you” “We are married!”,”Happy anniversary”, “You are as beautiful today as the day I first saw you” and much much more! Flowers are the language of romance so don’t do romance without them.


Summer Hot Spots In DC


HW0_372948We are deep into summer now and it is gooooorgeous out! Sure is is humid some days, sure we get a little rain here and there but we have to admit that our city is beautiful and vibrant in the summer. And since we don’t get these beautiful days 365 days a year, we need to make the most of these few days of perfection. AND take advantage of the warm days and go to all the outdoor cafes and rooftop bars, lounges, restaurants, and cafes we could possibly squeeze into these few months. Because , we at MyFlorist are good people (toot toot) and we love our customers, we’ve searched high and low for the best places to go and soak up some Vitamin D. Remember, all these places are great for socialising, family time, throw small celebratory dinners and parties, romantic dates or even networking for work. Remember, just because you are technically “working”, doesn’t mean that you need to miss out on the lovely summer.  There is a way to incorporate sun time and work time. And we’ve got the places for you!


Our favorite top roof-top lounge/bar /restaurants are the DNV Rooftop lounge at the Donovan where there is a pool bar (yassss!!! so much yasss!). It’s located right on Thomas Circle and is open on Saturdays and Sundays for brunch from noon to 4pm, or go after work for happy hour from 4-7pm or enjoy the bar between 4pm to 1pm on fridays and Saturdays. Looking for something a little shmancy-er? How about the POV at the W Hotel on 15th St NW between F and E Streets where you can feel like a VIP with bottle service or host a small party. Restaurant Marvin (named after Marvin Gaye) on U Street Corridor right on 14th and U Street NW is another option for a great bar/restaurant for social time while still enjoying the summer warmth. And for good food and great view of Adams Morgan head on to the Roofers.

HW0_242773Sometimes you just want to sit down with your friends and family and enjoy your meal and great conversation while just wearing your shorts and flipflops. If you find yourself on 17th St NW between Riggs and P st NW (yes that’s 4 blocks), then you will have a choices of restaurants offering a variety of cuisine AND spacious outdoor sitting. Perhaps you want to play Bocce while you sip your Vino. Well then, Vinoteca is the right place for you (get the Who Dat Doggy, you must). Then there is the Tabard Inn in Dupont Circle. This place is a little oasis, so charming and so continental looking that you may feel like you transported somewhere out of DC. It’s a perfect place for a date, we promise. Of course there is the Georgetown area, with it’s river side restaurants like Sequoia or Nick’s Riverside Grill. But go to Farmers Fisher Bakers and get the fruity drinks like the Mai Tais and Scorpion Bowls and Daiquiris and… you get the point. It’s like going to a tropical vacation but not really. And it’s right on the river so you get to add that water element to the whole experiences. Win win win we thinketh.

So here you are. Go forth and enjoy yourself. Or not, it’s ok to POMO too. Speaking of POMOing (see blog directly below this) we are generous people so we are extending the competition for another week.


Our Favorite Summer Vacation Spots In The DMV


Our Nation’s Capital has been a major vacation destination for many, many maaaany years thanks to the many museums, monuments and historical locations the city is #blessed with. However, we, the residents of the DMV, don’t really take advantage of the many fun things that our city offers. When was the last time you played tourist in the city? Have you seen all the monuments, museums, historical homes, and parks the area we live in offers? Maybe not. We take the fact that we live in the area for granted and  we put off the plans to visit for another day. Well, guys, “another day” is here. Let’s make this summer the summer we get to know our area better and enjoy what it has to offer. Play tourist, walk around and talk with an accent if you like and make it fun!

HW0_197665Here are some of our favorite destinations:

  • As we’ve mentioned, we as residents don’t take the time to visit the many wonderful things that the city has to offer but many of those beautiful things are also usually overlooked. Yes we all know about The Monument and Lincoln and Jefferson Memorial but did you know there is and FDR memorial on  a 7.5 acre land? Or that when you sitting in traffic in Logan Circle either driving or taking the 54 bus, that there is a guy on a horse in the middle of that roundabout? That’s General George Henry Thomas if you’re interested. If you find yourself on 22nd St NW and Constitution Ave NW you can find good Ol’ Al (as we like to call Albert Einstein ’cause we are cool like that) sitting with a book looking pensive. If you take a stroll down Water street SW admiring the boats and yachts docked at the various marinas and yacht clubs you will find yourself at the Titanic memorial. Yes, that ginormous ship that buttheaded with an iceberg. Aaand you will find a statue dedicated to the men who sacrificed their lives to save the women and children in the ship. The fun part of this statue is that it is standing like that scene from the movie when Rose and Jack spread their arms and felt like flying. Exactly like that. We know about the Vietnam  Veterans Memorial, but do we know about the Vietnam’s Women Memorial. How about the George Mason Memorial where Mr Mason is sitting on a bench admiring the little fountain in front of him right on East Basin  Dr SW and Ohio Dr SW behind the Jefferson Memorial. And did you know there is an Air and Space museum in Virginia? These are just a few of many that many don’t visit but now you can.HW0_533036
  • You are at home so you are saving money that you’d have otherwise spent on travel and lodging. This means you get to splurge on other touristy things that you wouldn’t normally do. Like the Big Bus Washington DC Hop-on Hop-Off tour or The Washington DC By Moon Light Night Tours or go up the Washington Monument or take a day trip to Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello. Just do completely touristy things like you are new to the area knowing that when your adventure is over you get to go home and sleep in your own bed  and not worry about how clean the TV remote is (because you know exactly how “clean” it is).
  • Take advantage of the summer festivals around the city. Summer and BBQ go hand in hand and this weekend June 25th and 26th you get to enjoy the Annual Giant National Capital Barbecue Battle. Droooool…. And every Friday this summer you can head on to the Fairgrounds and take advantage of all the food truck foods Truckeroo brings. Double drooool….. If you love music (who doesn’t right?), check out the Maryland Music Festival at the Merriweather or see what’s happening at the Wolf Trap in Vienna VA this summer.
  • We are a florist, so anything to do with flowers is like heaven to us. So it’s not a surprise that this is one of our favorite destinations, the Botanical Gardens. They offer guided tours and exhibits. But nut just that, friends. They also have concerts. We suggest you go to their website and see what they have going on. Such fun!
  • For some family fun, head on to the Tyson’s Corner area for some happy times and create great memories with your family and friends. This July you can head onto Jones Branch Drive for the Slide the City Slip and slide water party event. Or take the Silver Line to the Tyson’s Corner Metro Station where Cirque du Soleil will be end of July and most of August. And while you are in the area come visit us!


So here you have it. You don’t have to venture too far to vacation and you really should take advantage of the city you’re in. We live in lively, vibrant, diverse metropolitan area, we should absorb it all and enjoy it. Plus, it’s good to know a little bit more about our city than tourists do, don’t you think? And all these place are right within our delivery area!!! (see bellow for map)

Delivery Area

Springtime Fun Around Washington D.C.


HW0_581741There is something very special that happens in our area once Spring springs. Many events spring along with it and we can’t wait to partake and enjoy the lovely weather and our lovely DMV area. Most of the event are planned outdoors, so it’s perfect to shade all the winter gloom we’ve been under for the past few months and soak up the sun while enjoying the newly springing blooms outside.

Here are some of our favorite event that we hope you will get to enjoy to, we know we plan to:

  • Most of the event in the spring, or rather the month of april, revolve around the Cherry Blossom festivities on the National MAll. SO wear your comfy shoes and take part in one (or several or all) the happy event taking place. One of which is the Blossom Kite festival, taking place on april 2nd at the national mall where kite enthusiasts go to fly a kite. you can join of sit back on the grass and watch the happy little (or huge) kits fly in the wind. Then there is the International Pillow Fight day even taking place on April 2nd at the national Mall too. How fun is that?! you can use the pillow to sit on afterwards to enjoy the lovely weather. Win win we think.HW0_646216
  • April is also the Smithsonian jazz appreciation day. GOsh, we do love us some Smithsonian! They do have some of the awesomest event around town. Go to their website and get the various locations and dates you can enjoy some of their fun events. you simply must.
  • THere are also some film festivals planned in DC, Virginia and MD with showing of movies/films of various genre. some outdoor some indoors (perfect during the april showers). Go here to see all options.
  • SOme of the events are culturally educational. allowing us to explore various culture’s food, music, art, etc. The Around the World Embassy tour is a perfect way to learn about our neighbors and cultures across the oceans and seas. Many embassies participate in this event bringing us information and entertainment that show us that we are similar in many ways than not. Go here to learn more and get locations for events.
  • PHW_586479Japan gave us the bonsai trees in the National Arboretum, the cherry blossoms we get to enjoy every year and sushi among many other things. and on April 16th they give us the Sakura Matsuri Japanese Street Festival during the National Cherry Blossom Festival. You will see  performances on three stages, martial arts demonstrations, interactive exhibits, food from many japanese restaurants and product from japanese vendors. Seriously, why wouldn’t you want to be there to witness this majestic culture. Really, why?
  • National Harbor Food and Wine festival is another must. Taking place April 23-24 right at the water with live music, over 100 wines, spirits and beers, wood tasting. Be there or be square people. There is a lot that can be missed, this is not one.
  • DC Funk parade on U Street Corridor is another favorite with its live performance, workshops, artists, food and so so so much more. This fun funky party is taking place on May 7th and guys, IT’S FREE! Can’t beat that!
  • And we would be doing a disservice if we didn’t share our absolute favorite. The National Cathedral flower mart on May 6-7. Here you get to  witness gorgeous displays of flower arrangements produced by embassies and international designers, you get to tour the Cathedral grounds and see the beautiful landscapes and perennials, there is musical entertainment, gourmet food and various activities for children and families.HW0_207648
  • Lastly for our health enthusiasts, or rather Yoga enthusiasts, we do not want you to miss out on the GINORMOUS D.C. yoga week where many studios offer discounted or free sessions and finish off with the exclamation point where over a thousand yoga loves of various stages of experiences gather at the national Malls near the Vietnam Memorial and  practice yoga. Namaste.

There you are! You have no excuse to not go out and enjoy the festivities of the season. You want to enjoy the sunny days before you get in the hot, humid, oppressive DC summers. We will bring you more summer fun in the near future, but so now we want you to make the best of the rare short-lived spring dais we get in our area. Because you are our customers, and we love our customers!

DC Celebrates Women’s History Month


HW0_330034Where would we be in life if we didn’t have our women around us? Really, think about it. Think about your life if you didn’t have them. Without you sister, your friend, aunt, mom, godmother, teacher, wife, co-worker, daughter. Think of all the things they taught you, think of their endless supply strength, their compassion, their softness where it mattered, their patience, their intelligence, their unwavering loyalty, their ability to surmount and overcome any obstacle thrown their way. Do you think you would be where you are if it weren’t for those women. We think not. Therefore, we need to celebrate them in the best possible way.

Our Nation’s Capital has planed awesome ways to celebrate the women in history for the whole month of March – it is after all Women’s History Month. We, being who we are, searched far and wide to get you all the activities you can enjoy with all the women in your life and brought you a fun variety.

Here they are in no order of preference:


  •  The Smithsonian is known to celebrate women in history, in art and in everything really. And we couldn’t appreciate them more for the content they offer. Of course, being Women’s History Month, the National Museum of Women in the Arts has many fun events planned like Fresh Talk with the artist and engineer Natalie Jeremijenko and a Wikipedia Edit-a-thon where people sign up to add and update wiki articles about notable women artists, and a Tour Around The World where you get to, in the museum’s words, “explore and discuss collection highlights that emphasize the international spirit of the museum’s diverse collection”.
  • Air and Space Museum will have and exhibit  on Women in Aviation and Space where you get to earn of the groundbreaking women in history that paved the road for us today.
  • That National Zoo will also have an event: Inspiring Women and Girls Of Color where you get to celebrate the contribution of women scientists, veterinarians and animal keepers while you enjoy a day with some interesting and exotic creatures from around the world.
  • HW0_400703If you are interested in an elegant affair, then the National Women’s History Museum is hosting an event to honor and  celebrate Women Making History.
  • The Sewall Belmont House and Museum, Daughters of the American Revolution, Women’s National Democratic Club Museum and The Mary McLeod Bethune Council House National Historic Site are all planning events to celebrate Women’s History Month. We suggest you scan their website for date and time.

Some of these events require reservation and/or tickets so make sure you go to their website to make sure you have all that is necessary to attend these wonderful events designed to honor those women that allowed us to have the present we have today.

Above all, don’t forget to celebrate and honor the women in Your life today. Those are the ones that have the immediate influence in your life and deserve all the appreciation you have to give.



Cafes and Restaurants Perfect For Cold Winter Days

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Cosmic Blooms

It’s cold outside so it is natural that we migrate towards foods and drinks that will help warm us up. And as such our body will seek restaurants that will offer these belly warming offerings. We are here to help you find those places that will give you that warm and toasty feeling with every spoonful.

It is not a secret that the best way to warm someone’s heart is through flowers. We know that, you know that, she knows that, he knows that, they know that, everyone knows that. It’s a no brainer. But what warms your extremities in the cold winter days, other than sweaters, coats and gloves that is? Rich, hot and spicy comfort food and drink does.

We can’t think of winter without thinking about hot cocoa. They go together like bread and butter, peanut butter and jelly, Tom and Jerry and Bonnie and clyde. Here are some of our favorite places to indulge in some chocolatey goodness. If you find yourself in Northern Arlington, we highly recommend you stop by NiceCream Factory in the Clarendon area and try their brand spanking new Nutella hot chocolate. I mean COME ONE! Who can say no to that?! And get that drink to go and it will serve as a hand warmer if you want to explore the neighborhood on foot. And if you have some dietary restriction or just prefer to eat/drink healthier, then go to Sticky Fingers in Columbia Heights (right across from Giant) for their yummy hot chocolate (and their even yummier cupcakes). You won’t be disappointed.


Delightful Expression

Now hot chocolate is not the only beverage approved by the winter committee, all hot beverages are: like tea. And there is no place like Teaism for it. This is not a place where you simply drink your tea. This is a place where your experience it. They have a ton of choices and we promise you’ll love it. This place doesn’t only offer teas, despite it’s name, it offers a wide variety of soups, entrees, breakfast food and dessert. Just go there, we can’t say enough about the place.

Speaking of soups, the official belly warming choice of the cold season, we offer you some of the great choices around the area. Let’s start with Pho. Helloooo abundant supply of hot broth, noodles and your choice of protein and/or vegetable. If a bowl full of Pho doesn’t warm you up from head to toe, not sure what else can. Pho 75 in Reston VA is the place to be.

In the event that a bowl of Pho doesn’t quite do it for you, we suggest restaurants that offer spicey selections like Indian, Thai, and Ethiopian food. For a great Indian food with its aromatic spices and seasonings, Rasika on West End will not fail you. And for that hot Thai cuisine that will make the warmth travel from your tongue to you toes, Beau Thai is where it’s at. If you’re feeling adventurous and looking for that warm spicy bite, Meaza in Falls Church has got your back.


Exquisite Beauty

Another safe and sure bet to keep your belly warm and happy, is a good ole home cooked meal feel. Hot pot pies, country fried chickens, grilled cheese and tomato soup, mashed potatoes, mac n’ cheese and so much more…Mouth watering yet…well Ted’s Bulletin In DC AND Reston  AND Gaithersburg AND Fairfax has all of that AND breakfast food all day long. Now if that doesn’t warm your heart and your belly and your toesies, not sure what else can.

Here you are. Delight your heart with out flowers and you belly at these locations. Then we suggest you stop by YOUR favorite florist, MyFlorist, and pick up you favorite arrangement so you can put a warm smile on your face and on your loved ones’. And on the plus side of all this is that these places would be a great option to take your honey on a Valentine’s date. It’s less than a month away, and remember a warm and happy honey is a warm and happy you, Wink wink. Now we leave you here, as all that talk of yummy food has our bellies rumbling. Stay warm and stay happy dears!


Romantic Getaways in the City





HW0_446483A long weekend is coming up and you are probably thinking what you can do with your sweetie to enjoy the time off. You’ll be surprised to know that you don’t have to go very far to have a romantic time away. There some hidden gems around our lovely city that will offer you some much deserved RR&R (rest, relaxation and romance). And you do deserve to have some time where you put your day to day hustle and bustle aside, put your responsibilities and obligation on pause and get to enjoy your honey. Don’t you think?


There are some of the great places you can go that we think will give you that “I went away on a getaway” feeling without really leaving home. There are several Bed & Breakfasts peppered around the Washington Metro area that would be a great option to get our of your house and pretend you are in a far away land with your love. Most of these places are converted old mansions or historical houses. So you can enjoy their history playing love struck tourists and live out some Downton Abbey fantasies.

Or you can book yourself a room at a hotel. the point of his is to get away all the things you think you have/must do at home and just enjoy each other. you don’t have to make the bed, do the dishes, vacuum or pick up after yourself. Your sole responsibility if ensuring that you and your hone have a great time with hearts in your eyes.


And you really want to take a not so far trip but far enough to feel like you are not within reaching distance from home, there  are plenty of places around our fair city that we can escape to and have some much  needed cuddle time with our babe. There are a plethora of cabins and B&Bs and resorts that you can book yourself in for a couple of days and take advantage of all the amenities and service spoiling you honey and yourself rotten.If you are feeling adventurous and don’t mind driving an hour or so out of the city you can venture to resorts that offer entertainments for lover like couple’s massage, wine tasting and various activities. You can go to Lansdowne Resort if you don’t want to go too far. This way you don’t have to take a long trip and you are not too far if you need to rush back home.

Romantic getaways do not have to be to a tropical island or a european city nor does it mean you have to spend a ton of money. It only takes a few days, you honey bu your sides and emptying your brain of all those things that bug you all day long.



Winter Fun in The DMV




Winter Oasis

Yes, old man winter is officially here. We’ve been spoiled so far with perfect weather, but now, it looks like Mr Winter is on the job “wintering”. And this means that we have to find some fun activities we can get into while keeping ourselves warm.

It is January, and that means that we are officially in the Playoffs season of football. We think this should be a national holiday, but it’s not BUT no one is stopping us from celebrating it like it were. Yes, the Redskins are in the playoffs, yes we never saw it coming. Yes, we are happy. And, yes, they better go all the way! We must celebrate our home team for all the W they will give us. There are many bars around the city we can go to so we can share our enthusiasm for our team. You’ll be indoors away from the cold, you’ll cheer all the touchdowns and commiserate with fellow fans for all the bad call the refs make.


New Sensation

While we’re in the sports theme, and while it’s January and you are still enthused about your new resolution to be more active, workout more and stay fit, we that indoor sports are a fun way to keep our blood pumping and keep warm while getting trim and fit. indoor volleyball, indoor basketball, bubble soccer (soccer played with each player inside a bubble, such fun) and many many more. This fun activity will help you socialize, make new friend (especially if you are a new transplant to the area), help you drag yourself out of you hibernation and keep you healthy. A win-win-win we think.

Maybe you have penguin skin and you just don’t get cold, maybe you don’t mind outdoor activities in the winter, maybe you like the “crisp” air and may possibly have a polar bear in you blood. maybe you’ll enjoy the Ice skating rinks around the DMV. All strategically located in the hot and happening neighborhoods in the area. hop on the Silver Line and swish, twirl and make some lazy figure eights on the ice at the Tyson’s Corner mall. Or take the blue or yellow line to the pentagon city mall and do some fancy spins and flips or take the red line to downtown Silver Spring and slide hand in hand with you beau.


Snowy Night

Going to the MANY and FREE and FUN museums we have is another great idea for fun in the winter time. You will be expanding your knowledge, doing something fun with friend, family or a date aaaand getting out of the house to anyanything other than shuffling around in your socks. The Natural History museum and the Air and Space museums are perfect if you plan on taking the young one. Loads of interactive displays and activities to delight everyone. Who doesn’t like ginormous dinosaurs and hanging airplanes? Right?

The point is, just because it is winter and cold outside, doesn’t mean that you need to lock yourself at home wearing your onesie, drinking hot coco and binge watching shows on netflix for the next 3 months. All we are saying is that you can still drink your hot coco and wear you warm onesie (onder regular cloth) and be outside having fun. No one said that outdoor fun is reserved only for the warmer months.

Finish The Year With A Bang


Purest Intention

Here we are, winding down the year. Going over the plus and minus of the minuses of 2015. The resolutions fulfilled and those we, ahm, didn’t. No matter how our year went, we know where are the people we are today because of what we learned the whole year. This is a time for reflexion, of making a new resolution and starting a new year with gusto and brimming with positivity.

In order to add some positive energy into the coming year, we need to end this one on a high note. What kind of high note? What ever will make you feel like you are on top of the world and the coming year is going to bend to your will and bring you all the things you’ve worked so hard to get.


Pure Elegance

Get a massage to melt away the past year’s weight. Get a new hair cut for a fresh look. Go to a New Year’s Eve party, there are so many galas and parties in the city, or at a friend’s house or throw one yourself and have a ball and finish the year in style. Most importantly let go of the resentment and all the negative thoughts that pulled you back in this past year. Take a few days off to decompress and regroup so that you have the energy and the alacrity to dive into the promise of the new year. Leave all that is bad and wrong in this year, don’t carry it with you in the new. Don’t let the old year set on your fights, apologize who you’ve wronged (even if you really didn’t do anything wrong) Flowers are great way to apologize…just in case you didn’t know, and they are a sure way of getting forgiveness.


Purest Love

Make sure to also forgive yourself for all those new year resolutions that you set at the beginning of this year and managed to not come close to accomplishing. It’s ok, you are human. To err is our thing, we’re great at it but we are also great at bouncing back and learning from our mistakes. We do it everyday here at our shop and i am sure you do to. But we also know that each and every mistake helps us become better and serve our fantastic customer with the best possible products and services. That’s what makes a great florist. And that’s what make you great…So we say to you our lovelies HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!