10 Summer Must Dos



It’s July y’all! Which means we are in the heart of Summer! Aren’t you happy?! We are! What’s not to love about this summer month. We love it even when it rains because the rain is warm and refreshing and waters our plants without us having to do it. The only complaint we have is that summer doesn’t run for the whole year, which means we need to enjoy it and make the most of it while we can.

Here are a few things that we suggest you do to fully enjoy your short lived sunny season.

  1. Catch one or two or 15 outdoor movie at the various parks around town. Find the listing, there is one almost daily.
  2. Go to the beach. Duh, right? You’d be surprised how many don’t. It doesn’t have to be the ocean, find a lake, a river, a pond, something.
  3. Grill everything and anything. How many opportunities to you get to fire up your grill and eat some deliciousness out in the open? And it’s healthy because you are not using fatty oils to fry anything, just your proteins and veggies neanderthal style, therefor maintaining your summer bod.


    Summer Salsa

  4. Play a tourist in your own city. Go to all the monuments and parks and museums. Some of us only explore our city when we have out of towners with us. This time lets do it for us.
  5. Take the mundane task of “working out” out doors. find yoga instructors that teach in the parks or go biking and running on actually roads. None of that stationary machinery needed when you can soak up some sun and delight your eyes with gorgeous views.
  6. Go to an outdoor concert or music festival and dance to your heart’s delight (this will count as working out too if you do it right)
  7. Road Trip!!! Nothing beats a summer time road trip. it doesn’t have to be a long distance one. Just a day trip to a part of your state you’ve never been too.
  8. Kiss your honey in the summer rain. It looks so romantic and fun when they do it in the movies right? So why not?
  9. Go camping. Find a campground somewhere fun or do it in your backyard. No backyard? do it on your roof top, balcony, living room…just sleep anywhere but your bed.
  10. Learn something new. Like how to hula hoop, a new dance, a new recipe, to juggle, it really doesn’t matter what just have fun with it.

Sunny Sunflowers

The important thing is that you enjoy this beautiful fun season. But don’t forget to hydrate. All living things need water…drink up! While you’re at it hydrate your plants, they are alive too, they have feelings, they’ll remember the day you forgot to water them (we think).

Fun Ways To Celebrate Your 4th Of July Weekend

HW0_474725You’ve done the fireworks at the National Mall, and the parades and the Capitol 4th Concert, and the long trips to the beach and the crowd and the endless walking in the sun and heat and you just want to do something different and fun this year; away from the large crowd that mill around our Nation’s capital. Well we have some ideas for you. You can bring all the fun out there, closer to home. You can get together with your friends and family and have a fun weekend.

First, compile a list of fun party music that you know you and your guest will enjoy and have fun to or find a pandora radio station that you know will deliver the good music. This will serve as a soundtrack to your party. Next plan several games that you can play outdoors and indoors that both the younger (if you know children will be there) and the older guests will enjoy and participate in. Our favorites and games everyone can participate in easily are cornhole, bocce, ring toss. If you want to bring some of the traditionally indoors games to the outdoors you can play twister on a larger scale in your lawn, or life size checkers, and giant janga. And to keep cool in the hot july day and especially fun for the kids and the young at heart are water balloons (or water guns) fights, dunk buckets, and water slides if your yard allows.HW0_430699

Make sure to keep yourself and your guests hydrated this holiday weekend; as you can see this summer is a scorcher. Water is essential not only to play in or with but to drink. And in the summer holidays ice is also essential to keep our drinks and ourselves from becoming too warm. For alternatives ideas for ice made of water, we suggest cubing some watermelons and freezing them. This way, your delicious drinks (for both the adults and the kids) won’t be too watered down with plain old ice. You can also try making frozen juice cubes. They are fun to look at and delicious. Just don’t forget to drink lots of water; like the flowers we work with, we humans need lot of H2O.

Food is also important. You will be burning a lot energy running around with all the fun activities, so you’ll need your fuel. You can BBQ some burgers, hotdogs and chicken (the usual suspects) or you can make it fun and interesting by adding items that you wouldn’t normally think of. Think BBQed pizza, kebabs, quesadillas, shrimps, instead of your usual chicken breast or legs try the wings. You can grill some fruits like Pineapples and peaches to make them sweeter for a healthy dessert or to add to your ice cream sundaes.

HW0_409541The important thing is to have fun this weekend. You are celebrating the Nation’s independence and freedom, so go ahead and freely laugh and enjoy one another. Explore new ways to celebrate each other and make lasting memories. It’s not about planning too much and working anxiously to have the perfect party. Rather, it’s to enjoy the day and everything it offers freely.

Happy 4th!!!!

Summer Party Decorating Ideas



Now that we’ve done our spring cleaning and our homes and yards look spotless, it’s time to throw some funtabulous parties to show them off. This is the season for the bridal showers, engagement parties, barbecue parties, pool parties, “it’s awesome out side so let’s take avantage” parties, “warm weather is entirely too short so let’s enjoy” parties, “we’ll have a party because we wanna” parties. Any reason is a good reason for a party, right? Right!

When planning a party we need to think of a theme and color palettes that matches the occasion to help us better choose our decor and accessories. Disposable (or reusable, let love our planet) plates, cups, napkins, utensils, table cloth or covers, balloons, hats, sashes, banners, confettis, favors, and centerpieces. Now, we can help you with any centerpiece questions you may have and will try to address them today.


Burst of Beauty

First, being that it is warm out, we understand you want to take your parties outdoors, or even partially outdoors. Here is where your choice of centerpieces will be decided. How warm is it outside? A lovely 72 degrees or a balmy 95? Is the area covered and air conditioned or open with plenty of sunshine? Of course, if you’re having your party outdoors in the open in a 90 degree weather, you do not want to have centerpieces with fresh cut flowers. Instead, we suggest beautiful potted flowering plants. You get the flowers and you won’t see them wither as the party progresses and you get to have pretty plants once the party is over (you can use them again so whoop whoop) or you can give them away to your guests as a gift! Our favorite plants that are perfect for centerpieces are: African violets, Hibiscus, Begonias, Kalanchoes, Azaleas and Cyclamen. These plants are easily found in small sizes making them the perfect centerpiece plants. You can choose beautiful rustic tiny pail buckets, or pretend you are in a vineyard in Tuscany and put them in earthy terracotta pots or class them up with fancy ceramic containers. And you can find them in a variety of colors to match your theme.


Turn Up The Pink

If your party is partly indoors or in air conditioned area, you can tie in the decor and theme outside and follow thru with more plants or decide on fresh cut flowers in the same colors of your plants. The best part is that there are many colors, shapes and sizes fresh cut flowers come in. They can also be designed in any size. you tant tall arrangement that you want to put in the foyer of your house? You want long hanging ones you can drape over the mantle of your fireplace? You want the tiny arrangement with a few flowers to brighten up your powder room? Or perhaps you want to sprinkle around your living, dining and kitchen area, beautifully designed pave arrangements in modern cube vases? Everything you desire is only a phone call away. Call your florist and tell them what colors you want your flowers to be and where you want to put them and they will create designs that will make your heart sing, do cartwheels, backflips, hula hoops, the running man, the water sprinkler, and the cha-cha all at the same time.

You may not think that having flowers for your party is unnecessary. We think that when you look back at the pictures, sure you will laugh at the memories of the people, but, there, in the background, will be the beautiful flowers that will bring whimsy to the photo. Trust us, we know that we’re talking about.

Fun & Flirty Date Ideas In D.C.


Victorian Romance

Sometimes we all get stuck in a rut. We do the same things over and over till they lose their special something they make us feel. They become so much of a norm and a routine that they become boring. Same goes for dating…dinner, movies, coffee, yawn. With the rebirth that comes with spring, let’s revamp your date ideas. Think of things both you and your honey would love to do, things you would like to try, things you might enjoy, things that are new for both of you.

These are a few of the things you might want to try:

Take cooking classes. Whether at your local restaurant that offers lessons or you have someone come to your home to teach you, it is fun and you can make fun of each other’s cooking skills and lack there of (but in a good way). And there is nothing as romantic and hilarious as seeing your babe spastically moving around the kitchen trying not to burn the boiling water.


Isn’t it Romantic

Go wine tasting. And in Virginia, there are plenty places to go to. Its fresh, romantic, you can pretend you are in the South of France while flirting and chasing each other in the vineyards while talking in fake french accents. Make an ordinary day at a hoity toity vineyard a fun day!

Take dance lessons. It doesn’t matter if you have two left feet, can only turn left and you make a duck face when you dance. Just enjoy the newness of it all. No need to have an anxiety attack because  it’s “step step back and step step front” and not “step back and step step OUCH!” You have your date in your arms, just focus on that. And by the end of your tango you might be passo doble-ing out with each other’s heart.

If you are daring enough to do something that will have your adrenaline pumping and your hearts double up faster than when you look into each other’s eyes, go skydiving or bungee jumping or parasailing. Yes, it is scary. Yes, you will think you are about to die (but you won’t). Yes, you will remember that date and each other, because of it, for the rest of your lives.

Go kayaking or canoeing on the Potomac. Just FYI, don’t make sharp sudden turn with your body while in the kayak or you will find yourself and your date IN the Potomac rather than ON it. Not good…or is it? The days are getting warmer so this will be a perfect date outing.


Secret Crush

Go fly a kite, no really, go actually fly an actual kite (I know we are in DC, so no double entendre indended). It’s perfectly windy this time of the year and you have the entire span of the National Mall to run around in. Bring out the kid in you and in each other. While in that whole “inner child mode” go to an arcade. Flirt, tease each other, compete, and enjoy each other’s company.

Go to DC Improv. Couple who laugh together stay together right? Right! Enough said.

The point is, have fun. Make going on a date more than just an obligation or somthing you must do because you are together. Dating is suppose to be fun and happy and flirty and something you both enjoy while you discover or rediscover each other. We would know, we have been facilitating the whole asking on date, preparing for a date, thanking for a date thing for a long long long time…you should see some of the fun flirty card messages our customers send with their flowers. So you got someone you want to ask on a date and you are not a words person? We got you back, we can help you become a flowers person. Choose any of these.




Spring Forward For Spring


Divine Spring

As we wake up an hour earlier that we’ve been waking up for the past few months, take our first shot of strong coffee/tea/very “appetizing looking green smoothie” we know that Spring is knocking at the door. Even as we rub the crust off our eyes and grunt at the totally unacceptable time to roll out of bed we are happy to know that soon the sun will shine bright, the air will be warmer, the birds will sing, the sky will be blue, the flowers will bloom, the trees will be green and we will feel a LOT lighter sans the fourteen layers of “stuff” we’ve been putting on.

All of the sudden life  feels promising and positive, and all because of the promise of spring is around the corner. We, at MyFlorist are ticked with that prospect too. That whole “flowers blooming in the spring” thing makes us do a jig. Flowers is what we’re about. And the fact that we will get to “play” with so many pretty spring flowers is what we look forward to all year long.



Spring Serenade

It’s true that it rains a lot in spring, and that’s ok. Because it will clean all the snow that winter blessed us with in the tail end of the season. And with lots of rain come lots of green grass and foliage. It’s a rebirth where earth blossoms in its full glory. The happy birds that relocated in the southern warmer regions, fly back and we get to enjoy their happy chirps. The cherry blossom trees in our Nation’s Capital make us feel like we are strolling through the parks in the far east or in a fairy land where everything is just perfect. Seriously, if you haven’t visited, you simply must. It’s the absolute exclamation point of this wonderful season! And the National Mall is at its greenest; your could almost hear the grass cheering with glee.



Your Sweet Smile

Speaking of green, this season comes with an opportunity for us to welcome it with a grand celebration. We call that opportunity St. Patrick Day. So, we welcome you to join us in ushering in the new “green” season! Speaking everything green – from green smoothies to green flower arrangements to green beads – lets talk about our green earth. As we see the seasons change and we enjoy what our earth gives us, let us think about what we can give the earth. Let’s start with our respect and let us all do our part.

Yay for Spring!!!

Halloween In DC

HW0_434183 (1)

Spooky Sweet

Whether you are going out with your friends and family in a coordinated Halloween costume as one of the Ghost Busters (including slimer), or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Leonardo is the coolest!), or as the apple from the Fruit of The Loom quartet, or if you have chosen a costume only select few will understand like the Doppler Effect, Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory chose, we know you are planing to have a ton of fun. Our city offers many opportunities to show off your master creation with many events and parties.


Witch’s Brew

The spooky tours at Lafayette Square Park, the 90 minutes evening walks to find the spirits of our forefathers haunting the street of our city (creeepyyy) and the tours around some of the haunted bars in the city, with enough time to enjoy a drink at each location (ahem ahem), are some our favorite tours. You can also spend your evening at the National Zoo decked out in your spookiest, wildest, funest, coolest and funnies costumes and enjoy some of the most entertaining performances by palm readers, fire eaters, illusionist and more. The National Zoo will also hold an event where you can take the young ones for trick-or-treating (there are of forty treat stations!), and visit some of the most Halloween appropriate animals at the zoo, like the bats, owls, spiders and other creepy crawlies (shiver).


Wicked Bouquet

This is the time of the year that our usually calm and sober city, with mostly conservatively dressed young professionals breaks out into their colorful, creative, and outlandish costume and we love it. Being in the business of using our creativity, we love watching what others come up with. It’s a ton of fun. It is also a lot of fun coming up with spooky flower arrangements. Remember that, when decorating your home for the haunted house party you are hosting this year, there are a lot of creative ways you can incorporate flowers in your spooky imagination. Pop into your local florist and check out what they are doing. And if you do not possess that creative bone you need to recreate what they are doing, just have them do it and take it home.

Be safe, have fun, and pace yourself with the candy. BOO!

Romance In The Fall


Fall Brights

Weather is changing, colors are changing, and our wardrobe choice is changing. We are holding on to our loved ones a little tighter both because we heart them and because we could use the heat. Some autumn days can be so cold that we need to snuggle up to keep warm. And for that reason we shall call autumn the snuggle season.

There are many opportunities that the fall offers to indulge on some snuggle time while enjoying our wonderful city. D.C. offers so many places you can enjoys while admiring the breath taking changing colors of the leaves. There are numerous parks you can take a lovely stroll in and take in the scenery. Roosevelt Island, The National Arboretum, Rock Creek Park, and The National Mall are some of the parks we like where you can enjoy nature and people watch and walk the trails hand in hand.


Bejeweled Beauty

Many restaurants and cafes still have outdoor sitting available, and our city is blessed with establishments with out-door sitting, take advantage and park your cabooses at the tables and enjoy a hot beverage and share a tasty meal together. The cooler air will, again, give you a reason and an opportunity to sit close to each other.

Some fall days are nippier than other. On those days you can plan your romantic dates indoors. You can snag a couple of tickets to the Kennedy Center to one of the fantastic performances they have lined up this season. Evita anyone? A dinner and a movie date would also be perfect in the cooler evenings. A hot meal in the tummy and a rom-com on the silver screen is a cure to any rainy, windy, chilly day.

All we are saying is that, if you were looking for an excuse to cozy up to your honey without being too obvious, then the cool autumn air is providing you with one. Grab it with both hands (ha! pun!). While at it, grab yourself some out of this world arrangement of the all the colors of a pot of jewels (see two blogs down) and set up an even romantic-er mood by presenting them to her.



Fantasy Football VS Fashion Week: How To Survive The Two Worlds


Last week you buried your faces into your cell-phone, tablets, laptops and desktops obsessing over who to draft, who’s to start, who to bench, and kept checking on updates every 3.5 minutes to see how you are faring against your FF opponents. It is the regular season football after all and your significant other surely understands the importance. Then you discover she has found solace in shopping for…well, a whole new wardrobe only to find that fashion week starts this week in DC and she must find a cute outfit to wear to the shows that will tell her what is in style this coming season. Now you have a household split in the sports and fashion world. How do you co-exist and make sure that at the end of the season you won’t end up living out of her shoe box both because you have thoroughly neglected her and because she has decided to buy just about every piece on the runway?


Gentlemen err…or shall we say team managers, you will need to romance her right off her Italian leather boots. Make sure that on those days your players are not playing, you shower her with as much attention you usually reserve for when you are studying a running back’s stats. this doesn’t mean that you have to spend a ton of money to prove to her that she is #1 in you heart, you can keep it simple like a foot rub (she’ll need one after having squeezed her feet in those boots trying to break them in), or run her a bubble bath (this way you have some time to yourself to bathe your eyes with television glare), send her some “I’m always thinking of you” flowers and chocolates at work (major brownie points for this one), and show some interest in her current obsession, which will most likely be D.C. fashion week. She will love to know what kinds of cloth you like seeing her in.

And ladies, although it is in fact a fact that retail therapy is a cure-all kind of therapy and that you simply must own that blouse in every color, and buy shoes to match (obviously), remember that your honey is in pain watching his player, who was projected to have 21 points is now stuck at 3 and the game is 2 minutes away from ending. He wants to win, no, he needs to win, much like he needed to win your heart. We know that you need to know what the hot colors and trends of the season are, we won’t allow you to spend the rest of the year looking like a goof. However, try showing some interest in his sports obsession, ask questions, try to understand how this whole game works or even join a fantasy football league of your own and ask him to help you draft your team or chose the player that looks the cutest and has the best looking jersey. Who knows, you might end up doing better than he does. Give him a shoulder massage to melt those knots he’s named Victor Cruz. Get him a tasty snack to nibble on while he pulls his hair out.

All we’re saying is that you won’t need to have a home divided. You can mesh your two worlds together and come out with cute strappy heels  and a belt to match and a happy team manager who’s honey didn’t nag him into a coma.


D.C. Garden Inspirations

Plants Dishgardens 009 Blog

Since spring has sprung and you may be itching to go out and get your hands dirty in your gardens, be it the size of a pot or the FedEx field, you might be looking for inspiration. Well, we will help you find said inspiration while helping you discover the city’s hidden gems for an outing on a lovely spring day. We generally don’t associate a metropolitan city like D.C. with perfectly manicured gardens or acres and acres of land comprising exotic gardens and woodlands open for the public to explore, but they do exist. And if it rains, as it is known to do in the spring, remember that all these locations have indoor gems to be enjoyed. Here are some of the gardens for you to visit during the warm spring days:

  • Hillwood Estate Museum and Gardens located near Howard University is, in our humble opinion, D.C.’s jewel box. It sits on 25 acres of land; 13 acres of which are dedicated to the beautifully maintained gardens that complement (dare we say even rival) the mansion and its extensive collections. Once thoroughly overwhelmed by its breathtaking rose gardens, orchid greenhouses and waterfall and the equally breathtaking interior of the mansion, you can rest your feet at their charming cafe. We also suggest you visit their calendar for their many events throughout the year.
  • The Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America is our runner up for the District’s well hidden treasure with a beautiful interior of the main church and a glorious serene garden with over 1200 plants, herbs, and flowers including many different kinds of roses on 40 acres. They are open Monday through Sunday for select hours, so be sure to visit their website for their times.
  • Sitting on 444 acres of land is The National Arboretum, where you can find various trees, herb and flower gardens, bonsai museums, the Capitol’s original columns, and much much more. You can walk or bike on the trails or drive to the various spots or just sit on one of the many benches along the trails to explore the various flora and enjoy the scenery. The National Arboretum is open to the public Friday through Monday and it is right on New York Ave NE.
  • The Tudor Place Historic House and Gardens is another gem that offers guided tours through the gardens where you learn the history of the century old trees, plants and flowers including a Japanese tea house on 5.5 acres. They also offer a “Tea and Tour Package” where they treat you to a traditional Victorian tea and delicious accompaniments. When you leave this delicious experience and you still feel like you need more gardens in your day, remember you are a stone throw away from the historic Dumbarton Oaks, home of yet another of D.C.’s exquisite gardens.

Some of us apartment or condo dwellers, however, may not have an outdoor space to garden, or we may not have the desire to go out and ruin our manicures in the dirt. Well, we suggest you bring the already beautifully arranged (by someone else) gardens in a dish indoors. We can help with that too.

Snow Day Fun

hpa8ermokrasiesIs the snowy weather making you feel down?  There are a lot of things you can do to enjoy a snow day, even if you can’t leave your house.  Here are a few different snow day fun ideas to entertain yourself and your family.

•    Have a home date.  Cook your favorite meal, cuddle up on the sofa and watch a good movie, or spend the day enjoying hobbies you both like.

•    If you live by yourself or will be home alone, you can spend the day pampering yourself.  Laze around reading, watching your favorite TV shows, or doing nothing.  Take the time to recharge and relax.

•    Play cards or board games together.  Make it a family competition.

•    Go out and play in the snow!  Why not?

•    Go ice skating at one of the local skating rinks.

•    Sleep in late!

•    It might not be completely fun, but you can always spend a snow day doing those chores and other things around the house that you keep putting off.

Decorate your home with some gorgeous winter flowers in Washington, D.C.