Anniversary Hotspots in DC


Your anniversary should always be memorable and romantic.  There are many places in Washington, DC, that are absolutely perfect for your anniversary date.  Whether you’re looking to go for a romantic dinner for two or have a little fun with your family, you’ll find something.

There are some amazing restaurants in Washington, DC.  For example, there’s 701 Restaurant, Equinox – DC, Paper Moon, and The Federalist.  All of these would make good choices for an anniversary dinner.  Depending on what you consider romantic, any of the following restaurants may be perfect for you.  Some are dark, candlelit, and traditional, while others are set up for a more lighthearted but still special gathering.

•    14K Restaurant & Lounge
•    A La Lucia
•    Avenue Grill
•    Barcode
•    Bistro Cacao
•    Café Milano
•    Café Promenade
•    Griffin Tavern
•    Grillfish DC
•    Kellari Taverna
•    Perrys

Another amazing idea for your anniversary is to take a dinner cruise on the Potomac River.  Spirit Cruises and Odyssey Cruises are just two lines that offer amazing food, fun music and other entertainment, and the great sights of the Potomac.

If you love museums, how about spending part of your anniversary at the Smithsonian or another hot spot?  In fact, many of the museums and other historic sites in DC can be romantic.  Some of the smaller art museums can feel very intimate.

Walking through the park or having a picnic can also make for a fun, romantic outdoors anniversary date.  There are many different places to walk and talk.  The most famous is the U.S. Botanic Gardens, but there are a lot of other places that are less touristy and not as crowded.  Great Falls Park, the East Potomac Park, and the C & O Canal Historic National Park are all great options.

Another great place to go is the observation deck at the Old Post Office Pavilion.  It’s 315 feet in the air and gives you a great 360 degree view of the entire city.  It’s a very romantic place, especially at night when the stars come out.

No matter where you go for your Anniversary date, let us help you get it off on the right foot with a bouquet of anniversary flowers delivered in Washington, DC.

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