Anniversary Memories


As we get older, our memories start to becomes, well, a little fuzzy at times.  While we don’t always mind losing the details on some memories (who wants to remember every detail about that car accident or the big family fight at Thanksgiving that one year?), there are other precious memories we don’t want to lose, such as those we make every year on our anniversary.  Fortunately, you can save these memories and memories of many other events in a number of different ways.

Photographs and videos are one great way of saving and later viewing your anniversaries throughout the year.  One really neat idea is to take a photo of the two of you every year and then put them sequentially in an album to see how you’ve grown and changes.  On your 50th anniversary, you could even do a big collage of these images to make an awesome image of the two of you.

Don’t have room for albums full of photos?  You can take digital photos or scan the photos you have and keep them on a disc, hard drive, or even post them to sites like Facebook or Flickr.  Digital photo albums let you see, manipulate, and print your photos whenever you want them.

Videos are another great idea, especially since video cameras are very cheap and affordable now. Most newer phones will even take video, so you may already have all you need.  You can record a message every year, or just take some video of your anniversary date or party.

Scrapbooking has become very popular recently.  You can find all the scrapbooking supplies you need at a number of different stores—even dollar stores carry some fun scrapbooking paper.  Then all you need is the time to sit down with your photos, ticket stubs, letters, and whatever else you’ve kept over the years.  You can create awesome scrapbooks full of memories or you can make a few single pages and frame them.

There are many other ways of saving your anniversary memories.  You could save ticket or concert stubs if you go to an event or movie every year, wine corks or labels if you celebrate each anniversary with a specific vintage, or even save things like pressed flowers or trip information.  Whatever is special to you.

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