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3ba94137e53fe6ac9db7d78a1e7f8e65Are you thinking about throwing a party?  Maybe you need a great idea for your child’s next birthday, or perhaps you’re trying to come up for a theme for your next dinner party.  Either way, check out our Pinterest!  We’ve got a ton of different party ideas.  Here are just a few party themes you might want to use for your next event.

Children’s Birthday Parties

Pinterest is full of ideas for your child’s next birthday.  You’ll find decoration ideas for everything from princesses to superheroes.  While some of these ideas do use store-bought decorations and other items, many of them include things you can make yourself.  Some birthday decorations are entirely handmade, too, such as creating a photo collage of the birthday boy or girl.

Adult Birthday Parties

Planning a party for adults can be a bit trickier since they aren’t usually racecar or Disney themed.  The photo collage idea can be used here, too, especially if you have a lot of older photos or a photo for every year of the birthday person’s life.  You can also do a birthday theme based around their favorite author, favorite movie, or favorite TV show.  For example, you could do a zombie party for someone who loves The Walking Dead.

Dinner Parties

If you’re having friends over for dinner, there are several things you can do.  You might keep it simple—just a nice flower arrangement for a centerpiece and a nice tablecloth.  You could also make dinner into an event by hosting a murder mystery dinner party.  These kits contain almost everything you need for the event, including suggested recipes.  The only thing that’s not included is the decorations.


There are definitely a ton of Halloween ideas on Pinterest!  There are so many different ways you can go: traditional, funny, movie-themed, or a mishmash of different decorations and ideas.  You can transform your home into a Gothic vampire castle or make it into Dr. Frankenstein’s lab.  Or, if you have younger children and don’t want to frighten them, you can do something like a superhero Halloween theme or make it more funny than scary.

A Night with the Girls or Guys

If you’re having your friends over for a poker game or if you and the girls are going to get together to have dinner and watch a movie, you might not really do that much as far as decorating goes.  But you can still make this party into something awesome.  Pinterest has some great ideas for finger foods and other snacks that fit just about any theme.

A Garden Party

Why not take your party outdoors while it’s still nice?  You have a built-in theme, especially if your flowers are still in bloom.  You’ll find some great ideas on Pinterest for incorporating your garden and other existing outdoor decorations into your party.

These are just a few different types of parties for which you can find ideas on Pinterest.  Check out our Party Planning Ideas board for more!

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