Romantic Ways to Say I Love You

MyFlorist_Love YouWhen it comes to saying “I love you,” there are a number of different ways to do it.  Doing it in a large romantic way is definitely appropriate for your anniversary, especially if it’s one of the big ones.  Here are a few great romantic ways of telling your spouse how much you love them.

Dedicate a song to her.  If you’re somewhere with a live band, ask if they will play the song you danced to at your wedding or a song that’s special to the two of you.  You could also call your favorite radio station and have a song dedicated to her.

Send a dozen red roses to her office to show all of her coworkers how you feel.

Leave her little notes all over the place—slip on in her purse, in a kitchen cabinet, in her coat pocket… anywhere unexpected.

Recreate your first date in detail.  Show her that you remember exactly how you met or where you first had dinner together.  Pull out all the stops!

Create something for her.  There’s nothing quite like a handmade, one of a kind gift you made with her in mind.

You don’t have to do anything flashy.  Lean in, give her a soft kiss, and whisper it in her ear.  Nothing could be more romantic!

These are just a few very romantic ways of telling someone you love them.  Flowers, of course, are always a great way of saying the L-word.  Let us deliver some beautiful anniversary flowers in Washington, DC.

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