Ten Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary

If your anniversary is coming up soon, you may already be planning what you’re going to do on that special day.  If it’s one of the big ones (like your 25th or 50th), you may have a big celebration planned.  But if it’s not, you should still celebrate!  Every year should be recognized in some way, so here are ten different things you could do to celebrate your anniversary.

1.    Recreate your first date – go to the same restaurant, do a similar activity, etc.

2.    Go on a cruise or take a big vacation (overseas, perhaps).

3.    If you can’t get away for a long trip, take a mini-vacation over the weekend, even if it’s just to a nearby bed and breakfast.  Turn off your cell phones and leave the email until the weekend is over.

4.    Spend the evening at home.  Cook a meal together, reminisce about your life together, do an activity you both love, or spend the evening reconnecting.

5.    Renew your vows!

6.    Go to a couple’s spa to rest and rejuvenate.

7.    Do something new that the two of you have never done before.

8.    Be adventurous!  Go scuba diving, rock climbing, or parachute out of a plane.

9.    Watch your wedding video and look through your photo albums.

10.    Spend the day visiting your hometowns or all of the important places in your neighborhood that have special meaning to the two of you.

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