Why It’s Important to Celebrate Milestones

myflorist_milestoneLife has many different milestones.  Some are very personal, while others are seen as a rite of passage that almost everyone goes through.  No matter which type of milestone you’ve recently accomplished, it’s very important to celebrate them.  This gives us a sense of achievement and helps propel us on to reaching that next milestone.  It also gives you a chance to rest on your laurels for just a moment, to say “hey, I accomplished something!”

Some milestones we achieve without really knowing it or remembering them.  These include things like our first steps and first word.  Thankfully, our parents almost always record these early milestones so we can look back on them later.  Celebrating your anniversary, especially the first, tenth, twenty-fifth, and fiftieth, is a great milestone in your life.  Give your spouse a gift, go out to dinner, or spend the day doing something special for just the two of you.

There are many other personal milestones you might want to celebrate—getting married, having children, getting a new job, getting a promotion, fulfilling one of your life-long goals.  Be sure to celebrate these milestones in style.  Don’t let even the smallest one go by without at least acknowledging it in some way.  Reaching a milestone is an important part of going through life, and there’s no reason not to celebrate each and every one.

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