Hooray! You Made It!

GRADUATION BLOGThe season of caps and gowns, confetti and cheering crowds, loooong commencement speeches and equally loooong lines to get your diplomas and degrees (and if you are a lady: you’re probably wishing you opted for the flats instead of the heels). But all of that is worth it, because you have a heart swelling with pride for what you’ve accomplished. The long caffeine fueled nights of studying, the many jelly beans you ingested while you wrote your ‘ten page-double spaced-12pt Times Roman font-MLA or APA format-about a subject you could have written about in two pages’ paper, the many circles you’ve darkened with your #2 pencil, the blank spaces you filled in, and the many (B)s you circled in your multiple answer exams, were all for this moment. For the promise of a future that seems bright and full of possibilities.

You’ve carefully planned your outfit to make sure it looks good under your gown when you take your pictures with your family and friends holding a beautiful presentation bouquet of flowers they brought you or during those selfie sessions with your fellow graduates.

As you walk to your sit you wonder where your family and friends might be sitting. You look at the crowd to try to find a familiar face… you don’t, but you know they are there and that knowledge is good enough for now. You know they are sitting there beaming with pride for their bright and talented graduate. They too are trying to find you among all the cap and gown clad students marching to their seats,  as they hold a camera in one hand and the program in the other and their bouquet carefully hidden under their chair. Then, that moment when they call your name to hand you your diploma comes, all of a sudden you hear a section in the crowd bursts in cheers, whistles and claps and that make you smile. You almost know who the loudest one is and you recognize that whistle. There, among the crowd, is your support system that was there for you no matter what; encouraging you and comforting you during those “I don’t think I did well on that test” moments.

Yes, this is the season packed with promises and bittersweet feelings when you leave the friendships you’ve made to embark on a new unknown and exciting journey. We, at MyFlorist, would like to say, “CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve made it!” The future is brighter because of you.

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