Expressing Your Feelings

expressThere are a number of ways you can express your feelings.  Some of these ways are big, complex gestures involving gifts, flowers, and expensive dinners.  But some are simple and straightforward, and they can actually be more romantic.  You also don’t have to worry about things going wrong.  The more complex your plans are, the more likely something won’t go quite right.  So how do you go about expressing your feelings?

•    If you want to show her you love her, take her out to a romantic dinner at her favorite restaurant or cook her favorite meal for her.

•    dozen red roses say “I love you” in a simple, elegant way.

•    Go with what you know she loves and enjoys.  If you’re trying to decide between her favorite restaurant and an expensive place you’re not sure about, go with her favorite.  Of course, if she’s talked about a new place or has mentioned wanting to try a restaurant, then go with that.  Stay with what you know.  Apply this rule to expressing yourself through gifts, movie choice, etc.

•    When writing out a card or preparing your declaration of love (and yes, some men to practice what they’re going to say, especially if they’re doing something like proposing), don’t get caught up in flowery language.  Say what’s in your heart.

•    Finally, just be yourself!  Nothing is better than that.  Don’t try to be someone you’re not.  She’s not there because she expects you to transform into this other person, she’s there because she wants to be with you.

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