The (Almost) Lost Art of Saying Thank You

myfloristthanksThose young kids today just don’t know how to be grateful!  Well, that’s what the older generation says, anyway.  Whether you believe this or not, it does seem like the younger generations have a more relaxed attitude towards saying thank you.  It’s not that they don’t, it’s that they tend to say it with an email or a quick text message instead of a more formal or demonstrative way.  The art of saying thank you seems to have been lost.

That’s not to say people never said thank you with just a quick message in the past.  On the contrary, many people used thank you cards to express their gratitude.  However, these cards took more thought and effort than a quick email.  You had to purchase the card, which meant looking through the store’s selection and picking one that you felt had some connection to the recipient.  Then you had to hand-write a message in the card (or at least sign your name) and hand address it.  You either had to personally deliver it or put it in the mail.  It was a process, and it was much more personal than an email or text.

Another part of the art of saying thank you is that it was often done with more than just a card.  People often said thank you with a small homemade trinket, some homemade cookies, or a bouquet of fresh flowers.  These gifts weren’t always expensive or elaborate, but they took time, and that showed that the giver was truly appreciative.  An email doesn’t take much time, so that personal effort that says “I really appreciate what you did for me” isn’t really there.

But even though the art of saying thank you may not be as visible in the younger generation, that doesn’t mean the attitude of thankfulness is gone.  On the other hand, with people so busy every day, just seeing that someone did take a minute to email you a quick thanks does mean a lot.  It means that they thought enough of what you did for them that they put down their smart phone, clicked off of Facebook, or turned away from the TV for a minute to email you.

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