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The word boss has a negative connotation these days. It has become a word that inspires fear. It’s become a word that separates a person in the “leading” position from the rest of the workforce. And as such many men and women in the position become detached from the day to day operation of a work place and become people in a position to tell other what to do rather than coach and inspire those they lead. We have to remember that the big chair, imposing desk, designated parking space and the key to the executive wash room does not make one a great leader.


This week we celebrate the great bosses that are great leaders. Those that sit in the big chair but are not afraid to sit indian style on the floor with their Minions brainstorming. those that would rather see their subordinates do a great job and excel in their position rather than keep a watchful eye making sure their own position is not in jeopardy. Those that understand that in mentoring and coaching others, make their own work much easier because in doing so they know they are nurturing employees they can trust to do their work well. Those that inspire enthusiasm and great work ethic. those that speak in plural rather than aggrandise oneself, those that give credit to others and those that know that they themself have to learn and have room to improve and strive for it. Those are the Leaders we celebrate.


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Bosses have to strive to be respected rather than feared. And holding oneself to the high standard of work quality is the best way to inspire the subordinates to respect their leaders. How can one person look up to another when s/he doesn’t walk the walk but does plenty of the talk? Right? Right!

Some of us are blessed to have leaders that inspire loyalty and respect. and we say thank you for being Great Bosses! We celebrate you!


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