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Bill Lumbergh  with his famous coffee cup and his “Yeah, why don’t you go ahead and come in on Sunday too” from Office Space or the many MANY designer coats flung over Miranda Priestley’s shoulder onto an assistant’s desk on The Devil Wears Prada, or the personal meltdown of Michael Scott had almost on daily basis on The Office, or the devil incarnate (literally) played by Al Pacino from the Devil’s Advocate (it doesn’t get any worse than that really), or the slimy flirty boss played by Hugh Grant from Bridget Jones Diary, or Mr Burns from the Simpsons or all the bosses from Horrible Bosses that possessed all the most horrific characteristics of the worst boss that we could ever imagine are some of our favorite worst bosses on the silver screen and we thank all that is Holy that we don’t work for them.

We all can imagine that nightmare boss we hope to never work for, but there are those that we would give a left arm to have mentor us. And here are those fictional characters that make us dream we worked for. Those that stick up for their employee like Olivia Pope on Scandal. And who wouldn’t want to work for Gene Wilder on Willy Wonka? You can be as orange as you want and work with chocolate ALL DAY LONG! And Martin Sheen as the POTUS on West Wing. And M from the James Bond movies, who is like a “mum” to her secret agents.

As entertaining and fascinating the villain bosses are, there are as many good ones. This week, let’s celebrate the good bosses that have taught us the value of hard work, mentored us, encouraged us, and helped us aim for the best possible us. HAPPY BOSSES’ DAY!


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