What Makes a Good Boss?

Boss’s Day is the one day out of the year when employees take the time to show their bosses how much they appreciate all the little things they do for them throughout the year.  But what makes a good boss?  There are a number of different things.  Here are just a few things a good boss does.

•    They go to bat for you.  They will work to make sure your office or division gets the best assignments, or they will fight for you when those higher up in the company try to place blame on you.

•    They’re fair and honest.  They will listen to all sides of an argument and hand out work assignments in an equal and fair manner.

•    They realize when they’ve made a mistake or are wrong.  Bad bosses will always try to twist things around so that they’re right even when everyone knows they’re not.  A good boss realizes when he or she has made a mistake and admits it.

•    They communicate and appreciate feedback.  Good bosses say what they mean and make it clear what they need and expect.  They’re willing to listen to your ideas and feedback.  If necessary, they will even change things once they’ve heard from their employees.

•    They’re always looking for ways to improve.  This includes improving themselves, the office, and employees.  They will help you learn new skills when learning themselves.

How many of these items does your boss exhibit?  If you’ve got a great boss, show him or her your appreciation by sending Boss’s Day flowers in Washington, D.C.

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