Old Fashioned Christmas Gifts

imagesThese days, it seems like everyone wants some kind of electronic device for Christmas.  But that can get expensive.  You also then have the entire family sitting around with their faces glued to a screen for the rest of the day.  How about getting some old fashioned Christmas gifts this year?  You could even make that the theme of your entire holiday—decorate your tree with old fashioned ornaments and use wreaths and other items that invoke the past.

What exactly qualified as an old fashioned gift?  Basically, anything that would have been given about 50 years ago.  Many people enjoyed jigsaw puzzles then, and you can find puzzles with thousands of different designs.  There are some aimed at kids, and then there are the 5,000 piece monsters aimed at those who consider themselves experts or want a challenge.

Another old fashioned idea is candy, such as a jar of jelly beans, a box of ribbon candy, or an assortment of hard candies.  Food such as cheese or summer sausage is also somewhat old fashioned, but it’s usually very appreciated.

Clothing can be an old fashioned gift, too, especially if it’s something like a nice dress shirt or a dress.

Some people like to give a single Christmas ornament to each member of their family at Christmas.  You’ll find many different vintage and old fashioned ornaments at most stores that carry decorations.

One more thing you need for an old fashioned Christmas: a beautiful arrangement of Christmas flowers delivered in Washington, DC.

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