Dress the Turkey. Dress the Table.

Golden Harvest | TFWEB219

Golden Harvest | TFWEB219

The Thanksgiving Table

While food, family, and football are possibly the three most celebrated traditions of an American Thanksgiving, we’d like to discuss the rich traditions of setting the tone of Thanksgiving with the dinner table itself.

Setting the Thanksgiving Table

If you are serving a more formal Thanksgiving dinner in the dining room, and have the opportunity to put out a full course of dishes, silver, and linen, we offer a reminder to those who normally enjoy a less formal dining experience!
Begin to set your table by placing a freshly ironed white tablecloth, a runner, or placemats. If you wish to use service or charger plates (extra large plates used mostly for decoration and catching spills) place those first around the table, equally spaced. On top of those place the dinner plates, and if you are having a soup course, place the soup dish on top of that.

The general rule for silverware is you put the ones you will use first on the outside of each setting, and you work your way in. To the right of each plate, first place the dinner knife with the blade facing the plate. On its right, place the teaspoon, and further to the right place the soupspoon. Optionally a dessert spoon may be placed horizontally above the plate, pointing to the left.

On the left, place the dessert fork nearest the plate (if there is to be one), then the dinner fork and finally, the salad fork to the left of that. The bottoms of each piece of silverware should line up with the bottom of the dinner plate.

The bread and butter plate is placed directly above the forks, with a butter spreader placed horizontally across the top of the plate, with the tip pointing to the left.

Above the plate and slightly to the right you place the water glass, with a red wine glass to the right of that and a white wine glass to the right of all.

Napkins traditionally are folded and placed to the left of the forks, but alternately you may wish to fold it and place it in the soup bowl or the water glass.

Once the table is set, you’ll need to add a centerpiece or two, depending on the length of the table.

Decorating the Thanksgiving Table

Accessorize a large table by placing a long, narrow centerpiece in the center. Add a few smaller accent pieces or candles on each side of the arrangement for an added effect.

Ask your florist to create a centerpiece in a treasured family vase or bowl, or in seasonal pieces such as a cornucopia or a utility vase surrounded by dry corncobs. You may want to garnish your serving trays with flowers and greens. Scatter colorful fall leaves, flowers and votive candles along the center of your dining table.

You may also want to ask your florist to design the arrangements for your buffet table on several different levels to keep the eye flowing all along the table.

Finally, you may want to place a garland or wreath of fruit, flowers and fall foliage over your front door. 

Check out the elegant Thanksgiving Floral Designs at MyFlorist! 

And we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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