Ten Ways to Spoil Mom

Looking for a way of making mom feel incredibly special this Mother’s Day?  Here are ten different ways you can spoil mom on Sunday the 13th.

1.    Take her out to her favorite restaurant for lunch and make sure she gets a great dessert.

2.    Send her an amazing bouquet of flowers!

3.    Get the entire family together to visit and reminisce about old times.

4.    Take mom to a concert.

5.    Plan out an entire day or afternoon with mom doing your favorite activities together.

6.    Get mom an appointment at a spa for a massage, facial, mani/pedi, etc.

7.    Cook all of mom’s favorite foods for Mother’s Day lunch.

8.    Get the family together and treat mom to a day off.  Clean her house, cook for her, and do all those little chores she hates.

9.    Create something for mom.  Write her a poem, sing her a song, paint something for her, etc.

10.    Do something different this year.  Surprise mom by breaking with tradition and doing something new for Mother’s Day!

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