Skip the Crowds This Season

One of the worst aspects of the holiday season is the crowds.  Shopping may be fun, but waiting in long lines to check out or pushing your way down overcrowded aisles is no fun at all.  This year, skip the crowds by shopping online, and you’ll find your holidays aren’t quite as stressful.

Now, you may be saying “but it’s the week of Christmas!  There’s no way we can shop online and get our items by the weekend!”  That is true for some sites; however, it is possible to shop online and get your items if you pay for expedited shipping.  You’ll pay more, true, but you will be able to avoid the crowds.

In some cases, though, you can order online and not worry about paying for expedited shipping.  Some retailers allow you to purchase items and then pick them up in the store.  If the store has your items already in stock, all you have to do is print your receipt and then go pick them up.  You’re basically asking the store to set the items aside for you.  While not every retailer will do this, the ones that do can make your shopping excursions easier.

You can also shop online for items that are always delivered in a few days or instantly available.  These include things like flowers, baked goods, some gift certificates, and digital downloads.  If you order your Christmas flowers from us, for example, we will deliver them towards the end of the week so they will be fresh for your Christmas table.  Food you purchase online, especially food that needs to be delivered fresh or refrigerated, is also often delivered within a few days.

Some stores offer gift certificates delivered through email.  You purchase them online, they email you the certificate, and then you print it out and give it to the recipient.  It’s very quick and easy.  Likewise, if you’re buying a computer program or other digital download, you often get emailed the code or information regarding downloading the item right away.  It’s done in just a few clicks, and there are no crowds to deal with!

As you can see, even if you haven’t ordered online yet, there’s still time to get some items without paying for fast shipping.  Just don’t wait until the day before!

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