The Secret Powers of Administrative Professionals

The Power of the Administrative Professional
The Power of the Administrative Professional

Have you ever wondered how administrative professionals handle everything so efficiently? The good ones have secret powers. Yes. And here is a short
list so you have an idea of how many powers they have. This list is only the tip of a very large, very powerful iceberg. And, yeah, maybe they aren’t so

They Know All Who operates the copier best? The administrative professional. They can copy, collate, staple, hole punch, and have meeting packets ready in mere minutes. What was the name of your client’s wife? Dog? Guess who has the answers. Phone numbers of your doctor, lawyer, veterinarian, child’s preschool? Yep. Which hot key combinations make your software hum with productivity? Ask The Keeper of All Knowledge.

They See All

Who notices when your socks don’t match? Who can zero in on any typo or misspelling in seconds? Who makes the conference room perfect, sets up the equipment and makes sure there are plenty of chairs? The administrative professional. Anything out of place is put right. Need to know where the tech support guys are right now? Guess who saw them last.

They Are Skilled

Professionalism scales new heights when action is needed. Steps are taken. Solutions are offered. Good ideas are made better. Work-flow is streamlined to the point that it seems they are hardly working. This is a misconception. Rather, the administrative professional is planning, deliberating, anticipating needs, and considering how long one really should wait to take over the world.

They Understand Everything

Ask for something new to be done and see how quickly it happens. Don’t get the newest software? How do you get a package to Istanbul overnight? Can I change this flowchart to show one more process step? Your admin understands how to best make it happen. Feeling overwhelmed? Guess who knows to schedule
half-hour breaks between power meetings for you.

Appreciate your admin’s powers. Remember that they are many and they make your life easier. And don’t forget to give gifts and send flowers during Administrative Professionals’ Week, April 20 – 24.

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