What Happens When you Order Early For Valentine’s Day?


People (especially florists and jewelers) often recommend that you make your Valentine’s Day orders as early as you possibly can.  But what are the benefits from doing so?  Here’s what happens if you order early for Valentine’s Day:

•    You don’t have to worry about ordering flowers that day.
•    You don’t need to fight your way through the stores looking for chocolate or to pick up the necklace you bought her.
•    Your choices aren’t limited to what’s left after everyone else has had their pick.  You can lock in those gorgeous roses!
•    You may not pay as much.  Pre-orders are often cheaper.
•    There’s no danger of not getting what you want.
•    You know she’s going to be happy with your purchases.
•    There’s no stress—you know you’ve got everything done for the holiday.  Now you can enjoy your romantic date!

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