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The wonderful thing about sending flowers all around the world is that most small towns, villages and cities have local florists.   And thanks to the Internet you can find them, research reputations and often locate their websites so you can look at their beautiful flower arrangements and place your order.  More and more, florists have mobile-ready websites, too, so you can even order flowers on your Smartphone. 

Here are some key tips:

If you have a florist already that you trust, they can arrange to “wire out” the order to the other side of the country for you.  Most florists have other network florists they trust on the other end and they will be careful to pass on your instructions to the filling florist.

If you don’t want to go through your own florist, or don’t have one, it’s usually a good idea to research florists online in the city you want the flwoers delivered to.  Be careful, many companies have websites that may mislead you into thinking they are local, when in fact they are not.  This will result in your paying around $20 extra or getting fewer flowers because they keep a portion of the order amount.

 Things to look for:

  • Their physical address should be easy to find on their home page.  Either at the top or closer to the bottom.
  • If you know the local area code, check that they have a local number.
  • Look at their reviews.  Hopefully you will find some. They should have a nice average.
  • Order online if you are comfortable, or call the shop and they should be happy to help.
  • Photos of flower arrangements do not usually represent exactly what is delivered.  Flowers are organic, and each bloom is different.  Some are arranged to be viewed from one side only, so you may only see flowers in the front.  The vase could be different.  However, the florist will choose the best vase and flowers available and create the arrangement closely.  If they cannot, they should contact you to discuss.
  • Some flowers are seasonal.  If you have a strong preference for tulips or delphinium, call the shop to make sure they are available.
  • Order early in the morning if you want your flowers delivered that day.
  • During peak floral holidays like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, order several days in advance to reserve your preferred flowers and delivery date.

That’s it!  And if you ever need to send flowers in Washington DC, McLean VA, Bethesda MD, the DC Metro Areas or Nationwide, try us. 

We think you’ll be glad you did.

Brad & Penha Parker


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