Things Admin Pros Do That We Never Notice

myf_Administrative-Professionals-Day-2012Wednesday, April 24, is Administrative Professionals Day, and the entire week of April 22 through April 26 is Admin Pro week.  This is the time of year to thank those who keep our offices running smoothly.  While these professionals usually have a fairly long, detailed job description, there’s a lot that they do that’s not outlined.  Here are some things they do that we might never notice.

They’re your gatekeepers.  You might have dozens of people trying to see you every day, but you only meet or talk with the most important ones.  Your assistant handles the others.

They’re often in charge of office parties, and that’s more work than you might think.  Next time a cake and punch magically appears for someone’s birthday, make sure to thank your admin pro for making it happen (if he or she did, of course—find out).

They always make sure there are plenty of office supplies available.  Most people don’t question this unless there aren’t any extra pens or sticky notes.  A good admin pro will make sure you never notice the lack of office supplies because there won’t be a lack.

They pick up the slack.  If anyone in your office has too much on their plate, it’s the administrative professional who often ends up handling some of those tasks, especially the more time-consuming ones.  It’s rare that a major event or project happens without an admin pro’s involvement.

These are just a few things your administrative professionals do that you might not realize.  Be sure to thank them on April 24 with a bouquet of amazing administrative professionals day flowers and gifts in Washington, DC.