Imagine: Work Without Your Administrative Staff




Imagine you didn’t have Your Administrative Assistant. We’ll give you a moment … How many hours in a day would you need to be able to finish your work? Administrative Assistants may be some of the most underappreciated members of the workforce and we think that should change. If you didn’t have an administrative assistant YOU would be responsible for doing everything. Yes, that suck. But it’s more than that. Your administrative assistant is your support in every way. S/he is your sounding board, your brainstorming buddy, your facilitator, the hero that pays attention to the smallest details and makes sure nothing falls thru the cracks. Int short, they allow you to shine brighter than you would have had you been running around doing everything they do. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t be able to concentrate on the “big things” had your Admin Assistant not prepared the “small” things for you. Had your Admin not worried about the small potatoes and researched, compiled, prepared and presented all the data you need while screening your calls, making your coffee, ordering your flowers and remembering employee birthdays, you wouldn’t be the superstar you are. Those are facts. You would be stretched in a thousand different directions that you would lose that “big idea” thinking mind.HW0_389727

Now we ask you, on this one week/day that we celebrate the unsung heroes of the corporate world, do you think that we are asking for too much when we suggest you do something to show your appreciation for their talent, skills and capable ways of keeping your sanity intact, is asking for too much? It the “they are doing what I pay them/they are paid to do” the attitude you need to have. We think not. These are people that support you. and we don’t use the word support lightly; they are your backbone, the cane you walk on, the ones that polish your shine, the ones that fall back and allow you to do what you do best and sparkle and lead. Don’t you think some token of your appreciation is warranted? Deserved? The answer you are looking for is YES! We, for sure, absolutely do!

So be the hero you are and do what’s right. Show your Administrative Assistant you appreciation and gratitude.


5 Best Gift Ideas For Your Administrative Professional

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There you are sitting at your desk thinking, contemplating your next world take over when your calendar reminder pops up to tell you that you have a meeting tomorrow at 10am that you set up months ago while playing golf and rubbing elbows with who’s who of the industry and had forgotten all about. And your eyes go wide open and bug out and you think “Yawza! Forgot about that!” Well guess who didn’t forget. That’s right! Your Administrative Assistant. Your fabulous AA set up you calendar reminder and confirmed your appointment, prepared your PowerPoint presentation, pulled all the data and pertinent information, prepared your report, printed it collated, made copies arranged it perfectly and professionally in presentation folders. All while s/he ordered your office supplies, made your traveling arrangements, arranged catering for your lunch meetings, sent flowers to the employee who just had a baby AND remembered your mother’s birthday and sent her flowers too, arranged pickup and delivery of those important time sensitive documents, and made sure that you did what you did best without having to worry about all the other details. So you tell us, does your Admin deserve a thank you? We think a resounding big fat YES is the answer you are looking for. Your administrative Assistants are your soldiers and you are their general. Their success is your success and vice versa. Their reward is your reward. So tell us big boss, what are you rewarding yourself….er we mean you super-duper assistant with? We have some suggestions.HW0_647405

  1. Flowers. Yes, yes, we know we are a florist and surprise surprise we would suggest flowers. Shocking! We know. But seriously, what’s more perfect? You tell us what would say “thank you” better than flowers. Nothing, that’s what. Unless you want to hand your AA handful of raw cash but that’s not classy, and we know you are one classy human. The beauty, colors, and ability to cheer even the grumpiest of humans that flowers possess is the best way to say “thank you, you are as delightful to have around as a bouquet of these blooms”. We honestly think that they are the easiest yet the perfect most excellent way to express your gratitude. Flowers are a gift that keep on giving. Win-win we think.
  2. HW0_64857Gift baskets. We understand that not everyone is into flowers. We think that’s just coo-coo, but we won’t judge. And for those that don’t get gooey feelings over flowers, we suggest something with gastronomic appeal. A basket laden with fresh, juicy and refreshing fruit with yummy gourmet cheeses, chocolates nuts and other delectable hand-picked and arranged to make the perfect gift that will make your Admin Assistant feel appreciated. In fact they will feel so appreciated and valued they may even want to share what’s in the basket with you.We told you a reward for them is a reward for you, didn’t we? You can actually throw in a bottle of wine or bubbly in there too! HW0_417674
  3. Now you are thinking, well flowers are pretty and all but might die and your sentiments of thanks will wilt and evaporate along with the blooms and the water they are in. And Gift baskets are fine but your admin is a picky eater and you don’t want to offend her/him by giving her/him non-gluten free, non-GMO, non-organic product that s/he is trying to avoid or items that are counter productive in her pursuit to maintain her/his figure. Well fine, we can work with that. We present the potted plant. This, as long as maintained well, is a gift that will last for ever and ever and ever or until that month your assistant gets too busy with organizing that conference you will be speaking at on top of his bazillion duties and forgets to water his/her plant. You can choose a fabulous blooming plant like a Phalaenopsis orchid or a melange of small green in an exquisite dish or a lush full plant s/he can put in the corner of her/his office or cubicle. Whatever you choose will send a truly lasting message of thanks for all the s/he does for you and the success of the company.
  4. 6454m_Balloon-Bouquet12-MylarPerhaps your AA just about kills every plant s/he so much as looks at and flowers are just not her/his thing and a gift basket will just ruin his/her healthy living road s/he’s on. Now what? Remember this is a day of celebration of a true professional. A party in a way. And no party is a happening party without balloons. You can embarrass (in a good way) the living staples out of your AA with happy, floating, mass of your herald of your thanks in the form of mylar balloons. Just imagine them hovering over his/her desk saying to every on looker and passerby that your AA is the BEST Admin Assistant EVER! Your AA will be the envy of the office, and rightly so! S/he works for a boss that recognizes and appreciates her contribution to her/his success. That’s you champ.
  5. AdminBlog REThis last suggestion may not feel like an actual gift, but it may be the most honest and probably the one that will truly speak the most. Literally. Either in the notes being delivered with your gifts or in person or both, tell your assistant that s/he is a truly valued member of your team. That what s/he does for you has not gone unnoticed, unappreciated and undervalued. Your AA may simply find reward and satisfaction in a job well done or may not expect or need an atta’a boy or a pat on the back for nailing that report for you. But how cool is it to just shock them  with a heartfelt thank you. We promise you that it will give your AA an extra boost to do even better for you and work with a ginormous smile on his/her face and feel like what s/he does actually makes a difference (s/he may already know this but it is good to be reminded sometimes). THANK YOU is a very powerful sentence. People take it for granted. Don’t give a passive meh-thanks-meh, but look your AA in the eyes and give him/her an honest, heartfelt, meaningful “THANK YOU”!



The Heroes Behind The Curtain At Work


Rhodeo Drive

It’s natural that we recognize the people sitting in the big chairs behind the intimidating big tables with their names on the signature part of our paycheck. Yes they are hard working people and deserve all the recognition they get. However, have we stopped to think about the many many many administrative professional that work just as hard behind the scenes? the many bricks that make up the great wall? The ones that take care of the miniscule details to present the finish product. The ones that make sure the ‘i’s are doted and the ‘t’s are crossed. the ones that coming before the boss comes and leave after s/he leaves. the ones that keep the boss on schedule and make her or him look good. the real backbones of the company. Yes, the administrative assistants are usually the unsung heroes that, it you’re lucky enough to have chosen them right, will make you and your company a well oiled machine that runs properly towards prosperity.



This is why we believe that every year, we need to remind you to never ever forget your Admins. At the matter of fact we believe they should be thanked, appreciated, encouraged, rewarded for their hard work every day. However, as everything else, we had to have a week specifically intended to celebrate these magnificent people. We like reminding you of this day every chance we get, because, trust us, you don’t want to forget. We don’t want you to have an unappreciated or under appreciated Admin.


Nine to Five

There are many ways to make sure that you Admin’s thank you tank if full. Make sure that s/he knows that her or his great work has not gone unnoticed. Say a genuine “thank you” when s/he hands you a finished work that will make your work a thousand more easier. Every so often call her/him in your office to say that you are grateful and appreciative of the extra effort s/he puts in he/his work. Your admin may work hard simply because it is in her/his nature to work hard and go the extra mile and may not expect a “thank you” or even a recognition for the work, because s/he will do it because it is his/her job. But hearing that the boss has noticed his or her toil will give him/her the extra fuel to do even more.


Classic Fruit and Gourmet

So, we encourage you to go the extra mile this coming week to make sure that you admin know just how much you value his/her hard work. We can help you. If you are on a budget and you have a ton of admins you want to send a gift or flowers to? We’ve got you back. You have superduper admins that you know you couldn’t accomplish your daily task without their help? We know exactly what you should send.

Best Administrative Professional Contest (in the DC Metro)

Is your administrative assistant the best in the DC metro?  Then nominate him or her on our Facebook wall to win a free flower bouquet each month for six months. That’s 6 gorgeous flower bouquets.  Just tell us why your admin pro deserves to be recognized!



Some rules:

  1. Winner will be selected randomly from wall posts on our Facebook page.
  2. Winner must work within our local delivery area.  (Here’s a list.)
  3. Bouquet will be delivered to workplace.
  4. One bouquet can be ordered each calendar month, from May, 2012 – November,  2012.
  5. We will call you each month so you can select your flowers and delivery date.
  6. Bouquet price limit is $69.95.
  7. Winner will be announced on May 1, 2012.

Happy nominating, DC!

And, just in case your admin does not win, best to send flowers yourself, too.


UPDATE May 1, 2012

We have a winner!  Debbie Corbett from Booz Allen – Congratulations and thanks to Lynn for nominating her!

The Art of Appreciating the People Who Make You Look Good

Administrative Professionals Day is next Wednesday, the 25th.  This is the one day out of the year that employers stop and show their appreciation for the people who work hard to make you and your entire office look good.  There’s an art to this, however, and if you master it, you will give the perfect gifts to your administrative professionals, friends, and family members.

There are a number of different things to keep in mind if you want to fully master this art.  First, you need to know what the recipient likes.  If your administrative professional collects certain items or enjoys certain snacks, that’s definitely a good place to start.  However, don’t take it too far.  A small gift for his or her desk is fine, but you don’t want to get something that’s too large or too expensive.

The same goes with giving flowers.  Roses aren’t really appropriate for Administrative Professionals Day since they can send the wrong message.  However, mixed bouquets, balloon bouquets, and plants are certainly a good idea.  This is especially true if you know your administrative pro loves certain flowers or colors.

Another part of the art of appreciation is knowing where that personal verses professional line is.  While it’s true that roses are too personal, when it comes to other gifts, the line isn’t always clear.  For example, some bosses are closer to their assistants than others.  For some, a gift related to something you know they enjoy is fine.  For others, that would be too much, and it’s better to go with a gift card or a small cash bonus.  The same goes with taking them out to lunch.  If you’ve gone to lunch together in the past, it’s probably fine, especially if the whole office goes.  If you haven’t, it may be a line you don’t want to cross.

The art of appreciating others can be a bit difficult to master because it’s different with everyone.  It all comes down to how well you know the person and what your relationship is with them.

No matter what, though, flowers are a nice touch.  Let us help with your Administrative Professionals Day flowers in McLean, VA.

Why Administrative Professionals Have the Power

Administrative Professionals' Week April 19 - 23, 2010
Administrative Professionals

Let’s face it. Administrative professionals make our lives run more smoothly.
They have the keys to the kingdom and they silently rule behind the scenes.
What gives them the power? We have some ideas.

They Hold the Knowledge

Administrative professionals keep track of information. They organize it. Categorize it. Keep it handy. On the computer, in the file cabinet, on your desk and in their heads. They hold the addresses to every business contact, every place that delivers for lunch or late work nights, every document ever written, your expensables, your favorite meeting places and your favorite coffee.

They Are the Gatekeepers

Someone need to see you today? They have to pass through the admin pros’ screening process. Whether they warrant a call or are given an appointment or redirected to another manager, the admin pro decides. Someone selling something? The admin pro decides if they get to cross your threshold. Phone calls are
handled according to priority, and the flow of traffic into your office magically gets coordinated with your calendar.

They Manage Time

How does one manage multiple meetings, places and people every day? One has an admin pro in control. Setting appointments, reserving conference rooms and meal reservations, dental appointments and car maintenance are pencilled in and available on your desktop or PDA. Need an extra half hour a day for a new project? Guess who can make that happen.

They Book the Trips

Do you like having your flight booked, transportation arranged and hotel reserved? Thank your administrative professional for knowing the best prices for the better seating, luxury cars, and 4 star accommodations. Flight delayed? You know who you are going to call.

They Set the Tone

Does your office seem calm and in control? Again, thank your administrative professional. From the personal mementos to the amount of desktop clutter to the wall art, to the way they dress, the admin pro sets the stage for all who enter your outer office. They keep their cool in person and on the phone. They buffer the noise and direct traffic. They make sure that someone is taking care of the coffee and that there are fresh flowers in the foyer. They choose the music, the magazines, the snacks, and everything that makes you look good.

They Know the Secrets

Working on a new project that needs to be kept hush-hush? From corporate matters that are highly confidential to office relationships to passwords to personal issues, chances are strong that your admin pro knows it all. And keeping it to themselves is the true mark of an excellent administrative professional. So respect the administrative professionals in your office. Appreciate the strength they bring to your business. And, once a year, pay homage.


Maybe you should send flowers.


Copyright 2010. MyFlorist.

The Secret Powers of Administrative Professionals

The Power of the Administrative Professional
The Power of the Administrative Professional

Have you ever wondered how administrative professionals handle everything so efficiently? The good ones have secret powers. Yes. And here is a short
list so you have an idea of how many powers they have. This list is only the tip of a very large, very powerful iceberg. And, yeah, maybe they aren’t so

They Know All Who operates the copier best? The administrative professional. They can copy, collate, staple, hole punch, and have meeting packets ready in mere minutes. What was the name of your client’s wife? Dog? Guess who has the answers. Phone numbers of your doctor, lawyer, veterinarian, child’s preschool? Yep. Which hot key combinations make your software hum with productivity? Ask The Keeper of All Knowledge.

They See All

Who notices when your socks don’t match? Who can zero in on any typo or misspelling in seconds? Who makes the conference room perfect, sets up the equipment and makes sure there are plenty of chairs? The administrative professional. Anything out of place is put right. Need to know where the tech support guys are right now? Guess who saw them last.

They Are Skilled

Professionalism scales new heights when action is needed. Steps are taken. Solutions are offered. Good ideas are made better. Work-flow is streamlined to the point that it seems they are hardly working. This is a misconception. Rather, the administrative professional is planning, deliberating, anticipating needs, and considering how long one really should wait to take over the world.

They Understand Everything

Ask for something new to be done and see how quickly it happens. Don’t get the newest software? How do you get a package to Istanbul overnight? Can I change this flowchart to show one more process step? Your admin understands how to best make it happen. Feeling overwhelmed? Guess who knows to schedule
half-hour breaks between power meetings for you.

Appreciate your admin’s powers. Remember that they are many and they make your life easier. And don’t forget to give gifts and send flowers during Administrative Professionals’ Week, April 20 – 24.

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