When You Want To Be Remembered



It is natural to want to be remembered. To know who we are or what we do to matter in a small or big way. This is especially true for businesses. We know it is true for us. We understand that what we do, our work, our creation matter to our customer and to the recipients of their kindness and sentiment. It is why we take care of our customers. It does help that we think they are all rock stars (because they kinda are). Having said that, we also understand that the customers we serve want to matter in their industry, and we pride ourselves in knowing that we facilitate that, even in a small way.

Companies are responsible for their employees, for their clients, for their partners and for their community. It is important for them to keep a healthy relationship. What does all this have to do with a flower shop, you may ask. A lot actually. Simply put, flowers help companies maintain a good and healthy relationship with their employees, their customers and clients, and their partnering businesses.


How? Simple. An employee has a baby, is ill, has a family member pass, has a birthday, get married, has some kind of life milestone, has a work anniversary, does a great job; a good employer would send the employee flowers to celebrate or send well wishes. A company does business or meets with another company or a client, a smart business sends flowers to say thank you and creates a friendly and long-lasting relationship. A company makes a mistake (no one is perfect), or has an incident with or inconveniences a neighboring office, sending flowers will help smooth things over.


Flowers communicate many sentiments eloquently and succinctly. They are anyone’s best foot forward. they seal the deal, lubricate friction, smooth down ruffled feathers, put a smile on a face and make you memorable. You are more likely to be remembered when you send flowers than when you don’t. So why not be remembered and be associated with some classy beautiful creations like gorgeous flower arrangements created by an experiences florist. Yeah…we cant think of any reason why not either.


Make a Mistake? How to Own It

It can be difficult to admin that you made a mistake.  No one really wants to admit to being wrong, but sometimes we are, and it’s important to know how to acknowledge it and own up to what you did.  Owning your mistakes can save your relationships with family, friends, and co-workers.  It can even be important to admit your mistakes to a complete stranger.  While the mistakes we make with strangers are usually small transgressions, that’s not always true, and it’s important to know how to apologize and mean it.

In fact, being sincere and owning up to your mistakes is the first and most important part of saying you’re sorry.  If you aren’t sincere, your apology will not have the desired effect: forgiveness and a repairing of the relationship.  In fact, being insincere generally damages the relationship even further, sometimes to the point that it can’t be fixed with a sincere apology later.

When you do own up to your mistake, there are several things you can do to show that you really mean it.  First, always apologize in person.  Don’t do it over the phone, and certainly never use email or text messaging to send an apology unless there is absolutely no other way.  Even a phone call is better than email.  Doing it in person will show the other person that they are important enough to you that you will take the time out of your day to apologize.  Make eye contact when you say you’re sorry, and don’t try to make excuses for your actions.  It doesn’t matter why you did what you did (and you may have had perfectly good reasons for your actions), making excuses will make your apology seem much less sincere and make it seem like you’re trying to get out of owning up to what you did.

Owning up to your mistakes can be difficult, especially if you think you were in the right.  However, it is an important part of repairing relationships, and if you don’t learn how to do it, you may find that you have few friends.

Need to own up to a mistake and want to add flowers to your apology?  We’ve got plenty of great flower arrangements in Washington, DC, that will do the trick!