What to Do on Your Anniversary in the DC Metro

imagesAre you getting ready to celebrate your anniversary in our nation’s capital?  If so, you’re in one of the best places!  Washington, DC has a lot to offer couples who are marking anywhere from their first to their fiftieth year together.  Here are some anniversary ideas for the romantic, the adventurous, the homebodies, and more.

For those who like to stay at home:

Have a picnic on your living room or bedroom floor.  Just spread out a blanket, make a nice dinner, and enjoy your favorite movie or put on some music.  It has all the charm of a picnic outdoors but without the bugs or the weather.

If you have kids, send them to a friend’s or to the grandparents for the night or weekend.  When you have a family and you’re always on the go, getting to spend the evening with your spouse can be amazing.

From the Romantic:

Recreate your first anniversary, or your first date, or even your honeymoon.  If you went to a certain restaurant, go back there, or recreate the meal at home.  Take a weekend trip to where you spent your honeymoon if it’s possible, or just reenact your first date.  You could even take some of the best parts of several dates and create the perfect date.

You could spend the day checking out your favorite museum exhibits.  Check out some of the great artwork, historical artifacts, and other exhibits.  There are even a number of smaller museums that offer a more intimate setting than the larger, more popular ones.  You might also want to enjoy a meal at the Smithsonian café.  On Fridays and Saturdays, they often have live music and other entertainment.

Washington, DC, has many fine restaurants that offer romantic settings and amazing meals.  Another option is to take a dinner cruise down the Potomac.  It’s fun and a different way of doing dinner.

For the Adventurous:

You can also go canoeing or kayaking on the Potomac River.  If that’s a bit too much for you, rent a paddle boat and go out on the Tidal Basin.

For those who love the outdoors:

Washington DC has many different gardens and parks.  If you love the outdoors, pack up a picnic and head outside for the afternoon.  You and your spouse can enjoy the good weather, the good food, and the good company.

Visit the National Zoo.  Admission is free, and it’s a great way to enjoy the nice spring weather.  There’s a lot to see, especially if you love animals.

There are a number of free events during the summer that make fun a fun anniversary date.  Free concerts and movies take place throughout the area.

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