Chocolate and Flowers – The Best Gift Ever?

For Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and other days when you give flowers, many people also think of giving a box of chocolates.  These two gifts are tied together in many ways, and you’ll find chocolates and other treats available from most florists.  What is it about this combination that may possibly make it the best gift ever?  It’s because of the senses that chocolate and flowers engage.

Most people assume the strongest of the five senses is sight or hearing or touch, but research has shown that no sense engages the memory quite like that of scent.  The smell of warm baking cookies can connect with the memory of your grandmother’s kitchen and instantly take you back there, while the smell of something connected to an unpleasant memory can make you sad.  Sometimes, you don’t even know why you suddenly feel unhappy.  The smell of flowers, with their delicate scent, is soothing to most people.  Sure, the sight of the bright blooms can make us feel better, but it’s the smell of flowers that truly makes them a gift like no other.  After all, how many gifts do you actually want to sniff?

Chocolate, on the other hand, engages our sense of taste, another sense that most gifts do not make use of.  Taste, like scent, is very powerful.  Taste and scent, unlike seeing, hearing, and touching, are senses that aren’t used as often, and so when they are, they seem much stronger.  Think about taste.  Is there anything that can make you recoil as quickly as tasting something disgusting?  It’s an instant reaction.  The same goes for biting into a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie or taking that first taste of a perfectly cooked steak.  Chocolate has a taste all its own, and for most people, it’s absolutely amazing.  It’s so great it’s even believed to be an aphrodisiac!

So while some people would argue that chocolate and flowers aren’t that great, most would say that they’re a treat because of how they engage our senses.  Add to that the fact that they’re gifts you don’t get every day and you’ve got a rare gift that can really turn your day around.

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