The Spirit of Christmas


What is the spirit of Christmas?

What is the spirit of Christmas?

nd this time of year, many people start talking about the spirit of Christmas.  But while it’s talked about often in a general sense, few people really take the time to define what the spirit of Christmas really is.  We’re just expected to know, it seems like.  What does it mean to have the Christmas spirit?

One of the reasons the spirit of Christmas is so hard to define is because it’s a very personal thing.  Ask ten people what they believe the spirit of Christmas is and you’ll get at least a dozen different answers.  Of course, saying that the Christmas spirit is something you have to discover for yourself is something of a cop-out.  Here are a few ideas as to what the spirit of Christmas is all about.

For some, it’s all about being with friends and family.  This is especially true for those who live far from their family and rarely see them.  Gathering with their relatives, exchanging gifts, eating great food, and just being together fills their hearts with love and joy.  You don’t have to live far from your family for this to be your Christmas spirit.  In fact, you might live with several of your family members and still make them the central part of Christmas.

For others, the spirit of Christmas is religious.  They find their happiness in attending a Christmas church service and in sharing in the spirit of their religion with others.  This sharing and feeling of community is very important, especially to those who may not have close family or friends. 

Another meaning of the spirit of Christmas is in giving to those who are in need.  Helping out at a soup kitchen on Christmas Day, donating warm clothing to the homeless, or even giving a few dollars to one of the Salvation Army bell ringers who stand outside the mall gives some people that warm, happy feeling often associated with the spirit of Christmas. 

These are just three possible things that the spirit of Christmas can be.  They may not be what you consider the Christmas spirit, and that’s certainly OK.  However, it may give your holiday season a little more meaning if you take a few minutes and consider what the spirit of Christmas is to you.