Reconnecting to the People in your Life

1280px-Family_eating_lunch_(1)Do you feel like you’ve lost touch with many of the people in your life?  Does it seem like the only way you interact with them now is through some type of electronic device?  If you’d like to have less screen time and more face time with your loved ones, here are a few ideas on how to get away from texting and Facebook and back to actual in-person interaction.

If your family is always on their smart phones, tablets, or laptops, set aside one evening a week as “no electronics” time.  Even if it’s just a few hours—dinner and a short activity—it’s better than nothing.  Or you can specify that the dinner table is a no electronics zone so you can all discuss your day while eating.  Of course, you must also obey this rule.  Let your friends and other relatives know that dinner time is not a good time to call.

Don’t see your friends that often?  If you’d like to reconnect with them, why not make plans to go out to lunch together or at least meet for coffee?  If the two of you are serious about reconnecting, you’ll find the time, even if it’s on your lunch break.

Think about the various ways you interact with people.  How many times to you text, email, or use social media instead of talking face to face?  If you’re tired of always interacting through a screen, it’s time to do something about it.  Make a plan to reconnect face to face with your loved ones.  You’ll be amazed how many others want to do the same thing.

One was of making a personal connection is to send someone flowers.  Let us help you reconnect with others by sending them flowers in Washington, D.C.

Staying in Touch Without the Internet

One way of staying in touch is to chat over coffee

One way of staying in touch is to chat over coffee

There are many different ways of staying in touch with people, but lately, everyone seems to want to use instant messaging, email, or social networking sites like Facebook to keep in touch.  However, before all of this technology came along, there were other ways of staying in touch with each other.

The main way was to visit and talk.  While this might sound incredibly old-fashioned to today’s kids, people used to visit each other just to talk.  They didn’t play video games or watch movies.  Instead, they just sat around, had dinner or a nice dessert, and visited.  Today, this type of interaction often takes place in coffee shops.  Next time you’re tempted to send an email to someone who lives nearby, why not ask them to meet you for coffee and simply talk to them face to face?

The telephone is another way of keeping in touch.  No, I’m not talking about texting from your cell phone!  In the past, people would actually talk on the phone for hours, and they would call each other just to chat.  Today, because it seems like we’re all so busy, people only call when they need something.  Next time you’re tempted to make a call and hang up after you get the information you need, take the time to ask how the person is doing.  Even if you only chat about the weather for a few minutes, it will help you take a few minutes out of your day to just talk to someone.

Finally, a really old school suggestion: actually sit down and write a hand-written letter to someone!  Imagine how they will feel opening an envelope and finding a two or three page hand-written letter from you.  It shows that you took the time to really think about what you want to say to them and then took the time to actually write it out instead of typing it.  You can also doodle in the margins or add cute little stickers.  You can write in different colors, too, or use fancy stationary.  You can really make a connection with a hand-written letter, and while it’s not done that much any more, it’s a great way of staying in touch.