Planning for Valentine’s 2012

It’s February!  That means it’s time to get your Valentine’s Day plans cemented before it’s too late.  In fact, if you’re hoping to score a table at one of the most popular restaurants, it may already be too late.  People have already been making their dinner reservations, and popular places fill up very quickly.  If you haven’t already planned your romantic Valentine’s date, don’t waste any more time.  Follow this helpful list of things to do so you don’t end up taking her to McDonald’s.

First, you need an idea of what you’re doing that evening.  Are you just going out to dinner, or are you going to a concert or other event?  If you’re doing something after dinner, that will affect your schedule.  Plan for at least an hour and a half for dinner and thirty minutes to get from the restaurant to the event location.  Remember that the restaurant is likely to be very busy, and even though they will probably have extra staff on hand, it still may take a bit longer to get your meal.

TO DO:  Make sure reservations now, and buy your tickets for any event you’re attending.

You also need to order your Valentine’s Day flowers soon.  Most women expect roses or their favorite flowers on the 14th.  Even if they don’t expect them, you should still get them flowers.  While florists will do their best to fill every order, they don’t have an infinite supply of flowers.  If you get your order in now, they’ll reserve the flowers you want and deliver the arrangement on Valentine’s Day.  It’s especially crucial that you get your order in early if you want popular flowers like red roses.

TO DO:  Order flowers ASAP for delivery on Valentine’s Day.

The same is also true with gifts.  If you want to get her jewelry, you should be shopping now.  Jewelry stores also often run out of popular items around this time of the year.  Even if all you want is a cute stuffed animal, shop now.  Otherwise, you may find yourself facing empty shelves and a few left-over, ugly little critters as your only options!

TO DO:  Select your Valentine’s Day gift and buy it/put it on reserve.

These are the main things you need to do to make certain your Valentine’s Day goes off without a hitch.  A few other things to consider: what to wear (be sure to let your date know, too); be sure to buy wine and a dessert if you’re going back to your place later; and include traffic in your time-table.

If you still need to order flowers, we can help.  Order now and we’ll deliver your Valentine’s Day flowers in Mclean, VA on the 14th!