Why Easter Flowers are Part of Our Family Traditions

Easter Flowers: Tulips & Daffodils

Easter Flowers: Tulips & Daffodils

“Earth Laughs in Flowers.”
 Ralph Waldo Emerson

Easter flowers make the day more vibrant. Charming Easter flower bouquets in shades of purple combined with wide array of lavender flowers and tulip garden flowers make an ideal flower centerpiece for the Easter table.

Legend has it that lilies sprung in the place where Jesus’ blood drops fell; hence lilies are the traditional Easter flowers in many countries. Another spring tradition which is popular since the 18th century are Easter bonnets made from fresh cut flowers, ribbons and laces, worn especially by little girls.

Churches are decorated with Easter flowers, mainly with lilies reminding worshipers of the new life that comes through the resurrection of Jesus. In ancient times, lily was also known as ‘Pash-flower’, ‘Pasque flower’, and ‘Passion flower’. Today in some churches Easter mornings begin with white lilies in remembrance of loved ones, who passed away.

As recently as a decade ago, it was traditional to give all the mothers a corsage to wear to church.  An Easter lily was placed on the buffet and a colorful Easter centerpiece was placed prominently in the center of the table for Easter dinner.


Easter Flower Traditions

myflorist_easterThere are a lot of different traditions associated with Easter.  Many people have egg hunts and family gatherings.  Some go to a traditional Easter church service.  No matter what you do, you probably include flowers in your Easter celebration.  Many Easter decorations feature pastel colored flowers along with eggs, ducks, rabbits, and chicks.  Part of this is because Easter has always been close to the beginning of Spring, so it’s a time when a lot of bright, beautiful flowers are in bloom.

There are a lot of flowers connected to Easter.  The most obvious one is, of course, the Easter lily.  It’s not the only flower used for Easter, of course.  Many people like to display the bright yellows of the daffodil or the narcissus because they’re so cheery and remind us that winter is over.

Some other popular Easter flowers include the carnation, which is a classic flower that’s always in demand.  Tulips are also bright and bold, a nice contrast to the cold, often colorless months of winter.  You might even use some roses to bring in color, or mix and match some of your favorite flowers to create a unique bouquet.

No matter which flowers you use, may you and your family have a happy and wonderful Easter holiday!

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