Easter Flower Traditions

myflorist_easterThere are a lot of different traditions associated with Easter.  Many people have egg hunts and family gatherings.  Some go to a traditional Easter church service.  No matter what you do, you probably include flowers in your Easter celebration.  Many Easter decorations feature pastel colored flowers along with eggs, ducks, rabbits, and chicks.  Part of this is because Easter has always been close to the beginning of Spring, so it’s a time when a lot of bright, beautiful flowers are in bloom.

There are a lot of flowers connected to Easter.  The most obvious one is, of course, the Easter lily.  It’s not the only flower used for Easter, of course.  Many people like to display the bright yellows of the daffodil or the narcissus because they’re so cheery and remind us that winter is over.

Some other popular Easter flowers include the carnation, which is a classic flower that’s always in demand.  Tulips are also bright and bold, a nice contrast to the cold, often colorless months of winter.  You might even use some roses to bring in color, or mix and match some of your favorite flowers to create a unique bouquet.

No matter which flowers you use, may you and your family have a happy and wonderful Easter holiday!

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Easter Events in the DC Metro

Easter is this Sunday!  Are you looking for something fun to do?  Here are a few different events going on in our nation’s capital this Easter.

The 2012 White House Easter Egg Roll is a traditional event.  It will actually be held on Monday the 9th this year.  There are a lot of different activities associated with the egg roll, including indoor and outdoor activities for the whole family, a brunch, live entertainment, tennis, video games, and a concert by the Bay City Rollers.  Tickets are required.

The National Zoo is also hosting an egg roll/hunt on the 9th.  This event features live entertainment, a lot of different food, and arts and crafts.

Many churches in the DC area will be hosting Easter services on the morning of Easter.  Many also have Easter events planned after the services, including egg hunts and lunches.

A number of local restaurants also have Easter lunch, brunch, and dinner specials.  Check out the different dining options, but be sure to ask about reservations—some places may fill up quickly.

Butler’s Orchard will be hosting Bunnyland on the 6, 7, 9, and 15 of April.  There is an admission cost ($8.50 for children, $6.50 for adults), but kids get to visit the Easter bunny, hunt eggs, play on giant slides, and get up close and personal with animals in the petting zoo.

There’s also a Spring Easter Festival at Ticonderoga Farm.  This festival will be open until April 15, so there’s plenty of time to visit.  It includes many different activities, including a petting zoo, bird watching, swings, hayrides, a maze, face painting, egg hunts, and much more.

If your child wants to meet the Easter bunny, he will be appearing at many local malls and other department stores.  Most have an area set up with decorations and a professional photographer.

Don’t want to get out on Easter?  You can have your own Easter event at home.  Color eggs, have an egg hunt, or sit back and watch some movies related to Easter.  Many families also like celebrating Easter with family traditions, such as having family dinner.

Happy Easter from the MyFlorist family!

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Easter Celebrations

Are you ready for Easter?  Well, it’s this Sunday, so you better get ready if you’re not!  There’s a lot to do for a good Easter celebration, but it doesn’t have to cause you a lot of stress if you plan ahead.  Here’s a quick checklist you can use to make certain your Easter celebration goes off without a hitch.

The meal: whether you’re having Easter lunch or Easter dinner, the meal is a big part of your celebration.  Many people serve ham as the main dish, but you don’t have to.  Turkey, lamb, even cooking out on the grill are all good alternatives.  As far as side dishes go, you can keep it simple: mash potatoes, some steamed vegetables, salad, and bread make a fine meal, especially with ham.  Dessert is a must, of course, but a simple cake, cookies, or pie will do.  Cookies or little candies for the kids are a good idea, too.  If you’re going to be playing games at the table or visiting for an afternoon, having things like cookies or healthy finger foods like fruit to snack on is a good idea.

Decorations: Easter lilies make a very good centerpiece for the table, but you can also put them in your entryway or on the windowsill.  You can surround the vase with plastic eggs, little rabbits, or other store-bought Easter decorations.  If your kids colored eggs, you can put them in a basket and use them for decoration, too.  A tablecloth, paper plates, and napkins in pastel colors are perfect for Easter.

The Egg Hunt: If you’ve got young children at your Easter celebration and they haven’t hunted eggs already, you should have an egg hunt.  If the weather permits, have it outdoors.  Older kids or adults can hide the eggs while the younger kids stay inside.  Plastic eggs with candy or other treats work best, but you can hide real hardboiled, colored eggs if you want.  If the kids are really young, you might put the eggs out in plain sight. 

Entertainment:  Some families like to play games when they’re together.  You don’t have to plan out what you’re going to play, but having some games on hand is a good idea.  Other types of entertainment include movies or watching sports.

Easter Baskets:  Another thing for the kids is the Easter basket.  You can buy premade Easter baskets from the store, but some of these are cheaply made.  If you want to make your own Easter basket full of treats, it’s pretty easy.  Take any type of basket or bucket, add some of that fake grass, and then add in your gifts. 

That’s about it.  Remember, Easter doesn’t have to be a stressful holiday.  It’s all about enjoying yourself and spending time with your family, so don’t worry too much over the food or decorations.